The Mother – Play this No.1 baby adventure game, Virtual mother happy family game.

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File size: 68M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.3.51
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Virtual Entertainment Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

accounts saroj

Best game 🎮.

Marilou Colorico

Too slow to download but this game is so beautiful and I love it ❤️💙❤️💞😍❤️💙❤️💖🎀💓💓💓🎀❤😘😍💓

priya lucy

Better app

Lydia Tembo

I love this game it makes me very happy

Lea Tarcelo

Magabda siya laroin

allen day

No way drown the ugly baby


too much add 🙄😑

Cheskamae gecoso

yawa dami ads

Layla Stubbs

Its to laggy and it's always kicking u out

Tubla Marjet


Hi Hi

The graphics are horrible and it is boring

Hanan Akbar

Good game

Elizabeth Falco

Way to many ads

Yana Mail

This game sooo bestt i love it HAHAHAH

Masal Ada Demir

Cok begendim

Sergio Berto

I hate this game

Kamran Sajan


Tanaya T

This app has way to many ads. AFTER literally every single tap, and no I'm not being dramatic. I thought the critical comments were just being dramatic, but after I got this game they were right. Just a little tip for this game, why don't you do ads like other gaming creators, like watching an ad to get something in the game. You will get your sponsored ad views up with this option, but the ads are just too much. Your guys's games aren't gonna get anywhere if you keep this up.

Justice Burn

Good game also

johny john rss

It is an amazing game

Aslam Pk

The mother single is an excellent graphic gameplay I recommend you download this game and play

James Vines

I love this game

Alice STS

It is very wonderful game

Sajid Ali king king

This is very important game.


Mother's Problem in mother Single Game fun

Lady11 Lord

So interesting and awesome game.

Ilexyah Daniels

This is a amazing he and it is so great I would definitely download this game if I was you it is a great game and I love it and yeah I recommend you to download it.


Very nice saree great application I like this very much 👍

Peter NIDR

I found this game very nice all all level is very important and interesting I like this App👍

fiza tabani

Very excellent game i love it💯

Danielle Melrose

Terrible game won't open at all y can't u people make decent games yeah they r free but crammed full of stupid adds stop with so many adds n make the game work ur ment to b experts 🤬wouldn't let me post my review without a star I personally wouldn't give it any stars

Don king

The mother single is very nice game and its designed is good 💯

Austin atn Gii

Very great game👍

Xiya Kri

Very appreciated Game beautiful game 💯

Fatwa G

I like it vary much wow.💯

Azalea Andrino

This game is awesome😘😘

The CLarke

This is very good game 💯

Sana Ullah Khan

This is good application for single mom present good experience 💯

Azeem Xz

This is motivated game tell how single mother done all activities doing job and take care of baby 💯

Ariya Khan

This is really nice app and all lavels are interesting. Graphics are awesome. Super fantastic app 💯

Abc Def

Single mom simulator is an real example of mom struggle 💯

Wulliam SunZF

This game is very good. In this game, Madan is alone, yet taking special care of his children, he has to do all the work alone. Like it very much.

Chandrima Mukherjee

Quit boring.

HA lqrum JAUID

In the game l am mom and care my beautiful baby woo nice game

Kary Jimenez

It doesn't let you win

kemar Sterling

Can we do

Alex 1234

Single mother Parents Game is very beautiful and wonderful application 👍

Warda DJ

Single mother parent life game is a good game to play . it is really good . i enjoyed it soo much .👍

brooklyn gii

Very amazing application and very great application👍


Very beautiful application and very great application👍

Emily Arj

Very amazing application and very beautiful application👍

Virendra Shukla

Pepsi IPL P,Zdutws .

Daenna MNA

Single parent is new concept. I like this app👍

Diana 1234

Single Mother Parents Game is very beautiful and mind blowing game👍

A4 Lolai2

The Mother Single app is very best 👍

Camila Montero

It's a great offline game🎮 love it ❤

Diane Gomez

Had a bug

V priti

Single mother is a Buddha and fantastic game I love this game which is very interesting game 👍


Too many adverts 😡

Carmella 5555

Single mothers parents is very interesting and amazing game application we are enjoy the TV by using this app I like it very much 👍

Methew SEO

The mother single... So amazing👍

SweMon Aung


Tahir KHK

The mother app is very interesting amaizing app♥️

Losy Kahn2

The mother single app is very good application. I like it so much. Easy to install and use it.⭐

Irgan UOS 67

Single mother parents app is very interesting features involved.This game involved wonderful missions.❤️

Lakisha Prince

Don't work

Liv Clark

I just cant get the jist of this game

Nav Ya

Single mother parent live Game This is very amazing and really app❤️

Alan Grey

The Mother waoo my fevourite app and high recommend and amazing and wonderful and fantastic AP

AZ Jemi Sail

The location of single mothet game is absolutely real, all the levels of the game are very enjoyable and in this challenge me is highlighted.

Rubik Zi

Single mum simulator live game is a very wonderful games very great life and good future game I like his very fantastic game it has good display

Zibby Koren gbs

Very Nice Very Good Game Very Amazing Game Beautiful Very Fantastic Super Hit Game 🌷

Robert25 Pattinson *

This is very amazing game.I hope all people use this game.❤

Ronkis Bornado

The Mother Single most funtastic gameplay hd graphics I recommended to everyone must download this game 🌹

Dollar King

Wow game is really too much challenging that's why playing the game so much interesting way.

Muhabbat zindgi Msk

This is very nice and very awesome game I like it very much

Justin DQ Biber pkg

It is a very useful and unique game 🌹

Madiha baig Mwa

single mother parents is my most favourite and very wonderful game nice controller

Muhammad Hasnain Traggar 26

The Mother Single Parent is very an awesome application ❤️

Brody kai

Tje mother single parent life is outstanding features game application❤️

Lady4 Diana Tr

Mother life is very interesting game I hope all people enjoy a powerful level and good graphic.❤️

shamim memon

single mom simulater is a very interesting game of life this is my favorite game i comment it all

Patti SL55

Single mother parent life game is very good game and it is very nice and fantastic game and it is very excellent game 🌷

master munir

Single mother parking game best working is unque game⭐

Gary33 Oldman Tr

The mother single it is amazing game. Advance level easy installing good game.

Smith Yate

This is very nice amazing very good game

Yousif Younis

Wow, So interesting and gorgeous enjoyable attractive offline professional design game.❤️

Mr Pain Cool cool

I love this my best games wonderfully game 🌹

Mr.Johnny Cool cool

This game is very amazing very interesting, I play with me everyday in my township. 🌹

Sohni Kurri98

Single mom simulator is easy for playing game. Its full of joyment and entertainment game.

Billo Billo

With this very cute game it's graphics will also look beautiful

Asma ali Afs

Single mother very interesting game i like this game my bus game all systems of bus game are very good 🌹

honey evæ

single mother parents life game very informative for new mother . it teach lots of good information❤

Benzoate naj

The mother single parent life Fantastic game this is a very unique game this is very interesting game all in world all the people like this game very much

N.S Olivia

This is one of my favourite game which show a strong and brave mother single parent.

Hanea N m

In mother single game you can run a restaurant or spend a independent mother.

HittIe Miss

The mother single pregnant Life game this game is very useful and very amazing I like is my game🌹

File Photo

With this very cute game, its graphies will also make you look beautiful, this game is a favorite game you can enjoy with your friends.

Jia Meri jan

Full of fun to play this wonderful game. ❤

Ashraf khan

This game is very amazing and interested and it is so good and wonderful app i like it⭐