Tiny Island Survival


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Tiny Island Survival – An island survival game played within a single screen!

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File size: 41M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.0.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ho ot

So far really cute and fun!

Rachael White

Such a cute little game, very intuitive and I like that you're not told everything but can easily just figure it out on you own which for me really adds to the fun.


Fun and simple, good time waster.


Enjoyable. I can definitely play this game from time to time and not consistently constantly inorder to enjoy my self on this game. Theres progression every time i hop on

Schiopu Pikina

Good game man

Erron B.

It's good so far, but already to many adds.

Clint Goodwin

Great game so far. Steady action and pace. Minimal ads. "DIGGIN" the game so far!

sheri davis

Actually really enjoyed this game the only thing I would have to say is that it doesn't tell me what level I'm on which is kind of frustrating because there's certain things that are like telling me to do it when I'm in level two if I don't even know how to do that or if there's even a way to do that but other than that I really like the game play I like how I have to go around the island to do things to figure it out I don't mind that I just like to know what level I'm on I'm weird I guess

epic pics with key

Amazing game, perfect for on the go

Fact Craft X64

I like this type games too much

Haziq Hamzah

Good game funnys and true 😍😁😆☺️

Marko Nikolić

A good game


I like this pixel art theme, the game itself is decently entertaining so far :)


Cool concept, cool game, great UX. I love it nice work devs!

Edward Taylor-fullwood



Beat good game

Joel Jung

Can't quite hate it, but while I'm sure it's a lot of fun in the later stages of the game, I don't intend to play that far. That is, unless the core gameplay loop changes completely including the obnoxious grind padding. The core gameplay loop is a (very boring) grind, farming materials to craft tools to farm materials. The mobs are mainly used as convenient money sink, because fences make them useless, but fences cost the same materials as anything else and BREAK ...

Jolita Martišienė

i like it but i didint know how to upgrade

Usagi sama

Fun on a bun!


Good game

Willis Freeman

Decent so far

Patty Glass

A cute little fun game


Pretty cute game, and a great time killer.

Josh Alexander

Great game I've been playing it for a long time now very happy

Radford Gaming

Its nice

Mark Goyal


Chris Ancha

Love you men Cool

Sudhanshu Dhage

Tiny island survival 🏝️ is best adventure game. It contains adventure, mystery, combat all in one singal samll packet. Really enjoy this game. It is like a micro version of combined stardew valley & terraria.

Skylar Bice

Overall this is a really cute survival game. Thank you to the dev/devs who made this game ✌👽✌

siddiq hussain

Ok hi 👋 ☺️ 🙂 😊

Genevieve Benton

It's really simple and can be monotonous but coding a game is hard and this has the cutest little design with the cutest little noises 💕

Chris Clos

Very fun game that is perfect mix of challenge and fun. I sure hope they add more

ren mashmelo

If you complete the main part of the game the rest is just dungeon loop

Gael Rosario

Meh, is all about grinding and gets boring. Is nice, ppl complaining about ads are stupid cause they arent THAT many. Is really basic and the worse part imo is that the grinding (the whole game basically) is boring to do, so yea, play another game instead.

Natassha Yu

Super cute and easy to understand. Good way to kill time.

Bobbie VanWinkle

Easy to distract nice music

SOL Yieu

amazing cute game . interesting

Cton Channel

Mildly interesting.

Sarah Bunker

I'm enjoying this game.

Guile Schwaiger

Cute little game so far, it's nice to play it super idly while watching something.

Michelle Montgomery

Great game but Iwish there was more to it like workers and more items or more islands otherwise it's a great game

alfian adi


Joy Hall


DarkL0rd_Helix Owens

Ads are kept to a minimum, simple gameplay, great game!

Josefina Francisco

It's a fun game to play on your free time.

Sh3lly's Here

just 4 stars for now but tbh its good and i also love the pixelated graphics

Bro Brobro

I just installed...seems decent. 3 with room to grow.

Daniella Tugonon

You can only mine or chop things 4 times then go back to base and wait fo the hearts to refill like bruh its annoying that i always need to get back at my tent just to have 4 hearts again then after i choped wood or mine stones 4 times ! ofcourse ! I need to get back again in my tent! The annoying part is that I go back and forth just because of limited mining/chopping stuffs😒. Imagine going back and forth just to refill hearts after cutting/mining 4 times😒😒 (one chop/mine youll lose 1heart😒

Suman Devi

Good game

Sammy6o25 Gamer

It's fun

Fat Adam Plays

Really good so far, small ads but quick and not intrusive

Logan De bruin

This game is so fun love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lise Van Wallendael

Very cute little game. I love the design and the gameplay is fun and easy.

Victor Evans


Nissil Tabayoyong

Nice game.

Danell Reges

Absolutely fun

Thomas Klietsch

Avoid! This is not a game! It's a waste of time and energy. It's all about grinding, leveling and watching ads. The graphics are cute and it doesn't require that much hardware power, that is what's on the pro side. The music loop is only 3 seconds and the ocean sound is also annoying. The controls are unprecise and sometimes don't do anything at all. The gameplay is straight foreward and repetitive, everything is predetermined, you can't build anything freely and after a few minutes there is nothing new to explore and nothing interesting happens anymore. Although the island is tiny there could have been more to do here. The dungeons are even tinier and all look the same.

8-Bit RetroCade

Great way to kill time

หลาน ลุงตู่

สุดครับ สนุกดีเพลินๆ

Ahmad He

Good game for passing the time

Daniel Mcintosh

This actually a pretty amazing game, hours of fun...would be great if you could get a second island to play on but otherwise fantastic.

Sunday Baldwin


LightningGod Vasquez

This reqlly is a relaxing game, I went into ot pretty skeptical but honestly its pretty nice, I cant wait to see what more it has in store!!

Jayden Kelly

Really good survival game it's got great graphics And this game is really addicting and fun!

Jerry Miller

It's pretty simple and easy,wood, stone, iron, upgrades and money so I would recommend this to everyone,but not youtubers,does get boring every once and awhile

Rahardian Firmansyah Muhammad

Moar feature like daily login or daily mini game(s) it would be perfect.

Estevan Guenther

It's a fun game really basic yet fun

Fiona Inojo

So far cute & simple!


Super cute n fun

Brad Ramsey

Good game

Terry Boxer

Really great retro style casual game

Drooly Purple

Boring. All you do is grind. No minigames. I expected more from the food truck pup developer.


Good so far... Can't wait to see some of the dungeons. Might buy the game for a fee and to remove ads. But $8 is pricey for what I've seen so far.

Mist inthemoutain


SmileyA nomia

Cutie game

Kim Rich

Nice little game. Simple is often best.

The one and only Mr.L

a very nice game

An Lan Man


Emily H

Love these devs and their games! Lovely as always

Dilzmate Mate

Review within the first 10 minutes giving 4 stars, will update after

Александр Пикассо

one of the best game I've ever played

Liefie Liefie


Olivia Hope

I'm loving this game so far! It's relaxing, and draws you in.


Fun and intriguing

thida nyein


Cassandra Barnett

I give you the 900 out of 9

Nishchay Goel

It was all good, but after some part, there is unnecessary grinding only.

Mohammed Ishaque Dean

A fun little game that makes the time fly past.

Abel Mata

Don't get me wrong the game is fun but I have only one complaint which is that I get so many ads

Jami Travers

Cute time passer

Jack Whitney

Digging it so far, the ads are not super intrusive which is really nice. Edit: when i click to watch ads to earn items, the ads just freeze my entire game so I have to restart, and then I dont get the reward. Dont know why its happening, happens with unity 3d ads.


EDIT RPG on the shorter side, but its still worth trying. Lots of love and effort into the craft. SLOW on updates hard to put down, maxed out items, bought the ad free, and not much else to do at this point. Anticipating whats to come, great work GAME START LLC you have my support

Addy Sirmons

It's a very relaxing game, but it's a little bit to slow. More hearts would be great, since we have to walk to recharge every 4 clicks, or faster walking speed.

Jose Grandfather

Excellent cozy game. This gam is tight, contains many aspects of survival games without being overwhelming. Tha art is cute and the pacing is nice for playing like, on a train or when you wake up at 4am.

Project Z10

Silly but fun


i love this game so much some suggestions would be add a level 99 cap on the items sword, pickaxe, axe so players always have something to work for. also maybe a lifesteal upgrade for the sword that gives a heart every 4 kills or something. also please add higher level cap to the pendant and boots it makes the game so much fast. i loved the idea of losing health when you break something and also you dont lose health while in the cellar when breaking urns. this is a great game that i love so much

Effy22 venting

It's the BEST! 👍

Jachin Minyard

Good way to kill some time while waiting for class or meetings

Christopher Alcantara

Brilliant gameplay and i love how it has only one map to finish before moving on to another.

Edxel Leiro

The game is pretty awesome! But I have a suggestion, maybe you could add some building customisations and boats!