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Three Skies – Three Skies is a story-driven strategy RPG with challenging non-linear dungeons, turn-based elemental combat and highly customizable heroes.
Customize your commander, collect and level up over 60 unique heroes, and plan a perfectly synergistic cave party to uncover the mystery of the disaster and save the land of Baranor from a mysterious villain emerging from your past.
Risk Vs. Reward Dungeon Dives: Face complex strategic trade-offs during each journey through over 120 handcrafted dungeons. How much are you willing to risk to win?
Recruit and optimize your party: Summon powerful heroes from Baranor, grow and customize each one, and combine and combine them into unstoppable battle groups.
Fierce Strategic Combat: Fight against dangerous enemies in a deep turn-based battle system!
Become a PVP Grandmaster: Defeat other commanders in the PVP arena and earn your way through the league!
Explore over 80 hours of story-based content, with new bonus stories added every month.
Want to get off the beaten path? Treasure hunting, estate, excavation and raids are just some of the additional missions you will find.
Every intense dungeon dive requires careful planning to navigate the massive dungeon maps full of terrifying traps and menacing enemies.
You must carefully weigh risk and reward when forming battle groups, managing equipment, choosing paths in mazes, and planning battle tactics.
Learn all 1
elements and tackle each challenge skillfully to get the most out of your travels.
Start your journey in Baranor by creating a fully customized Commander.
Collect and recruit over 60 different heroes on your journey, each with fully customizable skills, abilities, attributes, items and equipment. Then make them unstoppable with multiple offers!
Use the rarest materials collected from enemies, upgrade your city to create legendary equipment and equip your heroes to form the perfect team to carry out your battle plans.
Race against other commanders in an easy-to-access PVP that rewards players in a variety of modes.
Exclusive: Only the rarest heroes are allowed.
Restricted: Only medium and rarest heroes are allowed.
Open: Fight without limits.
Random: Face random fighters based on the heroes in your collection. Each level scales with the level of other rare heroes.
Climb the leaderboards to reach the top of the Grandmaster League!

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File size: 858 MB
Update time: 2023-03-04T18:13:32.000Z
Current version: 1.0.9
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: Shiny Box, LLC
Price: $Free
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