The Monster Hunter

Author: OVIVO Games

10,000+ install


The Monster Hunter – What’s Under Your Bed?

Detailed info

File size: 58M
Update time: September 1, 2021
Current version: 1.34
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: OVIVO Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aporbo Pal

Nice app

Rochelle Beck

It's a fun game

Chandan Kumar

Hello I am chandan ray of sunshine and warm and I

Raj Venkatagiri


Lucio Limas

Fun game easy upgrade I'm enjoying it very much thanks.

Shabu Mohammad

Super game


I'd give it a 5 but it tends to lag a bunch

Krishanu Mondal

Nice app

Arpit Bhai

OVIVO THIS Company is Fraud. You will not get reward even after completing the task and its a scam so please don't waste your time, you will surely thank me later.

Pramod Bisht

Game restart everytime you click score multiple option. Too much restart everytime you do anything it restarts

Kunal Singh


Sugar Freak

I got scammed the depth should be 4,500 not 4,000 and it has lots of pop ads don't install it guys.

Fortnite Pappafnite

Too many ads

Justin Seludo

An ad pops up After finishing a catch 3.50$ for no ads I'm not gonna buy that I'm just gonna turn of wifi

shayna angers

Very fun game but lots of adds

Solomona Brown

I like that game

Dennis Fisher

Not bad... But I love it when I catch a monster #playyourpart my friend

Neelam Verma

Worst game in the world 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

sanu debnath

It's impossible to reach 2000+ meters don't install



Asha Fulzel

Please you have don't download this game 😡😡😡😡😡. This game is 💩💩💩💩💩💩 game . World bad game .so many adds on this game

mask still

Bunch of ads . Every single game have a ads . Its so dumb annoying Not recommending this app ,wasting of time .😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

C.I. with TheAnnoyingCat

No idea what's with the negative remarks here. The game is actually fun, at first doubted it with the reviews but you just need patience with it to get to your goal here. If wondering about possibly losing your data, just have an account on Play Games. It stores in data there automatically so no problems or issues at all.

Mis. Lakshmi

I bad game no intersting

Mr Mr

Could you please help. I paid for no ads. I had to uninstall and reinstall a few apps. Yours is the only one not syncing up

Michelle Davis

Stupid ad watching app, barely even a game

Kelli Hoag


Devendra Tempo

Game is full of ads



MD Phiroj


Amanda Babb

Constant lagging, have to restart the app multiple times.

Sally Stuyvesant

Boring.unattainable level for bonus.

Kin Slayer

The app is not smooth know why? THE ADS!!! It sucks and if weren't for a rewarding programme I would have never played this even If I did I would probably uninstall in the first 5 minutes

Kristine Mae Armas

Exciting to catch monsters ❤


Absolutely dreadful, one of the worst games I've had the misfortune of playing. This and the other horrible OVIVO games are a text book example of shovelware, with the only intent being to nickel off users by showing an INSANE amount of ads. I did two of their game offers on Swagbucks (Go Green and Prison Escape.) but didn't get any credit. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.


ad infested, i obly did it for a rewards program but you get a ad every 5 seconds

Deepak Beniwal


kanchan bokade

Good for entertainment

gaju Kumawat


jek Bro

Very good bad app

Chuck Morris

Slick click

Ben Hur

Malware. Adfarm. No rewards 👎

K. R.

Boring as can be, a giant ad feet, don't waste your time unless you want to take a nap. Perhaps perfect for those who have insomnia or some other sleep disorder? This should bore you right on into slumber-land... 👎🏻💤👎🏻

Paul Wright

Only downloaded as part of a reward. But it's fun about 5 minutes then it hits you with endless spam and ads.

Kaylee Holland

Ran by advertisements and they are so annoying

g.a. J.

Not even worth it for the reward offer. Pure torture.

A Google user

It's amazing but more in the game it gets basically impossible to level up your depth. It's absurd! Please can you cut the cost by even 20%? Thank you for your time.

Lisa Clements

Constantly shuts down insuring you lose earned points or worse while trying to multiply points it shuts down losing all points. It happens often. As soon as I've reached my goal I'll get rid of this app. It needs much work.

Arken FNaF


Jeffrey Neal

Was "paid" to play this game, payment was rejected after I completed it, and there are way too many ads. Plus sometimes it starts you on a hazard and instantly ends your run, very poor programming.

Veselina Pavlova

Not really fun but good at beginning

Frank Bowers

This is the worst. The game is exceedingly simple, and overwhelmed by ads.

Mike Bueckert

Bruh! Seriously, this isn't even a game! It's literally just add after add with a mild game in the background. Ya didn't even try u just wanna pump mist play adds down our throats 🤦 at least try and make the game worth it lol cuz this game is 💩

Dervish Grantford

I completed a task in this game to get in game currency in another, only to not get my reward. If you're playing this to get a reward in another game, my advice to you is to not. It's a complete waste of time, and energy. I wasted hours only to get nothing from it.


Way to many ads it's unbearable

Kesamreddy Spoorthy



Don't download !

Tia Ramsey

Really fun game

Nayan Thakur

Op po

Ganesh Viku

I like this game but i have lost alot of those depth points. It is buggy and rlly hard to grind... I lost 250-300 depth points so pls do anything abt it

A Google user

The game costs 3.50$ CAD or whatever it is to remove ads, otherwise there is no game and its just a string of ads. If it weren't for a rewards program, I'd never have had the mispleasure of wasting my time on this.

Krishan Jaat

Good app

aaryan pawar


Papa Kumar

Worst app! It is totally faltu app

Chris Moran

Boring game with too many ads

Seetaram Vishwakarma


David M

Best game

Wut_da _Henk

Do not download! Made my goal to get reward in another app. We usual with games from this developer you won't get the reward. Check the other reviews. They make money from ads while you get nothing. If you enjoy wasting your time and watching ads go for it.

Its_ x*Maya*x

This was recommended to receive robux

Sandra Payne

This game is very fun, i woukd reccomend it to anyone

Rudra pratap Singh

Good using only for mgamer



Gurdeep Singh

Good game

Shubham Kashyap

Nice app

Mohammad Rizwan

Not Good...!

Koshea Karwan

The game is just ads. That's it just ads even on airplane mode it sucks its just bad don't download

Arda Can




Mohammed Musthafa


Joseph Haslam

It's just ads nothing but ads

Adhil Pg


Ashish Gaude

Dumb Game


very nice game i like collecting the monsters

Baskar Baskarbas


Asif Khan

Good game

Boss Boss


Robert Mishler

Still waiting on my rollercoin payout. Clunky game, too many ads, poor input, just trash.

naam me kya rakha hai

Nice for fun and time i like it 😉

Tùng Kiều

Trash, boring game, ads everywhere.

Vikash Tehlan


Leese Wright

Gameplay is actually decent but it's loaded with ads you don't get rewarded for. Was playing this for a reward elsewhere but after seeing reviews here I'm not even going to bother. Don't waste your time.

Donald Decar


Saran Chauhan

Best app

Megan Macaskill

I hated it because when I went on it took me to this sketchy link and said download they games to I also made me undownload all my fav games just for zems on zepeto 😔


Despite what I have read about this game I do like it's simplicity. A game I can play to have fun without thinking too much while waiting in line. If you like "collection" games then this one is decent.

Narendra Bhai

Nice aap hhgfhfdghh vh FFS sfjv gc 1st jfd gu yrs s

Quinton Brown

To much!



Aishwarya Santhosh

It's very simple switch off your internet and play ad will not come Try it

Manichandra Athokpam

I install this game because of web comics it's not usefull