Top Defense:Merge Wars

Author: ZealBit

100,000+ install


Top Defense:Merge Wars – The war has began! The enemies are coming!

Detailed info

File size: 150M
Update time: September 17, 2021
Current version: 1.0.92
Require Android: 4.2 and up
Developer: ZealBit
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mischa Van Der Poel

The new update sucks. So called customer service is unresponsive. Game freezes every couple of minutes.

ghar ki hotel ahmed kitchen


Javed Alam


Naadir Phillasofar

Not that bad I like the game

Ariel del Mar

Wittingly exciting game, for the thinking gamer. Great job!!!

Azi Zi

The best ...

rossell jayme

great app game

Trinkle Ramos

The game is good...

Benedicto Feliciano

its to great to spender.

Dave Newall

Good game

Julieanna Pucino

It is glitchy. I have black squares instead of the actual graphics. Don't understand why. please fix this. I can't play the game properly. I would give it 5 stars if I could experience the game the way it's suppose to be. 06/23/22 still issues even after i installed updates. Reported it times and never heard anything back


just installed but while open it repeatedly showing CONNECTING TO SERVER. I suggest do not publish games in playstore without testing. some people think they can upload anything into playstore. Dont try to fool users with not working app.

Dawson C

Servers don't work anymore, they seem to have run away with their money

Rodney Jordan

Pay to Plat game . Very expensive unless ya want to be bullied the whole game

Dinesh Michael

Getting a lot of errors these days. Plz help

Darrin Robinson

Love this game not hard to play !!

Abi Price

It's basically topwar battle game with a little extra stuff todo

elvin rudinas

Cool game

Krish Ck

Lot of ...still not open....just loading 92% ...recommend to delete

Pavi Arun

Best game

Eileen Veilleux

The servers only last about 2 to 3 months before they die and devs just keep adding servers instead of fixing the ones they have....customer care is non existent Don't waste your time on it!!!!!

Gita Mondal



Probability in acquiring items sucks

Damion Briscoe


Hamada Hamidiatich

Very Amazing 👏

King Davidson

Hell yeah 😁 my type of gaming

Kaloy Guevara

Great game


More than network problem and big problem thas way I'm unstoppable

alexander dee

Fun little game!

7ammar ia

bad game

nelluri narender


Afsh Sggsbs


Steven Robinson

Fun game!

Zan Oo

Doesn't match the ads, I thought the game would be more focused on the islands I saw in the ads but it quickly maxed out and you were stuck in the same world alliance building games we constantly see

yoga jr

suka ngebug

Ahammed Koya

Nice game

Brandon Pool

As for the developers and customer service, Im not sure this game even has any. Absolutely NO response to tickets for game bugs, which there are a tremendous amount, for almost a month now. People from all servers are saying the same for them. They are taking money but not fixing the issues when purchased items don't work. So much wrong in game with absolutely zero focus towards the issues. I have over 10 unanswered tickets. Don't waste your time if not already playing...🤷‍♂️

Hans Padding

After install it gets stuck on 92% and won't connect to the server

Kenny Lantz

I can't get enought love the simplicity of the game.

Deybi Cedric

Just another similar, unoriginal, follow-the-red-dot type of game.

Salil Yadav

Connecting to server... That's all it shows

Ceazar Merced


De White


Etienne Crook

Good timewaster


Nice game, download guys... Easy to play..

Gavin Aveyard

Infinite restart cycle , gets to 92% and restarts

Lakshmikumari Samyamanthula


Kyle Tesch

Every time I login it gos straight to a blue screen. Can't see any of my stuff on the game. It's been happening more and more lately. It's starting to frustrate me to the point I'm About to install the game. All I want to do is play the game.

burhan sumon



Application is not opening

Cesar Gonzalez

Insteresting game


Rubbish game experience, very boring, the biggest money spenders can literally wipe out every player even other big money spenders, so if your a big money spender you must be one of the richest players to succeed on this game or it would be a waste of money to even bother.

lingamurthy pendyala


Kureshi Amin1

Not open game 92% loading and game stuck

Inderjit Grewal


madhan.m Kumer

Game is super

Suriawan Lim

Good game nice

Keith Tan

Keep cannot connect to the server. Cant play

Joemer Delfin

So many players i allwes win

Sahl Rahman

Don't install it.. its isn't the game you just watched on add

patel shital

Thank you

Mary Ray

Look here, these idiots have absolutely no idea what they are doing when it comes to updates or new content. All they seem to be able to do is drive players away and literally steal the money they have spent. Everyone here NEEDS to email google play and demand a refund because they have literally made this game unplayable with the stupidity they just done!!

Manoj Poonia


Dean Gunn

You changed reset time, without warning, I got flattened.... Screwede over. Lost everything because kill event was after reset.... Cheers

Jamie Dampier

Kicks me off every 20 mins n chat hardly works n freezes n I can't type....but other than that great time killer!!

myo kyawkhing

Not bad

Gopi Morla


Sonam Gyaltso


Nikhil Dhuri

Hate such games show different play style in ads and other layout in real game

Zai Thein Hlaing


Atul Gaikwad

You really need to fix this game. It stuck opening on 90% to 92% and says "connecting to server".

Imanur Mollick

Best game

Amir Khan

Cant chnage warzone and warzone is auto assinged all mu friends are in different warzones kept playing and then realized we cant change the warzone. Also, can only select individual items of same kind no slect all fearure available to remove items.

Twiztd Jester

Great game so far. Puts infinity clan to shame

Gregorio Vidal

Awesome game

W. Khan


Shankar Majhi


Gustav Van Rooyen

Great easy to use game, you don't have to spend money on game if you don't want to.

Demiz Feliz

I just started playing and I know the basics and this is really fun to play but everytime I go to the world map it gliches, when I try to fight dark forces or anything else at some point in the game it gliches and leave a blank screen with sound still attached so please fix this as soon as possible so I can move on in the game, my device is quite fine but I don't know if my device is the problem maybe, maybe not. LOVE IT...

cahannel bang bang

terlalu bayak bug game melambat tersa berat

randy will




papai mukherjee

Like this game

Sai Mg Myint Sai Tin Mg Myint

How are you?

Gordon Mcmullan

Poor knock off of topwar

M Furqan


Aakash jain


Altaf Khan


Frnch Montana

Inappropriate character

Red Dalek

Is it me or is this the game of top war?

Samiran Pathak

Nice Game

johnny lambert

Very glitchy...purchased packs... didn't get them... submitted tickets ..over two weeks reply..STAY AWAY from this topwar knockoff...

warren vanmale,III

Great game

Reza Tork1


dayala sankaran

Fake add..... this is cheating

Aktar Mondal

Very nice 👌👌

David Dorsett

My new favorite game

Joe Hurd

Always disconnecting. 3 days of glitch amd no compensation, no mail, not even a response from online support. Do not download and definitely do not spend.

Dhruv Shah

add is different and game is diff 🤣🤣 kat gya yha😝

Yashvant Rav

Time waste...not install