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Tiny Pig Idle Games – Idle Tycoon Clicker Games – Idle Pig Clicker Game is the newly updated game with most interesting fast tapping games feature. Tap as much faster as you can and generate tons of bacon, to be the best in tycoon games. If you want to get rich and can tap faster enough, then pig idle game is specifically for you. Earn money from bacon tycoon clicker games. Idle pig is bit unique from simple clicker games, it has multi managers, who make everything automatic for you. Just upgrade your bacon house and be the tycoon of bacon business. Idle Pig is wonderful and easy single business simulation pig game.

You became the owner of the Bacon making business, where you get rich by playing simple tycoon games. Produce as much tiny pigs as much you can tap in our pig games. Upgrade pork shop, hire managers and Improve your bacon selling factor and be the hero of clicker games. It’s a complete process, where you act as clicker hero and produce tiny pigs in free simulation games. Those pigs will generate pork, where bacon formation machines are installed, then you will sell it to the customers all over the world.

Tiny pig gives you best idle clicker games experience by clicking, generating pigs. It’s like egg production game, where you produce chickens and here tiny pigs. Idle money simulator game is free for anyone and anywhere. You play endless gameplay, without any charges, so enjoy our fun games always, anytime anywhere.
Reasons to play Tiny Pig Idle Clicker Games

– Free Pig Simulator games
– Super casual gameplay
– Just keep tapping the screen and generate millions of pigs like egg game
– Tap to build your farm, make money by selling bacon in this pig tycoon games
– Click and earn money in idle clicker games
– Casual & addictive idle clicker game play for players happy to click
– Plan your cash investments and level up by upgrading technologies
– A herd of pigs in your barn with a happy PET DOG to keep them in line
– Think you have happier animals than your friends? Got more pork? Send them a challenge to see who has the bigger bacon to sell

The goal of this fun tycoon game is to construct, repair, and manage an entire Pet form. Upgrade your Tycoon business. You need to be the administer of tiny pig’s production and bacon generation. Manage and optimize resources like a business management simulator game and build now your pet empire. Start with a small number of pigs and the sell pork and bacon to earn money, invest your earnings to upgrade new pork station, and build bigger empire in this pig tycoon game.

Install Pig Idle Clicker Games to spend a good time while clicking and enjoying the simple idle game. If you like this tiny pig games, then share with your friends and family and if have any suggestion to improve then let us know your feedback. Stay blessed!

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: January 19, 2018
Current version: 2.8.0
Require Android: 4.0.3 and up
Developer: Clicker Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yashas Gowda

Satisfying game

Andy Roberts

I really like the game at the moment its fun

killer dragoon

i did this for my dog

Tee Boy

Pig techno?& dream dead auto click work to



Tanzanite Simpleton

Addictive and good graphics

Xavier Annan

I like it because you can earn lots of money and the dog is so cute. But once you get more into the game its harder to make money.

Kushal Nakkarajupalli


Andrew Mannen

Pretty relaxing all im gonna say

Tyler Beckstrom

You get to have your own pig farm and do difrent things to make money it's basically a farm business game

Chris Lloyd


Jacob Ward

It's a really cool game but it's kind of a series one but it's fun

Couldn't care Less

Yeet and delete

rozalyn Lovelock

It's a ok game

Victoria Waldron

Good game

Challa Savitha


Brian Hill

Fun game. Fast pace

NotRianWoods 1

I played this game when it came No ads Wich is awesome and you should download

Nick Tyler's World

Gameplay is excellent but after taking up the offer of the 89p piggy bank I paid 3 times but no piggy bank! Rate con

Jacob Chitwood

Have tried purchasing the piggy bank 3 times now and have not received anything. However, the money was withdrawn from my account. Have contacted the app developer twice now and no reply. Don't purchase anything!

Melissa Gauthier


Chanela Daniels

All about it.

Corey Paul

Bought 2 super crates and didn't recive either. Should probably get this fixed should have read reviews before buying.🥺

Victoria Mcmiller

Why do you have have to kill the poor pigs ITS SO VOLIT ITS SO WORNG AND YOU COPIED EGG INC GET A LIFE

Kim Frances

Not a bad game but have now purchased both the piggy bank and a pack of cookies with real money and not received either of them!! The piggy bank was for nearly 3000 gold bacon for £2.69 and the cookies were £0.99. Was quick to take my money but not let me have the items I have bought. Please fix this and either return my money or let me have what I purchased and I will be happy to up the stars.

Nevil Patel


d k


Angela Voight

Love idle games

Lakota Hickok


Amy Kilburn

Vary good

Adam Tessier


Ashley Hicks

I love the options no adds unless you choose amazing

vishal shukla

Best game ever

Jackeline Rosario

I really like scruffy and i also like candys

Sebastian Braden


Ste Bithell

good game fun

Nasreen Ahmed

Police piggy is dun tiny pig is fun

Jayden Cavazos

This is a very very awesome game

Matthew Cutting

It's a great game trust me the only problem is that the pigs half to die

Andrew Cannon

This game is so much fun in my opinion it's better than egg inc so I give it a 5 star rating