The Walking Dead: All-Stars

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The Walking Dead: All-Stars – Based on The Walking Dead Comics Series.
Introducing The Walking Dead: All-Stars!
“Respond if you are still out there!”

Battle for survival.
The Walking Dead: All-Stars invites all survivors to its post-apocalyptic world.

▶Game Introduction◀

Famous for its post-apocalyptic world, The Walking Dead features no shortage of horror.
Be on the lookout for walkers as well as other groups of survivors!
The battle for survival begins now.

Experience the original comic book series right in the palm of your hand!
Stunning visuals and artwork bring the world of The Walking Dead: All-Stars to life!
Meet characters from The Walking Dead universe as well as those unique to the game!
Enjoy high-quality character artwork rarely seen in idle games.

Idle gameplay allows you to grow and progress with minimal effort!
Collect a diverse cast of characters!
Defend the settlement of Asyl against enemies in Defensive Battle.
Obtain supplies from Supply Run and Dispatch!
Compete against other survivors in the Borderlands!
Join a Community and take part in Joint Battle!
Dive into other game modes that fully embody the world of The Walking Dead!

The fight for survival never ends.
“An idle RPG game that continues without you ever having to log in!”

Team up with survivors from The Walking Dead.
“A collection RPG that encapsulates the spirit of The Walking Dead comics!”

Log in now and fight for your survival.
And remember, you’re not alone.

* The game is available in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Español, русский, ไทย.

** The Walking Dead: All-Stars is free to play, but offers in-app purchases. You can disable in-app purchases through your device’s settings
** Minimum Requirements: Galaxy S5 (OS 5.1.1) / 1.5GB RAM

Smartphone App Access Permissions

▶ Permission Guidelines
App will request permissions in order to provide certain services:

[Required Permissions] -None

[Optional Permissions] – None

▶Revoking Permissions
[OS 6.0 or Later] Settings > Apps > Select App > Permissions > Grant/Revoke Permissions

[Versions Prior to OS 6.0] – Upgrading to 6.0 or higher will allow you to set permissions manually.

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Customer review


Got ripped off on initial summons with tickets then gold bars, I stopped playing will never play again, didn't really find it to fun in the first place to be honest, just like any other idle game in its genre.. boring.. Be careful when signing into YouTube when offered the purple rick, the grey box around your screen tells the screen is being recorded..

uwu-bish-its-lulu 9908

The amount of hate and homophobia on this game is disgusting and gross. The chat is a cesspool of old men who have nothing better to do with life but hate other people based on what they identify as/their preference. If this isn't fixed then you should expect less people to play. Also the chat censorship is really bad and need's an update because you can't even say glenn, hello, again or basement. so yeah take that as you will. If you are LGBT don't Install this.

Bruces Banner

Huge Walking Dead fan since the beginning. Great game that is fair and not heavy pay to win. Very grateful for you guys in having a great game

David Pelletier

I love the game but my only complaint is after awhile you can't do anything in the game. I can't progress in the story because the enemies are to strong in that and my characters at at level 140 or close to that. You can do much after you go on a supply raid and you have to wait 24 hours until the next one. Its just a lot of waiting around but overall great game. Best walking dead mobile game so far.

Sam Phillips

strangely addictive and fun game to play every now and then

Stacye Schalski

So far the experience has been really good

Ap Pr

Game feels good so far. We just need more guild content and more daily things like basement event. Last some rewards are a bit underwhelming, especially the level up rewards, 10 gold is nothing, make it like 50 or add some more stuff that scale.

Caleb Bormann

It's fun but once you get to where u can't progress without leveling up you either pay money or come back later to see how much resources you've accumulated. Character stories are well thought out and amazing great time.


I love twd im in love with this games

rodschi ali

Long grind, auto search is probably the best thing that's ever happened. Super fun and can keep me entertained for a while before there's nothing more to do/ struggle to progress. Can easily be overcome the next day so 💪

AJ DeRoehn

Not as fun as it looks. By my math, just to clear the level I'm stuck at I will have to gather supplies for 8.4 days and HOPE boosting one character lets me clear it. Failing that it'll take around 6 weeks to gather enough supplies to max my team and hope it's enough. Boring boring boring.


nice gacha..


Wont let me put in a coupon code there is no exchange tab in the account tab and nothing happens when you click on the cs code

Jeffry Vasquez

Why i cant install this game???? After download it keep saying unable to install.

Jan Vincent Oclarit

Great start but as you progress in the middle phase of the game it starts to become so tedious. It lacks content for now. Speed battle should be higher than 2x because it's tiring to wait for the fight to end.

Riko Hernandez

Pretty damn amazing.

Fridae Hagler

nice games and very relax

Zenotek dev

wish I could upgrade green units

Oscar A.

The game draws you in for the first few chapters, then you start hitting the team power road blocks. Once you hit mid game, content and resources are scarce, unless you pay. Progression is very slow. Really slow. You need a ton of copies of characters to push through the roadblocks, and thats if you pick the meta characters. It gets to the point where your team melts within seconds or you barely win (using meta characters). No crafting or side things to do. They need to address this! ASAP

Don Sleezer

I like the fame so far but I just started playing ask for reviews after people play a couple weeks or something not a couple hours but seems pretty fun so far


Nice 👍

Michael Shu

This a direct copy of Undead World.. maybe good for people who never played Undead World but it's definitely not for me

Edisorus Rex

Not much to the game but some bad language. This game is not for me!

Mr Keyland

Awesome game! Updated regularly. Survivors added all the time! Looking forward to seeing what the devs have got in stall for us in the future.

Chris Stothard

First of all - great game, its soothed me off a 6yr Road To Survival addiction so i'm all in - if the game lets me. Enjoyed the first week, utterly bemused and delighted at the same time. Beautiful graphic style, nice stories attached to the characters, chaotic and fun battles! Now I simply cannot progress any further. As a few other reviwers have said, the wall is high. Managed to get 10-12 toons to lvl100 but however i juggle my kit I simply get smashed in all combat arenas. Hence 3/5

JD Olson

Like all gacha games, if you're not willing to spend real money it's going to take you longer to upgrade characters.

Buensharif Sarapuddin

First impressions,the game's graphics is quite good,ults aren't that interesting, getting resources and gold is quite hard and progressing takes quite awhile.But has A LOT of potential and I just hope that the bugs and scammer bots spamming in chat is fixed. Wish to see the improvements in the future.

Torrence Brewer

It's a pay to play, pay to win, pay to do everything game. Don't waste your time. Just like every other mobile game. Cash grab with whatever trendy theme.

Hank Baham

great game


Afk arena clone. No, afk arena reskin. Steal 5 stars from my 1 star.

Zachary Winsor

sick game!!

Matthew Dudley


Mickey S

Pretty Cool, but still really in the game, only finished chapter 2. Actually loving this game, now I'm at level 50... I'm starting to plateau, but will keep going to see where it leads.


Actually a really good game not gonna lie about that, although there is a few quality of life changes that could be made

Steven Johnson

a great version of the idle hero game

Derek Archibald

Everysingle time I try to install it. It keeps saying it failed to install try again later. I really want to try this game b oh t nothing I do will let me install it

Jason Zeno

Game is really great, been playing since release. My only issue is the load times, it'd be really nice to see a 'Download resources' option to make it load a little quicker.

Erick W

I like the game alot. Great art and idle game overall. Wish there were a few more tasks to do daily though.

Primal Chaos

Hoping they add a minigame, because when I've done all my missions daily, it became boring and waiting for supply hunt for 2 days.


awesome game great combat easy to get lost for hours

Just Chilling

put gift codes in settings

Drew Smith


Matthew Morrison

Enjoying the heck out of this. Pretty standard format I've seen before... Reminds me most closely of a little cyberpunk themed gacha that I can't recall the name of. Cyber Night? Anyways, the art is fun, the content is engaging to me. I'll keep playing 😃

Andrew Collins

Getting some light freezing here and there nothing big. Brand new game and the battle pass is 25 USD. I want to get it but that is too high for me to invest in a brand new game that has issues. There is a lot of balance problems. Some characters abilitis are so powerful you can beat players of way higher power than your own. Gleen is one such character. Please balance your game so it is worth investing money in, again i want to get the pass may get it but fix the issues that are obvious soon.

Dusk Shine

The game is awesome the only problem for me personally is that i can't see my supple run money cause my phone is a huawei and the front camera is from the top middle of my phone and it covers my food and supple run money so if possible but can you make it that not full screen but its ok if not but overall amazing game

ice wallow calm

It's garbage

Tyson W

fun for passing the time

Marius Apalit

Good game but lacks content

James Brown


Jeff Hall


Ah Kui

love it and no comment for now


This game is a HUGE marketing cash grab!!! It's sad because, for what it's worth, it started out fair. Now it's blantely obvious. They give small little free handouts and then bombard the shop with progression goodies that you have to buy to advance. The bad part is, it's not going to take you long to get to the next difficult wall. You can't earn anything once you hit these walls either! What a shame this greedy company is!! Overall, this is a polished turd. Oh yeah, AI cheats (ignore stun)💩

kris k danner

a fun and entertaining game that is different from most other games so if you're looking for something new to play I highly recommend this app


very funn

Vltimecia Kallisti


Trigga Tre

it's a good game

Azza Taylor

Great game needs some more interaction though

Fahim Shahriar

chat doesn't work.

Syahid Noor (Noor)

Pretty good games, I have fun during my break between work!


Worked fine and since update it's always stuck on authorizing logins load screen so can no longer play it, dissapointed

Serious Arrr

too power creep.. had all heroes 161 still can't win. chapter 20 must to be level 181 to 200. how? the answer is to pay more.. only spender can futher more even whole day and auto research only two level per day (1 hero) this is bs. and after finish all the explore records you will get bored. don't get me wrong, i love this game so much. just i miss those excited moment

Robbie M.

Why do I lose my characters if the time runs out? Not my fault the battle took long. Very annoying.

Rick Wyatt

pretty good so far!

Robert zeman

amazing game , I hope it lasts

Tyler Harder

Good start. Need 4x battle speed and the option to skip Frontier battles. Cost for recruiting are much higher than other similar games. Camp Defense needs a seperate layout (like a tower, or other setting) to differentiate it from the other modes in that section (ex. AFK Arena has the Tower), cuz right now it's just another thing to click on.

Jonathan Grimsley

Excellent game!!

Sen Ng

good game


Pay to play

Romik Stewart Jr


olivea lol

must play

agus kerta

paking guud

Bernard Bernard

love this game

Anthony O'Deay

it's fun


้เพลินมาก ชอบ

Anjas Sandy Tiku


Anthony Uribe



Good Game🧟‍♂️

James Creevy

fun game... easy to pick up and waste some time!


fun game

Nicholas Pants

4 stars seems fair



Joey Talon

many characters to play as, fun gameplay

Salema Rahman

This su Shut

Assaf de Hazan

Money grabbing game. The only positive reviews here are from people who were forwarded here from the game to earn some lousy reward.

Michael Bickley

Decent game but progression eventually grinds to a halt. So you can't really play as much as you want. Have to wait to the next day and hope you get enough exp to level. If not you are just stuck till the next day and repeat the process. Unless of course you spend money. They basically ruin their own game by doing this. Went from one of the best TWD mobile games to the worst in a week.

Marcus Powell

love the art style

Adam Pierce

love this game.

Laugh is crime

This is very very bad this game two characters (Jesus) and (Abraham) our respective (prophet) show as killer of humanity. This game is against (Christianity) and (Islam). don't play.

Leonardo Yamashita (Yamaro)

Zenfone 5, game crashes.... that's it



Neil Joysey


AsmounGames (AsmounGMS)

Keep it up!

Dx 9.6

good art, bad remake of story...duplicated rick bad move! good idle game but need improvements

Roni Khaidir

the art just wow. the game is lit, all good so far. I'll be back later :).

Death bro

Its a great walking dead game but its more based on comic version so it gets 4 and not 5 stars

Tyshaun Johnson

Really good game...easy to get into. Graphics are great and the game play is not difficult to get accustomed to. Keep up the good work.

Arvin Baluyot

A good game, but the problem is that at level 100 of your character it very hard to level up, the zombie in certain stage like 8-36 is much higher than your characters and also in camp defense and your stuck in leveling up and gaining exp., your stuck in waiting for another day to claim for drops in idle and quick search hopefully it can give you enough exp to level up a hero. and also you need to promote your hero to gold in order to level it higher than level 100.

b l

Cant play as I keep getting a error message (error 33) in Chinese! Update: So after many weeks still havernt managed to get in the game, very disappointed! Emailed customer support and no reply back. Would lower to no stars if I could.

Christo Scholtz

It's a great game. But pay to play game if you want to get ahead. Only problem i have, my screen cuts off the top part. As if my screen is not big enough. Os there a fix for this?


Straight up fye🔥