The Last Knight

Author: Spark Game

100,000+ install
Role Playing


The Last Knight – Welcome to the era of mages and warriors!

Detailed info

File size: 66M
Update time: July 1, 2021
Current version: 1.16.1
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Spark Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

nevyaj bordeos

just downloaded, will edit based on my experience


not bad

jc amboy obaldo

love the game hope have other skill and character to

Micah Pedersen

Would be 5 stars for what it is if it had the option to change the language of notifications.

Jessica Rabbit

DO NOT DOWNLOAD This is crashers /raiders origin under a different name. Because they couldn't control the bullying and sexting in the original. But Talkin about rapin ppl and asking or pics proves it hasn't changed. Do NOT DOWNLOAD

jaybee teogangco

nice gamr to play.

Leon sky


Rena Rowland

not loading on my phone

Kaine EightyTwo

Crashes too often, sometimes it's stuck at 87% loading screen.

paul yarter

just started give it time ok so far

Lee Simoneau

Love the game.

Rengga Anna

conection is low

Mahdi N.J

lvl 150 and I still have no idea what am I doing Everything is automatic literally not as entertaining as I expected

Priyanka Lande1920


Billy Plasencia

Do not download, you will regret it if you ever get to log in.

ruel tumindog


Cherry Wine

It's a nice game, not going to lie but there are flaws that are extremely frustrating to tolerate. First off, the game continues with the same types of quests repeatedly, testing the patience of players. It gets boring doing the same quests . Second of all, obviously p2w progresses and becomes stronger. If you want to be f2p then grind for it, it's hard and you won't be able to compete with other whales but atleast you'll get stronger everyday. 3rd the graphics makes me sleepy.

Jason Lim Kin Chung

Not bad.


Nice game

Dev Ravin

I recently decided to reinstall the game and try it out again but notice the company was different and my account is gone. I've spend quite an amount on this game and would like to know where is my account? Even if the DEVOLOPERS are different now, the customer data should have just been ported over not deleted..

Akuah Links

Ycxcvgc gc can get the kids together t come

Evil Peanut

Game is boring after the first 30mins doing the same thing over and over. Game plays itself so all you do is watch, fell asleep watching, uninstalling because of this!

Robert Mahobej

Trash game! 2 classes... 1 is male, the other is female! Because you know, its too hard to put in an option to be either class then choose if your male or female! Enjoy the 1 star review

Ahmed Elmalla



Fun style, great entertainment.

Hen Tai

Graphics ☑️

Messi Love

good games

Juliet warman

I take back my 5, star rating everytime I want to play this I have to uninstall it and redownload it and then after one day's play it won't load passed 37% this is bad and I have no trouble playing other games on my tablet not good

Napoleon Tubac honculada

Thank you

Dat huynh

like 👍

Jester Rendevou


Kevinguno Kiso

Worst game ever I have experienced

Jeffrey Lidbury

Great game I've been paying for a few years now and just started all over again

Prachi Priya

🙂 👌

Angela Knight

I've only been playing a matter of minutes, but I already love it! I've played several games of the same type, but this one doesn't restrict you to a tiny area, and the graphics are better.

Blue Heart Ackerman

This game is awesome bro I never new this game it's cool

James Mayday

Lol guess the Russian server comrads are ripping off other games I guess. This is basically the same thing as Raider Origin

Brock Lesnar

gender lock. 0* s c u m

Blue Dragon

This game is very lame

bongiwe biyela

The game looks great

Lwkhi D

Kia ye online hei

John Michael Morado

Can't acess my character anymore after leveling to 300

i dcvzeqgcbv m

Worst of wartune

Elric Olitoquit

Nice game injoyable

Steven Carter

Game keeps shutting down. Wasted time and data...

Michael Tabuzo

Love this game 🤩

Jeric Viajedor


Jedi Kasep

Light game.. And fast..

David Turner

I'm giving a four star because of the equipment info have THREE characters two of them get bound equipment but other then that the game's not to bad

Jason Gamer

Possibly some kind of Russian simulator, meant to test your ability to accurately do 100s of tasks per minute lol. Fast and pretty, it's a game happening on its own, you really only ever confirm things, but there is so many flying at you. Nice to see non China made game though.

Silli Sturlu

This game, raider and crusher are the same game, why do tou do that ?

misha martinez

The game is not english? I mean the players? I tried to play but i cant understand the chats.

NiL Licous

So far so good.

tim williams

Good game

Mrdr 04


DeJa Vu

The same game strive for glory, p2w, but strive not allowed in my stupid country

ko moe

Sorry for 1 a little hanging on my phone(MI NOTE8 PRO) also...internet MB cost a lots in every seconds... (Not good and recommeded to play with wifi)...that's all for me and i uninstalled.



Richard Stemle

Awesome! They let you have the full MMO experience without spending the time or money to get it. For some reason I love solo farming bosses. Level 150+ in just a few hours with no $$ spent at all. Although tempted to spend a little.

Сергей Баландин

Когда вы уже наладите игру, как какой то ивент сразу что то ломается?

Joedy-ann Milka

hi my i ask my character have a problem still 320 i dont understand why im stocking in 320 what happend please help me i dont understand what your word im your game please help me?

Erizen ForRest Lim

2:weeks on it...n i honestly say its an AWESOME game .!!.kp it up is good..maintenance sucks big update thats suppose to enhance the enjoyment of game causes grief is broken after last update..players are whispering new game if bugs are not resolve...well... still broken after a week since last updated..seems they don't care...

Rochelle Evans

Great thanks

DaR AnGel

Good game but i cannot play in downlode resources pleas help me

Claudio Vicinanza

Beautiful game

cv cvcvc

All Russian players , no english speaking player at all.


No costomer support whatsoever for the past 8 months...too Many bugs, game gets broken all the time!!! Не возможно связаться с поддержкой более 8 месяцев. В игре полно багов....постоянно ломается. НЕ СОВЕТУЮ !!!!


I love this game, but the last update made me unable to sign in the game. Every time I try, it closes the app. It really sucks because I've spent money and I cant even let my friends know why I've suddenly quit coming online. I hope they fix it, but otherwise.

Rob Lenheiser

FUN for FREE (truly!!).

Jes Kelerd

cant enter the game

A Google user

When ever I tried to play the game it keeps cutting me off

A Google user

I Am Happy. I Love The Last Knight..!!! ❤❤❤😍😍😍👍👍👍

A Google user


A Google user

Prompt response from the devs. Nice game, nice concept, only russian? Make it known to the english global gaming world.

A Google user

Found my love here ♥️

A Google user

Decent but way overboard with the pay-to-win aspects. I don't mind spending money and supporting a game I enjoy however this is not worth it. Power creep is huge in this game. I would not recommend playing this but to each is own.

A Google user

Awesome game keep up the good work 👍

A Google user


A Google user

Ok,alright,everybody happy,rock and roll to the world

A Google user


A Google user

At first was f... But then support really took care of everything right away. So appreciate support team. The fun good grafics. You can play or go auto option. The characters are cool. Lots to do do. Like any other adventure game. But I like it so far going great appreciate it. Good people to play with. But it's Russian. All good translation works good for me. So for me I give it the 4 pack thumbs up.

A Google user

Add 1 class, like assassin or archer

A Google user

Nice one

A Google user


A Google user

Nice graphic, game play OK, no story line... Too much mission boring

A Google user

Very easy game to learn and play. Almost everything is auto from looting, combat, travel: leveling gems, pets, gear, etc... I love games where I can just play and not have to learn how to do 100 things in game. I recommend this very relaxing game with decent graphics and quests that don't make you run back and forth over and over. Well done mates!

A Google user

Great game

A Google user

Russian text?

A Google user

Great but i have proplem in game iam recharge 1 dollar in game first recharge and not received any thing in server S231 but iam now in server S233 and need my charger

A Google user


A Google user

Best of it's kind but all players are Russian. Please spread the game to English regions.

A Google user

Awesome game. Graphics are really good, all time you have somewhere to click. Not bored at all.

A Google user


A Google user

nc game

A Google user

Good game but customer service is nonexistent. Have been unable to send a message in any of the in game chats for 4 days now. Posted to service tickets and messaged their facebook page. No response from any of them. So if you want to be ignored this game will do it for you. Update. 3 weeks now and still unable to send any messages in chat.

A Google user

Very disappointing that i have 300 ms playing in SEA server.make a server for sea people.

A Google user

Having the same problem with the chat. Literally playing in mute mode. Please reply in English. Thanks.

A Google user

Like it

A Google user


A Google user

Doesnt work