TiMX: This is Motocross

Author: Ti Global Corporation Pty Ltd

100,000+ install


TiMX: This is Motocross – The ultimate mobile motocross game “TiMX : This is Motocross” is here.

Detailed info

File size: 54M
Update time: July 26, 2021
Current version: 0.0.235
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: Ti Global Corporation Pty Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dylz Chase

I would of given this game a 5 star rating if it wasnt for the bugs i beat this guy by 400m and still lost, i get ads in the middle of races which cause me to lose, hard earned money get taken from you

Anthony henry

Cant even play the game

Saddam Khan

The best

dirtbike vids blulx

Really fun

Tanner XFire

Love this game by far one of my favorite games I love the freestyle game but people are right the game hits a pay wall but I had bought money.

Amanda Page


Audrey Trujillo

Dirt bike Dirt bike

Jeffrey Bottiger

Keeps crashing

William Chinedu

Nice game

Katlyn Mcnett

It helped me know some things i never knew

brock sattler

Realy good game but im stuck on a searching for update screen

Willwigginsracing 11

Soooo fun

David Garrod

Stuck on looking for updates screen

Raihan Saidomar

so good

Liam White

Good game but just its just going on game update and can't get of it but thanks for the game

Wyatt Lund

I sat there for 15 minutes while it said looking for updates

Crewpz Gaming

it would be a fun game an ex a 5 star if u didn't get stuck on checking for updates

Fergus Fulton

Game won't load don't get it, waste of time

Mediam Longwe

Its Good

Cody Lane

I got the training done and now I've waited 2 hours and all it would say is checking for updates. Figure out the issue and I'll download the game again

greg van kan

Game won't even load past first screen, after I deleted and reinstalled, I deleted because it would go past the looking for updates screen.

lise chum


Elzana de Vos

It's fun but my game keeps saying checking for update

Nadir Nadir

I just have played the tutorial.. then after completing it a game update show up for along time of it, like it's not going to finish updating the game:(



Romeo Marco Ascaño

Bad game cause of the update check thing on screen so 1 star.

Beruang Kutub

checking update last forever on redmi 9T

Baladithya Shetty

Pls fix the game 😅 it's nice but it's come like checking update pls fix it😤

Dean Reynolds

Well it looks, all I got to experience was the tutorial! Please fix this thanks.

Levi Nackleson

searching for updates and never stops please fix it


My experience is I'm very happy this game


Really good BUT you need to make a track maker like just add a bunch of jumps and ramps and even whole rythem sections that are pre made and players can place and then add like 3 different map presets where players can choose where the want to build The track Also I know its not much but I will advertise the game as much as possible MAYBE EVEN for like 50$ I could do 3 vids a month on the game plus advertise or all types of social media.......also pleaseee add different bike as in 250s 450s.85

Ryan Robert

So far a wicked game. Hope the next extreme biker likes it as much as I do

Tiaan Liebenberg

Love the game just want feed back on how to access the (championship) and (play freinds) ?

dimpho mazino


J X R R Y水星

This is a great game, but I can't even play it because of that data sync load time. Could you please fix it?

Conwilline connie


Randy Cox

I love this game I had this game for 2 years and I still have it

Ricky Middo

A bit slow.a lot

Emmierose Potot

Good job

wendy corbin

Pleas Bvg e let At


Only bota no real players, many bugs and glitches, and way too many ads, its a good game but you ruined it.

Andrea RAMOS

It won't let me play bcs it checking g for updates and I waited up to an hour and still it doesn't change screens

Sanjay Sanjay

Very nice game

brett wilsonham

All it does is sit on a loading screen saying checking for updates every time I try and play it something is wrong with it your game sucks Mad skills games are much better

Samuel Richard


Dion Shepherd

It is not working

name unknown

Not fake

Brian Crites

Won't let me get into the game after checking for updates

helen donnan

I love it

Mario Notice

So proud of the progression you guys are maintaining...much love from Jamaica.

Shane Teerman


FINDME? haha

fantastic game

Maryjones Synrem

The. Hema. Is. So. Far

Jim Bo Davis

It is a good game to play but after 5 minutes you have to put your information in or else you cannot play


I don't have an Instagram account how do i play on??

Mkahwaji Team


Dustin Slade

VIP doesnt give you your coins once you hit a league, so then you're screwed for buying you bikes. I written support twice. Been over a month, no reply. Games aren't live, I'm not sure how they do it. Start a motocross, then set your phone down for an hour. Finish the race and boom player is still there? So I thought maybe it was recorded. But win that second moto, now who am I racing on the tiebreaker? And who was the other player playing round 2 when I had my phone set down? -Can't type more

Joe Swiney

I never played this

space Facts Argha

This game is good but I had 1600 coins can you give me some free because see ad and get coins is not working

Chris Etheridge

The game is always crashing and you lose gold coin when the game crashes in the middle of a race

Darren Terblanche


laurie thompson

It is not a good game you 😕 I really thought it was a good game don't waste your data on this game

Muhammad Nabeel

I dont play this game i like this photos i hope, this game is super

Landyn hatcher

Graphic suck

Chelsi Parolini

I love it it is so much fun

clashman Coolman

This sucks

Austin Krawczyk

Why can't I play in the championship or vs my freinds? Kinda lame you only have one mode. Fun game though.

Sean Moyo

Sean 😋😋😎😎😂😋😎😂😋😍😎😋😎😍😋acvvxxscvffss

Cynthia Stoute

The trick are not leting me buy it so update ur game.

Jake burrell

Very fun game keep adding more updates

asela produced

𝓢𝓾𝓹𝓹𝓮𝓻 😍

Md Mahfuj Islam

I Like for game


Play Mad Skills MX 3

Mason McGeeney

I cant install the game

Dusty 34

Sad when you come back to a game a year after release and theirs been 0 improvements done. Physics are way to floaty and soft. Play 2DMX and try to replicate the pro physics in that game. Lame.

Why Zed

Enjoyable game, a bit confusing with navigating the menu and I would enjoy a campaign/single player mode of some sort but my biggest complaint is the sound. Turning off sounds AND music STILL leaves sounds on that are annoying and unnecessary. Make sound off actually turn sounds off please.

jonh michael mabulay

Let's try this game viewers

Jordan Hedrick

I can't even download it

Red.X Herry

Nice game

chris field

Cant get past the loading pageive had this game for 2 days now and it will not load past a certain part. If this can be sorted amd i can actually play the game i will change my review to a 5 star

Juan Pablo Flores

Esta perron:)

aaron barrett

Fun experience, not so pleased with how the games being judged. For example i am stomping a run and doing great in freestyle and next ill watch the other guy have to ride up ramp and roll back to even hit the thing and they are still winning. Dont like how the first bike to the last there is no change in weight?Everyone i race or freestyle has the same bike as me? I find that hard to believe? Finally if im using a 4 stroke is everyone actually using a 4stroke?? Show me how freestlye is judged!!!


This is a good game has good grapichs good and realist sounds gets updated alot you can do lots of stuff with ur bike and moat best you can custiomize your rider anf everything and for me i make some money easily is this game and good motocross game check it out!

Michael Johnson

Terrible game The game needs alot of work to keep up with other mx games

James Sedman

I am an avid gamer have be sense video games evolved , i have been in many league's of all types, this game has what i presume is a league or a gang of witch has WIN that follow each members name, there must not be any rules to the league but im sure the game owners would not support or be thrilled to know that there is players name of (NiggaPenisWIN) , im shocked that WIN has approved of such immaturity, i know the game makers should have something to say about it. Thank you

Ossie Meintjes


Eli Mcbeth

This game was fun but very hard to earn money and ran out of energy really fast so I deleted after 15 mins of playing

Danny Giguere

Epic game

Kaine EightyTwo

Not for me.

Jaden Goodwin

Mad skills motorcross 3 is much better physics. Fun game overall, but just not willing to have on my phone after playing for 5 min

Carlos Castro

Your game is garbage

CFAM 246

After playing this game for a couple days I've realized its very flawed and not that fun. Yes it has some good mechanic's but there is more bad than good 1: you have to pay coins to race online which is bs. 2: the graphics are flat out terrible I get that it's a mobile game but it's just sad. 3: add more feature like a story or some kind of campaign that you can do to to earn coins, bikes, gear, etc... last but not least listen to your community and see how you can improve the game.

Malabika BARUAH

Very good game


Game is Great but... I know this game has currency however, wagering in your coins is harsh as people keep losing trophies and become broke. Try to implement races with bots that earn coins and does not use fuel. It would be nice if there was stats on wins and overall wins because trophies are not consistent and doesn't show the users records and history I'm pretty sure this game will succeed, just a little thought about the currency issue amd statics.


I LOVE THIS GAME! So I first saw an ad for this game on dangerboyDeegan's instagram story and I downloaded it cause it looked cool but when I started playing the game I fell in love so fast! This game is real and so fun and hope to see much more updates in the near future!!! ❤

Christopher Degelau

Wayyyyy too many ads

Kayd Herriman

Could be a cool game, but too many ads, and you run out of "scrub" power, making it hard to get anywhere without buying a better bike

Doug Larsson

Ricky Carmichaels was way better than this you used your phone to move the bike not buttons like this.

Scott Sear

Not that good. Right off the bat it seems like a "pay to win" type of deal. Too many ads. Good idea but looks more $ driven.