Cook and serve dishes ten times your size to your customers and collect money. Use the money to hire chefs and upgrade. The table is your world to conquer!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Dalak Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lynette Galloway

Pretty good but would be better with sound.

Rahat Ijaz

Good game

gina azree

kinda cute

Cathy Runas


Lộc nhã Đình

good game the chief so cute

Madison House

it's so freaking cute!

Jackie G

The random ads mid gameplay should be able to be skipped via a like 2.99 purchase. The game also freezes roughly every 5 minutes during an unexitable ad. Otherwise pretty fun and promising, I've almost completed the 2nd table, but forcing the game closed repeatedly puts a damper on things, and losing the rewards and cash because of it.

Juju Bell

Adds every 30 seconds don't bother

Brittany Bassoco

It is a super good game and in a late tiny cook cuz I want to be chef when I grow up


Its a very good game although its verrrrey..... small 😀😀😀😀

Lucy Skdr

Is cute

Chocolate BabyDoll

I'm like the other gamers, the game needs more levels


it really good of it had cool chief customize

Premlata Kumari

Ok 👌 in one of the ok ☺️ and ok no one is a of the ok and ok

Sae Takayuki

Cute and fun game, but as others said it only has 3 levels, with 3 stages to unlock each level. Hope dev will continue to expand the game. Pop up ads a little annoying because it happens quite a lot too. You can play it offline but some things force you to watch ad to go further.

Zoey Wolfy

It's good but can you make so that you can go back to your last restaurant after going to a new one and it sometimes crash and kick 's me out

Farhan Ahmed


Jackie Myers

Great game but needs options to get rid of ads and to go back levels or add levels. Way to many ads.

Lenden Reynolds

so cute

Sarah Belshaw

It's a cute game, shame there's an advert every 30 seconds -_-

Farhana Zulkhairi

The game was so cute and tiny and I experienced a lovable game but I wonder where is the sound or music for the game since I already try many times mute and unmute the sound but there's nothing happens.

Sophia Kalter

It's amazing! It's relaxing, easy and there aren't too many adds! 10/10 would recommend you should get it!

cak Bejelentkezéstre

i just don't understand why there's a music switch and a sound switch if there's no sound. the game is fun tho

Dayal Dayal


Tim armstrong

Amazing game but unfortunately only had 2 lvs was really hoping more

Bobby&Ayla Humphrey

This game is fun and affordable it just needs more levels! Beat it all in less than a day. Also please allow access to previous restaurants so we can go back and forth and unlock more, make more money, etc. (I'm stuck in the sushi restaurant but wish there was an option to go back to the one with soup, ratatouille, and French fries)

Czareen Balasbas

100 and all of the other stuff I was talking about yesterday and I think it is a good

Alana Wagner

Good game but it keeps freezes at random times

Alex Tkachev

Broken. Ads dont work. I bought helper earlier and now arrow stuck at the tutorial. Please test game before updating or uploading. Overall nice experience

alexa qassim

Khara this game is just bad i rate it a 0


Very nice game, I recommend downloading it

Efren Lacson

The game is really Good I kinda want to rage When i Freaking Loved it

EastKevin EAST


maria dan farah

soo cute

Sad Weebus

so fun and cute with little to no ads

destiny antonelli

I. Love the game

Chea Xavier

The controls are horrible. And then it lags and keeps walking and won't stop running across the tables. It needs to be a tap, not joysticks controls.

Bernice Smith

Is that all there is to this game, slicing and cooking tomato soup? This game is BORING!!! Plus, it's taking 5,000 years to make enough money to pay for anything!!!! I hate this game!!!!

Victoria Yvhonne Watan

Wow the graphics was great

derrick roberts

Tiny cook Tiny cook

miss yuyo

SO CUTEEEE😭😭😭😭🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤



Kiomarie Ortiz

It's Cute and Fun

كل شىء Everything

I love the cooker because it's so small I love this game.

Kelli-Anne De Wet

Love the game. Can't wait for the developers to create more levels. 😄

Aria Heather


hasan mitu


Tara Grover

The best game ever I have been playing a lot I'm never bored with this game so fun😊

Gana Mahmoud

Amazing game but it should to have more levels because i finished it and it was amazing and i really really want new levels and the game have to get more than five stars all the people have to play it⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Manaswi Pujari

I installed this game a few days back and ngl I enjoyed it. I know this game is new and only recently launched so I don't expect a lot in it but I'm looking forward to more updates. I also have some suggestions for you I suggest you add Indian, Korean, Italian and Chinese cuisines :) I will really appreciate it.

Colgate 9 Out Of 10

There are ads every 1.5 minutes and it is impossible to upgrade without watching ads. Not fun, 0/10

Melanie Morris

Very cute. Really enjoy it. But there is only 2 levels. More levels more recipes would be nice

Emmanuel kyle Tiglao

Yes i'm so happy that i just for this weak

Rescued Coast


Apeksha Aparajita

i Liked this game About About this game

Mark Benson

Fun concept, get rid of the insanely obnoxious ads and I'd pay 5 bucks for it

Kimo Berry30

very nice, i love how it doesn't have too much adds, if possible, I'd hope you make some chopping, picking, and boiling noises just so the game could be more relaxing

Sito Berry


Bonnie Lickers

the best

Santa Saha



Slow upgrades too many ads

Lauren Sperling

I really loved this game, it's cute, colorful, fun, but when I went through the portal there was no warning or nothing and I wasn't finished the levels in the first world and there was no way of going back.

Heidi Marie

Need more levels for this game very fun

Vishal Malhotra

Its very interesting game .. i loved it

Rizwan Ali


Sara Aguilar

Was it good game I guess just a bit shorter than I expected

Theresa Christianson


Alp Yağlı

Funny game but why there is no sound, add some music asap


The game it's good, but the thing is i can't fo nothing because the button of things i have to buy have to watch ads, it's very annoying, because i don't like my game being interrupted, it's the same with the ads that always pop up, I'm not even doing nothing

Sanal Mullassery


minecraft fans

It's very addictive I love it

Mystic Eyes

super adorbs but annoying ads.. 😆

Jefferson Talo

so cuteer

Marissa Alaban

I deleted 4 games. And it's don't work😡😡


very good actually!

Sabine Ryder

No sound and ads, don't recommend by other reviews

Harsha Tolani

This game is the besssst small chef and giant food I like this game

Lisa Jackson

I love the game and I want to say it takes a long time to collect money wich is fine for people like me because it keeps me busy for a long time and that's all

Quinn Barker

Very cute and bouncy art style with an easy grind gameplay. However, the ads you get while just walking around are very disruptive

janjelle steinfurth

Game is boring without sound effects



imv u

too many ads

Laysia Washington


Tiffanie Alfafara

I wish there were more levels

Katarina Joy Opinaldo

This game have a potential. Its cute and very interesting. Tho i just started, i enjoy playing it.

imani 24

The game is good but it fwels lile every little movement a ad will pop up

Sora Ryu

I love the game but Please fix the ads, yeah I'm not a fan of ads but I'm really not a fan of ads that freeze and kick you out of the game. The ads are broken.

Nicholas Borgmeyer

Very fun but I can't continue in the game because one of the foods needs you to watch an ad to get it but I have an adblocker and cant get it

Nolan Davis

It's playable but everytime you close it your balance drops to 9 for some reason?

Lauren L

it's so fun but the popup ads are insanely annoying

Ricky Bobby

I even like this game but I do not want to feel back

Carolyn Vogan

Super fun game for about a minute. Uninstalled when learned that you're forced to watch ads in order to progress

Amber Seeds

So many ads it's nearly impossible to play

Miss Mays

it was that enjoy the next two weeks good for a few hours edition for the 😃😃😃😃😃😃 the same thing with each but I am

Mikasa Ackerman

Game is Great! Loads of Fun, But the Ads are annoying. Is it Possible to update it so you can pay $0.99 to remove the Ads permanently.

Rosetta Myers

I don't think you should have ads throughout the game if you use ads as a way to progress. It takes away from the fun and deters the player from wanting to watch more ads to get upgrades.

Lila Smith

I am very mad. I just bought a new table on the game and i lost all my others. Im very upset about this as to i was very happy with my system i had going. The "maxed table" should not erase the progress youd already made. And why am i the only person who can collect the money? Why cant my people thaf i have to pay for and watch videos for and watch videos to upgrade and pay to upgrade. Please fix this.

Gaby LaPort

Please can i just pay you for no ads i'm suffering

Nirvana Ruiz

This game is cute💕 but i would gave it 5 out of 5 theres just one thing when im in recipe 2 ( tomato, eggplant, cuccumbber,lemonade) when you get free and need to get adds for the lemon and tomato and worker it dosn't work i would want it fixed if you cant ill uninstall the game and install the game again if it works but still this game is cool and cute and i like it very much thank you.😄🙏👍

Jordan Smith