The Owl and Lighthouse – story collecting

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App Description:

The game is a story-collecting idle game, and the core game loop is simple:
1.Collect woods——produce wood carving.
2.Wait for the owl to bring back the woodcarvings.
3.Visitors who has picked up the carving bring their stories to you
4.Receive notification and know the endings of the stories after a while.

In the depth of a forest, a silent old man and a speaking owl live in an odd lighthouse.

You will meet a variety of lost visitors and the fanciful stories.

The visitors may have unexpected connections and, your choices may determine their destiny.

“”Being full of sadness and loneliness everyday though,he still pretends to be a cool man.I mean a cool owl.””

Highlights of 「The Owl and Lighthouse」:

A world with aesthetic, symbolic, and interactive elements

You can collect over a hundred of well-designed stories from visitors and change their destiny

A Relaxing idle game that provide private mental experience

What special values will 「The Owl and Lighthouse」 offer:

Comfort to lonely heart in the modern life

A mirror to your peaceful lonely inner world

Chilling but thought-provoking short stories prepared for your break times

Bedtime fairy tales for adults

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