Tile Clash TD:Trap Defense

Author: SingleStar. LLC

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Tile Clash TD:Trap Defense  – “An exciting and intense tower defense game!
mutant monsters have escaped from the laboratory and are rushing to the survivors’ camp. Quickly set traps and use the terrain to kill these mutated creatures!
Game Features:
Unique traps
After setting traps, watch the mutants to be pushed into the abyss, smashed against the walls or ash in the flames. It is incredibly rewarding!
Trap Combination Strategy
Using different traps and building combinations allows you to achieve multiple powers. It is both strategic and can lead to large-scale slaughter!
Take advantage of the terrain
Rolling boulders, uncontrollable minecarts and moving walls – using these mechanisms and combining them with trap arrangements, I experience the essence of self-defense!
Desperate cries! of despair
Because the previous wave of mutants is pushed into the water and the next wave is crushed by a giant rock, and the curve follows D ants mercilessly fuel the flames, wave after wave of despair screams can bring you a dark sense of satisfaction…”

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File size: 94 MB
Update time: 2023-03-07T10:27:01.000Z
Current version: 0.1.2
Require Android: 5.1
Developer: SingleStar. LLC
Price: $Free
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