Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad – Military RPG

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The world is facing a new unknown threat and playing by the rules won’t win this war. As commander of an unprecedented elite soldier squad, you have been granted carte blanche to recruit the best and most iconic agents from the Tom Clancy’s video games universe.

Assemble all your favorite heroes and villains.
For the first time, you will be able to team up heroes and villains from Rainbow Six®, Ghost Recon®, The Division®, Splinter Cell®, H.A.W.X®, EndWar® in pvp battle arena.

Lead real-time 5v5 battles in different combat zones.
Command your elite squad in dynamic 5v5 action shooting battles and trigger strategic orders with perfect timing to defeat your opponent’s team.
Battle on iconic battlefields from Tom Clancy’s video games like “Brooklyn Bridge” (The Division 1), “Presidential Plane” (Rainbow Six Siege), “Death Angel Church” (Ghost Recon Wildlands), “Detention Facility” (Splinter cell Blacklist), and more.

Team up with the deadliest soldiers and build the best strategy to win the battle in the combat zone.
Sam Fisher, Nomad, Caveira, Megan, El Sueno, Walker and more are ready to fight and fulfil their duty under your commandment.
Train, equip & upgrade your military team with hundreds of different weapons, from knives to Assault Rifles, and gear to unleash their full potential on the battlefield.

Become the best commander!
Challenge other teams in the PvP Arena to reach the top of the leaderboard.
Rally friends and other players to join forces in epic Guild Wars.

Rally your best squad to put an end to UMBRA’s campaign of chaos.
Complete the campaign mode to revive all series of events that made UMBRA the common enemy of all your favorite heroes and villains and led to the creation of the Elite Squad initiative, the unconventional unit tasked to take down UMBRA.

This 5v5 Action RPG game is free to download and free to play but some game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

This Ubisoft game requires an online connection – 3G, 4G or Wifi. Android 4.3 or later version is also required.

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– Recruit iconic military heroes and villains from Tom Clancy’s video games like Rainbow Six®, Ghost Recon®, The Division®, Splinter Cell®, H.A.W.X®, EndWar®…
– Build the best strategy to strike your opponents in different battlefields
– Equip your elite team with shooting and military gears: focus fire, air strikes, Combat Aid…
– Enter the arena and strike your enemies’ squads in intense 5v5 fights (PvP mode)

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Customer review

Waffling Bandit

Just gonna leave this here because people seem to be complaining about it; if you are getting an alert that your connection isn't strong enough or something like that, it is because the servers for this game shut down in 2021.

Little Sokey

Fun game until it can't load it says no connection when I have 5 bars of wifi. What should I do, also reloading doesn't work.

Chris Jacka

Would love to review it. However, despite having full bars, strong signal, and wifi, it keeps saying weak internet and disconnecting. I have full signal, and no issues on any other game. Figure this out so I can play it, and I'll be happy to actually review it.

the slasher 12

It dunt werk

emerson casaljay



Was good until it was shutdown

Jay plays

I can't even access the game no matter what I do


The game won't even load. Last time I played it, it was a fun game but recently it wouldn't open due to "weak internet".Every other game is perfectly fine


This is just bad

redblade pro

ok i give only 4 stars because of the totouril (sry if spelt wrong) because of the fact that sometimes it gliches and i see alot of 1 star reviews because of that but if you dont get that glitch youll have such a great time like me who has a full squad of rainbow charaicters and all those other charicters that are here like people from ghost recon and other games and the pvp system is great and is so much fun with the different guns and how to get them PS I can't log in now.

Victor speedy

Doesnt even let me go to the menu. It says "weak signal" when even back then i used to play it alot

cookie gaming

I can't play the game because it keeps say the signal is too weak when it is plenty

Lesly Michel

Jeu abandonné.


I can't even play it, my internet works just good but it always says weak internet and doesn't let me download in-game stuff.

Oki Rustandi

0 star tbh. I have strong internet access 10Mbps(for my area). No problems playing high quality video without buffering. and yet for playing this game always weak internet. Ridiculous and uninstall. This game is dead anyway. Please remove it from playstore if you are not intended to continue updating the game. so no one wasted 159MB data

Josh Mace

I really enjoyed playing the game when it came out a while ago now it just says weak Internet connection

Derek Lipscomb

WEAK NETWORK ERROR message! I'm unable to play at all due to this message coming up. It's not my network on my device; verified that. Haven't seen anything from Ubisoft about server issues. It's there a patch coming for this issue Ubisoft or is this the EOL for this game? That's not good business when customer have money invested into your game, but there's no sort of response to their issues.

kingpin A

I have just installed the game and it says weak internet connection....i have decent connection and can run other games smoothly...pls help

Akun Tokopedia

Is this game still on update or what I love this game

Munmun Mahata


aastha boy

This game is not working

Aiden Wood

The game is literally unplayable all I get is weak Internet Signal over and over I've uninstalled and installed over and over and nothing changes even with the best internet nothing works please fix this.

Greenday 2464

Cant even get into the game it stops at 21% then pauses and says weak internet signal then I have to reload the game and It just keeps in this loop

lil monsters

I got the game but it won't load it says I have poor Internet connection but my Internet is perfect I play other games on this and other consoles but won't work I was so excited to play this and its ruined

Jager Main

Game sucks if ubisoft shutdown area f2 for that ubisoft will get punished by customers!

bot 123

"weak internet signal" seems like other people are getting the same error message regardless of how good their internet is or connection to their wifi

Alfa Laskar

It's just defaming Tom Clancy's Give us R6 mobile

Sam Hobson

it doesnt work anymore after the last update a while ago it just stops working I enjoyed the game and it was fun but I got annoyed when it stopped working. i deleted it for a while then got it back now and it still isnt working. is the game shut down

GamerGodz Studios

I have a very good wi-fi signal at my house but I first attempted to play at school. No big deal, the wi-fi is never good there. So I decide I will try when I get home. I go home... same thing happens after I try multiple times. It just says weak connection, please retry


due to a decision ubisoft has made, this game is no longer available in any device, another quality game has been killed

Daniel Douglas

When I go to play it won't let me sign In saying week signal when my internet is fine, I have also seen others say the same thing. Do not bother getting till they fix it, which they have not if your reading, I will change my review when they do.

thushara weerasuriya



Help!!! when i open the game it say that i have weak connection.My internet strength is good


I have played it before but moved to Aruba and tried to play it but it keeps saying weak internet signal I sad that I can't play one of my favorite game coz I live in somewhere else now 😢


Love the game just want to know why the game can never connect anymore for over two weeks now


Servers down 😭

Lucas Pearl Jam

O jogo não está funcionando

Cringy Fellas

What the hell?

Omniändern Contrafatum

I keep getting a weak signal notice, forcing me to restart the app and I just transferred to the Galaxy Z Fold3

Dylan Ronan-Kavanagh

Why is this still up to be dowloaded? Servers shut down in October 2021...3 months ago

the one 666

I used to like this game but now with the new update it will not let me enter the game and always telling me that my internet signal when it's not.. This is the only game that has problem like this fix it or take it down its just embarrassing

Denny D

I can't log into this game! It keeps on telling me my wifi is weak but that's a lie! I can play many other games with no network problems! What is wrong with this game?;? Please fix it as soon as possible!

Penn Penn

It's a good game but up until recently it won't load up anymore!

Xsiah Salas

Can you guys make the actual rainbow six siege game for mobile


Since the recent upgrade this game tells me my WiFi signal is too weak (I can WFH so it's strong enough) so I can't upgrade or access it. Kind of pointless really! It was a pretty decent game with interesting characters and combat. My only dislike is that characters are auto combat with no control over their actions which makes each battle feel more of a gamble and little game play.

Omar Bassem

Game is not working


Whenever I load the app now it won't let me play due to "Weak Internet Signal" No matter where I am and I have so many things in this game and would rather not lose them, I've Uninstalled the game several times please help me.


Love it

Dylan Wilson

Won't start

montagne 1234

So I finally got the game working (it only works on new phones) and it's great Theres not much to do but I still find it fun but one thing I've noticed is that the cutscenes have been removed and no one is saying anything Now the servers have been shut down so there's no point in downloading

Colin Jones

Take the game off the app store if the servers are closed bruh

Christian Bowders

Can't even play the game says weak internet signal but I have good signal and never have this problem

Nnnvvv Nnnvvv

Weak internet signals


Cash grab....stole my money for a year thinking they cared enough to create a game to last.

Simon Merkulov

Every game from Ubisoft dies except for r6

srinadh yarlagadda

Thank you, it's a good game.

בן אילאל יונג

Very nice

Saurav Biswas

Good enough

Adrian Leyva

I enjoy playing thing game, but the servers are shut down and I'm still at level 37 or something, I will miss this game so much

Andy Shin

I guess this is a postmordem huh. The game is dead now, if you have been playing the game, its not much of a suprise. For the entirety of this game's existence the game was riddled with bugs, boring gameplay until season 2, lot of microtransactions, compounded with slow grind. The discord server was filled with devs who started to dwindle in their interaction with the community as time came. Yet the game was filled with community who never wished this day would come. A bitter sweet end.

Clyde Duman

Sad that it only lasted for 2 seasons

Alexander Nathan

It's a good game at all

dodo muze

Over a week that the game isn't working...

Steven Lowe

I loved the game when I used it briefly, but it was a storage hog and a memory hog. However, I hear they're doing a new mobile Tom Clancy game, maybe with better luck. I just wish Elite Squad and COD Mobile were available for play on windows laptops and tablets, I uninstall games I love because after two or three weeks they take up over 2GB of storage on my phone.

Sam Leo

Ubisoft's decision to shut down Elite Squad proves they don't listen to fans, even fans like me who've paid cash to upgrade a game I enjoyed this much. They listen to mainstream publications, not fans, and don't even market balanced excellent games like Elite Squad. Meanwhile I am left holding the bag. No thank you, Ubisoft. I like your games just not your politics. Note: 5 star review was based on what I thought of the gameplay before it was taken off the market.

Affandi Srijaya

How long ude maintenance for this game???

Corbin Vaughn

It is a shame to see this game go, it was balanced, fun, would of been nice to see more content. You could play for free and get good at the game which you don't see in a lot of mobile games anymore, I hope you guys decide to bring it back one day.


Is there a time frame for this new update?


I like it

Alfian Rahman Riyadi

Enjoyable game for me

Aidan Fathi


Pablo Alfonso Rodriguez Rodriguez

Its a really good game.

Marcus The Great

One of the best rpg turn based strategy games out there to bad it's over.

Samuel Turk

i thank thats it is a good game but it makes me sad that the servers are closing down soon

Jeremy Mong

Fun Squad Tactics!

C.Westina Begaye

Very good

jared d

Just amazing 👏 sad to see it going away😔

Skylar Flageolle

I can't log in because the game freezes

Paulo Rivera

The gameplay and graphics are nice, I hope this game won't shut down in the future. I would feel realy bad.

elsewhere borderland

ubisoft, make an actual god forsaken RSS mobile game

J Berg

Please do not end this game in October!!! it's the best team summoning RPG ever made and it's the only one of its kind I even bought a new phone just to be able to get this particular game and once I get it I see ur cutting the servers in October please don't keep it going its the very best game of its type and I've literally played every single game on this app store and this is the best team RPG they have ur killing a great product 😢😭


Good Game Pretty Fun.. My Only Problem With The Game Is That You Can't Communicate With Other Player Or Promote Your Guild There's No Chat System And Theres Alot Of People Who Haven't Played This Game In Years But Somehow They Are Still Top Players. I Don't Want To Join A Crew And The Leader Haven't Played For 1000 Days.. So If You Download You Pretty Much Playing Single Player Instead Mutiplayer Eww.. But Once You Get Level 20 Join "Tha Uchiha Clan" I'm Active


It's a very fun game to play when your bored or have free time.

John Harold

Nice game ever :)

Just Mr.c

Don't usually care for games like this but this one has something about it that makes it really addicting

Nemanja Trninic

I waited so long on this game and its so bad..

ساغر شفیعی

It was great, but I wish I didn't want the data

Kema Ichijou

Very fun

Reggie ho


Arthur Gloriana

Highly evolved military. Lots of ways to be interested.

A. S.

Far from a great Hero Collector game, but far from the worst. Main problem is fights are auto and with very little input from the player. A turn based version would be much better.

Jacob Tejada

It'll be missed

Faez Hakim

Please dont close the server

Salsabiel Fadzlin

A descent game but you should of listen to all of the fans, i know you do but fans want something like rainbow 6 mobile or assassin's creed or any game that you are capable of doing and satisfying the fans

Rene Pineda

This game had SO much potential but they focused heavily on pay-to-win and other bad mechanics that brought it down and now unfortunately the game will be shut down in October and tbh imma miss playing it

Ghazy Wirasmara

Pls make an fps game

Jason Barrie

Its awsome


I thought this game was gonna be a FPS i guess not. Its legit the games you have to wait unless the round finishes because most of the time you're not even playing its a bot playing for you.

mohamed kisba

first when the trailer released i thought this game will be like rainbow six siege but unfortunately it won't i hope you make a game like r6s for phones i had r6s in my pc but i want it in my phone too

T. Ezandi Trinanda

So much bugs and glitch. But this is the best game for free to play players. Thanks for the fun. I'll miss everyone from this game.