The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Author: Scopely

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The Walking Dead Road to Survival is the definitive Walking Dead strategy RPG game, brought to you by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic series.

Build your team of Survivors and develop battle strategies to lead them into battle in an uncompromising story, fraught with danger. Fight for survival against walkers and humans alike, using strategy to attack enemy weak points and deep RPG progression to decide your path. Build a town to keep the walkers at bay, but be warned – The horrors that lurk outside aren’t the only threat, and your decisions are all that stand between life and death.

Based on an all-new story from award-winning Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansinga, the dark aesthetic of this game reflects the uncompromising decisions you will need to make as you strategize for survival.

Stand with Michonne, Rick and other survivors from The Walking Dead, and join the epic battle against the darkest enemies from the Governor to Negan.


Fight Walkers & Survivors
• Battle against fierce opponents and use your best strategy to survive
• Charge opponents with special melee and ranged attacks using deadly weapons like Michonne’s katana

Collect & Recruit Survivors
• Collect new Survivors from The Walking Dead universe, each with their own specialized battle strategy

Upgrade Your Survivors
• Level up and customize Survivors to enhance their fighting strategies, weapons and skills
• RPG progression makes your Survivors stronger as they cut down more walkers

Strategy Gameplay – Capitalize on Strengths & Exploit Weaknesses
• Battle strategy is key to scoring powerful hits – but watch out for retaliating strikes
• Your battle strategy is all that’s keeping the Survivors of Woodbury safe – Strategize and strike to win

Maps & Locations From The Walking Dead
• Explore a new 3D map featuring real locations from The Walking Dead comics

Build your Community Base & Expand into the Wasteland
• Build houses to hold Survivors, a Town Hall to expand your city, a Workshop to craft items, and more

PvP – Raid Enemies
• Use your battle strategy to raid enemy factions for resources in the All Out War online mode
• Strategic Multiplayer battles in a wide-open world filled with potential enemies and vicious walkers.

Alliance Factions & Online Strategy
• Multiplayer alliances and battle strategies keep you safe. Join allies in a faction to create a battle strategy and pool resources in the harsh world of The Walking Dead
• Battle and build together with friends in multiplayer role-playing strategy gameplay

Battle in Iconic The Walking Dead Locations
• Fight alongside your faction for control of areas from The Walking Dead
• Battle to conquer and defend locations like Alexandria, Woodbury, Sanctuary, and more

Make Strategized Decisions to Change the Story
• Decisions impact the story mode and make each game campaign unique
• Write your own Survivor story in this dynamic and compelling Walking Dead RPG

Live In-Game Events
• Play to obtain valuable resources and new, exclusive Survivors.

Walkers tear at your city walls, while desperate Survivors rip apart the town’s foundations from the inside. When the time comes to fight, what will you choose?

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File size: 31M
Update time: July 20, 2021
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Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Scopely
Price: Free
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Customer review

Richard Brown

I love this game been playing since the first day it was launched

Dale Jackson

Why can't you link to Facebook aways says error 🤔

donna traut

Played for 5 years and with the mythic update every single character, that God knows how many people spent their whole check on to get, is now obsolete... The devs are just greedy and this game isn't worth playing anymore

Mehran es


Dominic Drake


Ernest Dicks

Been actively playing for about six years now.

David Lupul

Great if i can download it

Joydeb Roy

Good app

Saeid Hemmatgadim

Nice game✨🔥


Bad app

Liam Murray

This game was great, i had a lot of fun playing it until i decided to pay for the month pass, which was £20, i then was unable to log onto the game, this happened regularly with me which was no issue because uninstalling and reinstalling the game fixed it, i did it this time and my account was lost, I tried to reach out for support but the customer support is a joke and took several days to reply to do nothing. So this company took my money and didnt let me play the game anymore.


5 Stars.

Ssenkabala Isah

The game is nice, but i had an ingame complaint, it was handled then it reversed after like 17hours, i submitted another complaint but i have been waiting for two days and there is no feedback

jeko mike

Guys i need my previous accounts 😫 problem fixed so i can continue where i left off.

Robert Filer

Poor customer service. Never received purchase. After asking support to honor they refused. Avoid making purchases!!!!. Received double charge and no refund. Had to file dispute with my card. WARNING. DO NOT MAKE PURCHASES. AVOID!!!!!!

Mr Rakib


Conner Jones

it is fun to plae.

alyisandra adam

Actually garbage don't even waste your time ✌️

Stephen Zuppo

I have been playing this for 5 years. I just got a new phone and cant get help transferring my account. They are telling me that because i have not purchased anything they wont help me... So dissapointed after all this time to have to delete me fav game.

Nasreen Begum Nas


Rubban Kuna


Denise May

Great game i highly recommend if you need a faction go to Elbert and join waste land

Cesar Cabarles


Dory Mendoza

This game is Cool and you need to upgrade youre team to be a strongest and clear some town or city to get lot and somethings And upgrade some base house and buy some weapon

Bea Allen

U but . Uvi u know To geti.vib Bob H Gpggyih.

Banglish Cooking

When will there be a new update or event

David Watts

Best online game i have ever played,a true legend

Valeria Ruiz


Esperanza Mendoza

This is amazing game keep uyp people

Alice Ametse

It's very good

Kingsley Chibuike


shakib sheikh

Nice game

Parashsahu Sahu




Jason Huff

Been playing for 5 years, it is definitely a pay to win, never complained about anything the whole time I have been playing. Tried to report an issue I had, which there have been numerous that I never did, and just get the run around and no assistance. Customer service sucks

tonmoy biswas

Nice app

Jimmy Mason

Cool diversion

Meysam Germany


Mizanur Rahman

Nice App

Kristen J

It blows that we can't transfer our settlements to new regions when the region we're in dies. I only want one game, not multiple in different regions. Been playing this game for almost 5 years and don't think I'll play anymore since I can't move my settlement from a dead region.