Timeshift Race

Author: SayGames Ltd

100,000+ install


Timeshift Race – Ready your engines, it’s time to shine!

Detailed info

File size: 113M
Update time: May 14, 2021
Current version: 1.1.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: SayGames Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review


Too many ads. Its normal to have 2 to 3 ads for 10 mins of gameplay but theres an ad every round that last 20 - 30 seconds. Plus if you don't have wifi around that means you can't upgrade some parts and gameplay is pretty much repetitive.

princeton freeman

When you get to the last one you restart because you cannot get to the last three that's dumb so can you please change it to when you get to the top 3 you can still win the last match I was going to get the game of five cuz really it is a good game but you got to change that because it gets on my nerves

Nepu Nepu

My favourite game


Very fun game!

yoginee gorkshe

I was like this game will be weird then I played it for 3 days then I started enjoying make more games like this 😘😍😀

Mabi The Gaming Master


Edith Reyes

It's all good oh it's all good ugh all but all good so good awkward everybody should play all good so good everybody should play it's the best thing ever you get to drive a car but if you get different cars another car's different cars yo I got a lamborghini listening as ye I don't sorry I was lying but yo this is the best the best in my life I have to see all of them It's the best soda that's all go like you'll get to drive a super car ever calling one but it's only 5 calls j Lot of car cool.

Tan Yeeen

This the best game but sometimes the game just stop so is a bit annoying

Shivam Verma

Very nice game


Make the game more realistic

Donovan J

When you finish a round it offers an ad to increase revenue 5x. If you decline this offer, you get an ad anyway. Uninstalled as this is obviously a poorly designed cash grab. Not recommended.

spider 454

Sooooooooooo fun

Deepak Magar


srividhya s

Wow it's amazing whenever I play this game I forget what is the time when I take it for 10 minutes I play 20 minutes this my favourite game in the whole world nice game.👌👌👌👌👌

Nick Schroeder

Love it me have 3 cars 😎😎😎😏

Thadeo da best

So fun

Javier Mena

Typical way too many ADS. 1 ad per play(4-7seconds)👎🏽

Henny Huang

Keren bangan tapi mahal


So amazing for drivers 😍😍😍👍😀😎😘🔥💯👌🙂🏆🎖️🏅🥇😂🤣

Sharla Duiai

I don't know how to drive , but playing this game i feel like i'm the one who really drive the car.

gaining xp

Love the game. Hate the controls and ads

Preeti Chaveriya

Wald is best best

Josef Rafael Liu

More FUN THAN THIS ALL GAME! but only I don't like ads

Shivam Kumar


Maysal Davis

The game keeps on restarting

Meiratia Fatima


Mohamad Elme

I guess your game is soooooo boring also make a good game bro

For the Kidz

No fair

Imelda Mimay

This is the supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer geme

Jesther ortega


Gerry kelly

Too many ads and poor game overall

indira Singh

I love the spider

Roshan clara

Very good game i win


Pls MuitPlayer and pls Give Play with Friends plss

ShockWave DK

Nice and creative! Graphic are cute. A combat racing game i looking for. Just too many ads, remove ads after each level would be nice

Graeme Parremore

A great game


Easy and awesome racing gameJio

Rajay Reid

Look im a youtuber i dont go to stuff like these like other youtubers but my fans say its lame and yall sub like and bell 🔔 to my channel octernis113 and im available on roblox yall se ya

Meera Jani

Super game

Hariz skdk1849

Oi cot bacot