Tile Match – Brain Puzzle Game

Author: Twinkle Games

50K+ install


Tile Blast – Match Master is a perfect mix of the classic Mahjong game and new match puzzles. We have thousands of challenging game levels for you to play, exquisite areas for you to explore and decorate, various and interesting events for you to participate! 😁😺🙌👍👊
You just need to tap and place 3 same tiles into the slots, then they will be matched and cleared. Once you clear all the tiles, you win!🍏🍎🥑🌰🍀🍭🎀🍋🍇🍍🍌
🍏 Tap tiles to put them in the matching slot.
🍎 Collect 3 identical tiles to match them and remove them from the board.
🥑 The puzzle game is completed by removing all tiles.
🍋 Use hint to find matching tiles, undo the tile from matching slot or shuffle all tiles on the board if you get stuck.
🍭 If there is no more space in the matching slot, the game is over.
🍇 Decorate these areas, including the Pool Party, Cozy Room,Campfire Party, Kitchen, and many other amazing scenes!

🍄 Eliminate the tiles with a restriction of matching slots make the game more interesting and challenging!
🍄 Diverse game mechanics and new match puzzles make the game more colorful!

🎣🏆 We will update different game events from time to time, such as Fishing Master, Captain’s Fortune, Drift Race,Team Battle, Team Treasure……

🏆🥇 Join the team, then you can participate in the team competition, communicate with your team members and help each other.
🏆🥇 Beat more levels and reach the top of the global leaderboards!
If you are a puzzle and casual game lover, you’ll surely love our Tile Blast! Never will you feel dull in this easy to play tile matching game. Hurry to download and enjoy endless fun!🎁🎈🎊🎉🐯

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Update time: Jun 2, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Twinkle Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Loredana Ghiormescu

Everything is ok now, thank you for your help! Great game!

Eileen Peters


Elizabeth Armstrong

This is a great game

Betty. Brown Reed

It tells you what you need to do! Understanding game!😃😃

Yvonne Crawford

Love it

Jackie Therrien

Very enjoyable. Addicctive.


So far so good

Sylvia JoAnne Edwards

Very relaxing ☺️

Valerie Jones

Best ever!!!!!

Molly Birdsall

More interesting than the others i spoke to soon after chapter 3 the amount of stars needed to achieve goals is ridiculous

Jacklea Johnson

Jacklea I Johnson

Super SplitPea

Fun game to pass the time! Not a ton of ads either!

Jannet Carson

I like it because I finished the living room but not I'm ready for the next room but it hasn't moved to the next room. If there is another reason.

Colleen Frey

My game keeps kicking me out. After every single level my app closes. Otherwise its a good game....I can't get in at all to be able to contact you now. The game won't open.

Jimmie Momtez

It's easy to play. It reminds a little like candy crush.

Heather Bowley

I love the game

Vicki Christensen


tanas sliheet

I like tile match

Sheri Bax

It's fun and relaxing.

Ann Cain

Fun game! Fast moving! Enjoying!

Chunky Girl Crafts

I love the toon games.....no pressure....just pure fun...and no ads!!

Laurin Wilhelm

Loving this game so far. Will update when I've played longer than 5 minutes.

Leanne Teddy

Love it. A lot of fun

Tammy Johnson


Amy Martin

Fun Match 3 game.

Carrie Gates


Heather LaCarte

Love renovation games using any tactic

Elvis Guerra

Good game

Shirley B

Easy colorful and elegant.

Cindy Martin


Kerry Greenhalgh

I love ❤️ it

Jennifer Moore

This is a fun game its got short adds 😁 and it def trains your brain 😁 but its def worh downloading 😍😍

Sharon Martin

Got a new phone and can't load previous levels. I just wasted money and now I have to start over. I made it to level 869

Jina Palmer

Barely any ads less ads 5 plus all the way

Brenda Skeen

Game wont load tried 3 times what is wrong How can I contact you via the game when it does not even load ? Have just tried again with no luck.

Vanessa Haley

Fun. Relaxing. Variety in different additional attached races/puzzles. Increases in strength of tile collection to provoke thought / problem solving. Im 40+ and I think the game is great to clear the head.


Game play is fun. But the amount of stars you have to earn for tasks are ridiculous. It starts out with one or two stars per tasks. Then jumps to 12 to 15 stars per task. That just took all the fun out for me.

Wendy Murray

Ive installed the game. Slow to start and got to level1 then froze and kicked me out of game. Please fix .

Yvonne Dunning

Love this one! Fun and relaxing 😊

Lisa Wiley-Westman


Nicole Lindquist

Very fun

Laughing froakie Unboxer

Fun game

Sue Johnson

I love this matching tile game because it is different to the other ones I normally play

Dawn Albone

Good thinking game

Gurtej Phull

Tile Match -Brain Puzzle Game.

Paris Kitt

Awesome! Fun, fast and I like completing a "room"!

Cindy Garrett

Fun so far

KT Nicolau

This is my favorite tile match game! It isn't riddled with ads. The rooms are gorgeous but there aren't many. I'm still waiting for a new room. If you like ASMR, you'll like this game. The sound effects are so pleasant! I don't think the game is THAT difficult which I don't mind at all - it's so addictive! It's not a pay-to-play games like Zen Match where you need to buy items to advance. Seriously, it's easy to spend a lot of time playing.

Doreen Snowden

Fun so far.

Cynthia Ford


Laura Leblanc

Love it

April Humphries


Melissa Paddock

Very relaxing

Carolyn Gibson

Addictive game!

Kathy Roy


Val Treadwell

Graphics are absolutely adorable and just love the tile match games

Caroline Barber

It's q very good game

Rosalind Johnson

Very relaxing, the perfect calming for the mind.

Cameron Smith

It's really fun so far, I love ❤️ complementing the rooms. There so cute and colorful 😍 💕

Anna Rasmussen

Cheesy no real problem, no brain needed

K Fat

Fun! Great graphics!!

Lisa Swanson

I like that it is so colorful!


Just started not sure exactly what i am doing. Havent figured what bottom rewards are. Pobuably helps!! Interesting.

donna lopez

Just another game

Sharon Sharp

I will continue the game so long as it doesn't cheat the player easy to see

Ashley Bookie

This Tile Match game is awesome the graphics are awesome the game play is awesome I really love this game

Susan Henry

Fun game

Catherine Gresty

Won't load up game and I'm on 406 or 407


Fun game

Janet Watson

Very fun and have to be quick.but good

Alicia M Bound

Very god game enjoyable too.

Mary Cartwright

Good fun

Emma ODgers

Like and enjoy it.

Christine Fuentes


Catherine Vestorp

Only just started this game but I'm enjoying it.

Les Eldin

Have to keep going back into play store to play the game,as it hasn't loaded with other games on tablet.

Tami Mock

Fun game

susan lees


Jeanette Sharpston

So good

Arlene Matthews

Great game

Vasile Gamer Pro

So nice!

lynette lewis

Very fun to play

Debra Burton

I like the game.

Phil Collazo

Very interesting and engaging

Alison Leahy

Game has frozen game opens but goes no further I'm on level 950

Angela Kong

I m stuck in 900+ level please fix it.. I can't play for 2 days aldy...

lisa bibby

Cool game

Sarah Spillane

it freezes and won't load

Claire Saliba

I was in 940 level in this game and after i cam"t open the game for play . Im very upset beacuse can't play and i uninstalled the game and installed again and start again from level 1 very upset

Nayo Mizusawa

Hey may anyone help me get back into this player account

April Lynn

Game is great actually BUT now the game will not load correctly. Uninstalled and then installed and it loaded but then was not allowed to do anything else. It was frozen. I really enjoyed the game while I had it.

martin schroder

Is there a way I can contact someone about this game it doesn't play anymore im on level 238 it freeze i can't play i love this game please can someone help me.

Heather forrester

I love this game but i cant get it load so i uninstalled then re installed and now it wont let me play please fix so i can play this game and its freezing and wont let me click the next level button

Kelly Silcott

Haven't even made it to level 20+ and the game quit loading. POS. I was enjoying this game too. THANKS

shirley allardice

👍 Great

Luann Irwin

Very fun game love it

Leanne Bihun

Colourful and challenging

Victoria Robinson

Cute game. Good graphics.

Aaron Tily

Please hurry up and add more rooms.

Judy Johnson Truitt

So far it's fun