Tiny Bang Story-point & click!

Author: HeroCraft Ltd.

1M+ install


The Tiny Bang Story is a mobile version of the popular hidden object games, included in the top 10 most downloaded games on Steam, BigFish and Gamehouse.

Welcome to Tiny Planet, a gorgeous steampunk inspired world sadly devastated by a recent asteroid strike. Your mission is to help rebuild this beautiful idyll and restore it to its former glory. To do so you’ll need to find hidden objects in tiny house, solve puzzles and conquer devilish brain teasers in our adventure games.

‘The Tiny Bang Story – hidden object games free’ is set across five distinct chapters each with their own lovingly hand-drawn location, lots of hidden objects, which combined with the enchanting music created just for this game, adds up to an immersive and crowd-pleasing experience. With no text in the point and click adventure games users will intuitively find their way around the tiny house, work out what tasks need to be completed next and forge their own path through this unique adventure.

So sit back, put your thinking cap on and get ready to help the inhabitants of Tiny Planet in The Tiny Bang Story. It’s adventure time!


• Five distinct chapters and over 30 challenging puzzles
• A gorgeous steampunk inspired world drawn entirely by hand
• Hundreds of hidden objects
• Absorbing gameplay with intuitive controls
• Mystery adventure puzzle games free
• Adorable point and click adventure games

Please note that this point and click adventure games requires an additional 50-100Mb download when first run, depending on your device. Additional data charges may apply.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: HeroCraft Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Becki Shelton

Horrible amount of ads. Not enough instructions. Spent an hour on level 2 ( I am assuming) just looking for the last glass or beaker. Could not find the battery. Finally deleted the fame. Its a shame as it has awesome graphics.

Karolis Kvatavičius

Interesting game

Niki K

Nice game and really nice graphics. It doesnt seem very user friendly in the beginning and it took me a while to understand how to play. Some riddles are difficult to understand too. Also, there are a lot of ads that keep popping up. Other than that I really enjoyed it.

U T Jutt Gujrati


Mohit Nikam

Really good game

Gessa Moriss

Wonderful and fun game

Rebecca Ruan

Seems a terrible game for me

Greg K

Surprisingly awesome!

Jonny Five

Ads every minute. Don't Download

YHVH's Daughter

I have over 300 flies yet still can't use them for the help/hint. I press on the hint ? and nothing, just doesn't work. Super frustrating. Definitely not delivering a great gaming experience

Anton Tomov

I hate how when u start the game there is a tutorial long the entire game it forces u to do a puzzle and remember something that u can see 2 seconds and the it forces u out and it forces u to the thing with the code and u have no idea what the code , I'm not giving u a 5 star until u remove the tutorial please put a tutorial only in ur first game I don't recommend

omid soleymanifar


Andy Arends

Lovely graphics

Adrian Schmidt

Perfection. You can play the game for free, but the cost to disable ads is only about $3. I only wish there was more of this game! ❤️


Looked good on here. Downloaded but it only got as far as the first scene and keeps crashing. Tried 5 times. Sad as I was really looking forward to playing it. I love steampunk games.

Stephen Mead

Love playing this game. Play it more than once. Brillieant

Amy Velis

Cute game, if you can extend the app clock to every 5 mins, that would be better. Also when opening the game please let people know the hint button is only for puzzle pieces. Or change it to help look for other missing pieces not just puzzles. Some missing pieces are ridiculously hard to find. Still cute, just woul change a couple of things.

Evil Satanson

Way too many ads, boring, not with paying for no ads

Desmond Manning

Fun to play!!!!

Kayla Russell

Its really fun but the adds can get annoying

Catherine Owers

Fun adventurous puzzle game. Colourful, light hearted and semi easy. Good for distracting and stimulating your mind

Sandra Halbrook

Ads are frequent and intrusive. Not a lot of instruction but I was muddling through the first level and could have enjoyed doing so if not for the ads interrupting my play so often. I finally got tired of fighting it and uninstalled, I couldn't even get a good enough feel to know if I'd want to keep the game if I paid to go ad free.


Surprisingly good

Joy Hall

Dumb game wont collect puzzle pieces i click on. Nice idea if it worked. Okay I'm giving you another chance hope it works this time. Nope wasted my time. Uninstalling and never doing this again

donkey daddy

Why do you need access to my photos if its just a game, kinda scummy

Farahnaz Isaacs

I was struggling to see what i need to do next no help

Sara Kazemi

Amazing experience! Thank you


I agree with the sentiments about ads in this game. Every 2 minutes or so, you have to watch a 10-30 second ad. I ended up paying the €2,50 to get rid of them, which is the business strategy of course. Still, for €2,50 you get 5 expansive puzzle levels, and you can replay the minigames when you finish. I think it's worth the price.

Alexiya Banks

I love this game

Michelle Jones

I've literally played this game over and over for about a 100 times because it's such cool graphics and I just love i5

Karen Kocik


Sarah Jane Fairey

Can't even touch it - nothing happens...

Tia-Rose Furnivall

Untill it is fixed, for now i am only rating 1 star. Simply due to not actually been able to play the game. When i try to play, it closes itself sending me back to the homepage of my mobile device wich is compatible with tbe game. When i am ableto play the game without it closing, i then shall rate as its then that i can decide the rating. Gotta be able to play it to rate it.

Sabrin Abdollahpor

سلام خسته نباشید ببخشید اینو باید چه طوری بازی کرد ببینید من وسایل و پیدا کردم حالا هرچی می‌خوام ازش استفاده کنم نمیشه نمیشه لطفا راهنمایی کنید ممنون میشم

.Rachel .L

Beautiful, love the point and click transition to an app game, graphics are stunning and puzzles just challenging enough. The only thing I would change, it progressed forward before I could keep looking for puzzle pieces and there seemed no way to go back without restarting.


Greatgame but way too many ads

Thabita M. Melo

my favorite one

Jacqueline Williams

I've played this game multiple times I love ❤️ it so much fun.

No'Ondrian Coloure

Love it!

Shan Chan

Great game. If you don't want ads, turn your Internet off. :)

Gairo Khan

Good game

Ca' Lia Sim

EDIT: since the update, the ads are not that many and you can actually play the game. I thought to give it a try before uninstalling. I'm happy I did it. Now I really enjoyed playing it. I hope will be a Tiny Bang Story 2, 3 and more. Changed from 1* to 5*. *I understand the need of ads but to have one every 1.5 minutes is absolutely outrageous. You just completely ruined a good game. GREED should be your name. I will uninstall it. Btw, why do you need access to my photos and other stuff?



Christine clarke


Lila Miranda

Excellent... excellent game!, Beautiful graphics!, Great puzzles mini games and the jigsaw puzzle make this game so unique, this is what I always I'm being looking., A very entertaining and enjoyable game that keeps me wanting for more, thank you very much for the company and artist that make such wonderful game.

Liezel Kotze



I dont understand what is this game about. So installed it. I thought its a travel adventure game. Because it shows path and tracks in the screen shots.

Sanjay Faziel

Game is short ad some more


Ads ads and more ads

Goh mei mei

Should no given any star as i simply dont know why to play at all

Jacqueline Hancock

Love this game

Meo Myo

Good clean fun, no magic, demons, etc.

Peter McLean

But gh GC egg to TV uhh if do Buddhist by UGG egg you tree rigidity yes to in cool it noon on union in bobbin

Simone Berends

The game is nice, but the amount of advertisements is ridiculous! And very often you can not click them away.

Shasta Haldane

I cheat a bit but this is a fun puzzle game

Pricilla Rodriguez

Love it

Mike Smith

Do two things and a ad, thought you were done nope there is another ad oh what do you know another one. You people ruin your games with adds

Sakib Khan

It’s an amazing gameme.

Marc Brik

Giving access to any file to "store" game progress on is suspicious enough? However followed by you must give us access to your photos and media is over the top. NO DEAL.

Pieter Van Staden

Good fun

Debora Halim

I was bored and randomly installing some games. Didn't expect to find such a cute game. Interesting style, cute drawings, wonderful yet simple game. Ad was annoying but i was playing for free, so no complain. Very delightful.

Lissa Turenne

Awesome game thus far 😀 I recommend it 😜

Howard Law

Mind bogling at times a good brain workout

Sagar Aheer

I can't clear my first level

Jessica Crowder

I just downloaded this a couple days ago and so far I'm enjoying the game. It's definitely challenging, and I love the scenes. Will update my review the further into the game I get

robin rosborn


Carli Shields

Great calming game to pass the time with

Abu Shop

I am uninstalling this game because in this game it is asking for permission for my storage. I never give any permission of my mobile to any unnecessary person. I do not want anyone to sell my data in the black market. 👎👎👎👎👎

linda roloff

Too many ads make this game unplayable

Kris Haag-Poushay

This game is so much fun. The artwork is clever, and the gameplay seamless. I payed for the whole version happily. Good job guys

Steve Grey

Good fun, nice graphics and gentle atmosphere. Only downside is that it's a bit short. More of this please!

Ondine Coetser

Love a challenge

Carehaus Sattayakul

Nice game

Jo Ann Pratt

Fun and challenging game

Devin See


michael winter

Good game

Eileen Stansfield


Roper Stebbing

Beautiful little story game relaxing

Haahn Balghan

Very hard challenging and brain busting thanks guys for a wonderful dev!! Keep up the good work.

Robert Silber

Games pretty fun. Hints aren't an issue. Just collect flies for hints


This game was incredible i really enjoyed playing it, and i would recommend, although i would change some bits for better experience but it is still a great game.

Angela Mitchell

This game was intriguing. I couldn't wait to play everyday.

Laura Bradley

Been playing for a while now and at first it was great but now it's just gone down hill I've gone 3 days now where I've not been able too get any hints I've got loads of the little fly's

محمد امین پناهی


Shelley Ward

So much more then a finding game love the puzzles

pinklady xx

Fun games. Not too difficult but it makes you think. I'm really enjoying it . Easy to put down and pick up where you left off. I would recommend it . ..

Cheryl Gwynn

Fun game. It took me four restarts to get past the tutorial. I would do what the hand wanted but it would disappear into a place I couldn't go because it didn't load the screen or tell me to tap on something that wasn't there and all I could do at that point was collect flies or restart. Edit: Thank you. Game complete. Will have to replay as it really is a fun game once you get past the tutorial that doesn't always work 😉

Jana Leigh Baxter

Beautiful artwork!

Mandi W

no reason you need that much access to my information it's an immediate Uninstall for me

Vanessa Weber

Great fun. Something that really makes ya think.

Dianne Forte

Love it!!!

Brett Ward

Awesome to get through load shedding.

saya saya

Still try to understand what game it is

Frances Mallory

Love the game and the graphics are great ! However I would rate 5 stars if the ads weren't so intrusive, it really makes it hard to play the game when there's an ad every few seconds!

Omer Abdella

Wow Wow what an amazing puzzle Game i love it Thank U So Much for z Developer i Advice to U to Keep it Up and develop much puzzle Games Similar to this Game❤🌹

Casey McCabe


Charity Grace

I love the game but unfortunately i finnished the game in just 1 day. So im kinda disappointed because its already the end. 😔 and also i was not able to see a settings in the game to remove vibration. Ineed to uninstall it because i finished it already. Thanks.


I loved the scenery, the mini games, the characters

Helia Rastegar


Matthew Stephenson

Charming game with appealing artwork and just the right balance for casual play.