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Toon Math is a monster math game and an endless run adventure where you practice math while playing! Prove that you are a math ninja and score higher than you friends!

Do you want to play a fun game full of unique mechanics and which will help your child boost his math learning fast and easy? Toon Math is here to help your child enjoy a cool math experience that will complement the lessons he learns at school.

In this monster math game, all your friends are kidnapped and they are taken to the Halloween Town. What you have to do now is to make sure that you save them before midnight. Otherwise, they will turn to scarecrows! Become the ultimate math ninja, try to eliminate all the enemies in front of you and take your gameplay experience to the next level, only with Toon Math!

This cool math game is about testing your child’s skills and improving them. The player gets to become the ultimate math ninja and he will continually run and solve various math challenges. This monster math game is suitable for any grade, and it’s a wonderful educational game that you do not want to miss.

The gameplay of this cool math game is very immersive and it provides you with an extraordinary set of challenges. Moreover, the game tests you how fast you are, since everything will end up before midnight and you have to avoid all of that. Thankfully, since this is a game for almost each grade, each player can play at his own pace.

As you play this monster math game, you will be able to unlock new characters and each one of the characters and enemies are very cute. This is an educational, kids friendly experience and one that’s very enjoyable all the time.

Your team can level up its spells and take things to the next level in no time. This makes the gameplay a lot more impressive and everyone can feel like a math ninja as he/she kills the monster in front of them. Since you have to run all the time, the gameplay is very easy to get into and it’s just a whole lot of fun to explore everything in here. It’s just an incredible opportunity and a very enticing experience that becomes better and more educational as you play to become a math ninja.

This is a monster math game that’s great for parents and teachers which want to teach children how to count, divide, subtract or add numbers. The entire game is very educational and you will be very impressed with the quality and value delivered here. Just give this cool math app a shot right now, download Toon Math and help your child learn the right way!


• Endless run game with an educational component

• Compare scores on Google Play and Facebook

• Suitable for all ages

• Unlock new characters

• Outstanding graphics

Detailed info

File size: 41M
Update time: May 25, 2021
Current version: 1.9.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: MATH GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nikola Dencic

Toon math:math games:+,×,÷,=,-

Niyomi Sario


arnika paknejhad


Zahra Siddiqui

There was hardly any math in it.

Cas Sey

Love it

Sophia Roblox Cambodia

Is a great app

Gloria Carrillo

math is the best ❤️

Tj Tj


Yaki Haas

My 6 years old child really like it

Gloria Carrillo

Cuz I really like math and this game is for like easier for like little kids if you want it easier or normal hard or really hard so I think it will be ready fun thank you 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.

Azza Alabri

٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩ ٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩9٩٩٩٩٩٩٩

Williemae Harden

I good

esther jalloh

Great to help young minds

George Makokha


Hori Ruff

it's just too boring

Marie Fields

Fun game

Adam Hoang

Its great becUse it helps my kids learn math in a fun way !!!

jacqueline vargas

I love it

Dawit Berhu


A Google user

i love you

Irma Sanchez


Penniah Hall

I wish there was more math but its fine

Michael Q


Bri Nana

It's so cool and fun and that i already got lily

josiah bradford

love this

Paige christine Smith

I think its a great day

Adam Naporow

E proprio bellissimo da giocare e pure quando ti annoi giochi grazie

Shunta Wright


han le

I like this game

Bria Dyhrkopp

I rated this a 4 because it kinda s ppa scary game bht i do lokie it thotn lnd l6 i fon tn9t lije tha fzvt that it ahx afdds witch mske me sad:(

Moheb Dean

All I got to say is it is the best math game

Imogen Turrell

This is amazing but it is hard to get 2500 coins to go to lvl 4or5

Emerson Van Rossum

It is the best

Lorraine Davis

I like these gems

Naga Sameera

can make the run lil easier,as it is ment for children,n should allow to next levels after reaching some score target..

Priscilla Owusu-Addo

Very good 500/500 nice.

Bark Bark

I love it is the best math game ever.

Chinwe Egbuna

I love math run games like this

zin ngwe

ကဗ် ာေရး ၊ စာေရး ၊ မိမိအိမ္တြင္း သုေတသန ။

Elmer Juarez

Very nice

Twinkle Star

You are doing great keep it in you

patricia dubois

I love it

Obaapa Animah

Cool so 😎

Bryan Flett

Good and I a doing this only for to open a chest

Lianna Thompson


Samsung Tablet


Wifey Jackson


Doris Brown

Its really fun

Lovey James

I is great

Melissa Unicorn

It is so much fun I love it if I could I would rate this game a 10000000000000000000000

Sangwan Jaat


Adam Maxwell

I really like the game. I can learn math while having fun.

Temporada 2022

Eu odeio. Estudar

Sarah Urbina

Rhos is so bad ihavd adhd and my Peter butter sucks bread

Mandy Mcguirk


Rocky and me playz _

Best if your child loves runing games and it tech you

shabana farhak

Learn ... stuff

Hanna Rosedoll

It's fine

Nellie Flores


Mahrukh Hassan

This game is so good.


اصلا بازی خوبی نبود

Mitu Asma Akter

Amazing has no ads but there will be if you want to open chests and its a good way to teach your child the times table ,subtraction,division and add.

Andreza Ribeiro Guimarães


Popes Fabian

This is awesome but I need some challenge

Love Light

Love the game

Andy Hill

Fun game. Love it! More game than math.

Lisa Rawcliffe

Wonderful. Its a fun game for kids

b x b b l y b x n s

Fun game

Tony Midiri

90% running 10% math needs way more math but the ads are quick have not seen a 30 second ad only the 5 second ads

Sami Miah

This is a good game kinda like subway surface which is one of y favourite games so I recommend playing this

Marvella Rene

Updated at about if I could have the opportunity in my mind to be a part I could not have 6AM in the world and the rest is the best of the world I am in my life as well and the rest is my own life in my own home in a very different bedrooms than a living area with my family

Kimya Harris

Like it's so beautiful but I'm going to start with it you should start it too if you don't know math

Silvia Cruz

its a cool game for my kids! they love it!:>

Jill Jones

I love it!

Nadia Sham

Hi this game is so fun for kids

Joy V

Got this for my daughter who struggles with math. So far so good! She has so much fun she dosn't even realize she's doing math (and doing it well)

Nicole Rankin

It is great for fun and learning about math class.

Autumn Barry

Idk why a 3

Cute Vixen

Hi it's teaching me alot

Deziree Ross

I like the game.

Dana Braxton

It's real good

Saida Akka


Olivia Nikoloff

It is a fine game but there aren't really much math questions like the whole point of this is to learn math and like your not learning anything if there are 3 questions. So please add more questions in the game. And make the math levels little tiny bit harder not so it's like level 3 8x1 you know? So please change those things. Overall good game.

Jayalakshmi K



It's really fun and it's teaching me something😁

Dalia Soliman

It's okay

Jesse P

I hate this game. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Mateo Alexander Salas 100

I love

Soumayadeep Mondal

I like it

Rashida Akther


Kyrie Sidders

This is such a good learning experience for little ones! I hope you're enjoying this comment . Sincerely, Kyrie S.

saras velu1988

Soooooooooo good

Dominic Pride

It's cool

Olivia Roberts

Very good game for revising for big math tests. My brother mentioned the game to me, and at first I thought it was babyish. But then it started intriguing me. Best maths game ever!

Violetta Goldenberg

It's fun and cool

Marki Fussell

so bad

Max Whitehead

It is a very fun game with lots of times tables. I highly recommend this game!

Jahmi Conway

U can run with Peter and his friends

Violet Calderon

So easy for me I am a kid and it's good for us

Jefer Frrmin

I really like this game