The Girl in the Window

Author: Dark Dome

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The Girl in the Window

The town of Hidden Town is scared. Very strange things are happening. Villagers claim to have seen the figure of a girl who looks out from the window of one of the houses. Which is very strange, because that house has been abandoned for 20 years.
Discover the mysteries of Hidden Town, a strange and distant town where our games take place. With each game we will tell a little story.

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Update time: Jul 2, 2022
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Developer: Dark Dome
Price: Free
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Customer review

saveg girl

AMAZING game I loved it although the riddles were kinda hard but other then that it's definitely the best game 🖤🖤🖤

Russel John Sangil

Unexpected ending 🥲

Maquin Devijo



Amazing game the puzzle the quality a must play game from me

sakura flower

I literally installed every game this company has made its so amazing and I love them all I can't wait till the developers make more games like this!!!!!!

Rahul Sharma


h i

I love the gameplay and the ending is pretty cute. It feels a bit short and unexplained, but still very fun! Great time waster even tho one of the locks are a little glitched.

Micmic Sosmeña

I like the game it's so cool and smooth hope there's a part 2 though.. I love it.

Christen Warrington-Broxton

Fun to play. Some puzzles are easy, medium, and then ghere's one that always catches you! Please release more games!

Anindita Raj

Short but entertaining game. Try it.

DanieLiying Zanilla

This is a interesting and uniques horror escape The ending of the story is so good but there should at least be a levels of it and there are a lot of questions that should be answered

jyotisman moitra

Amazing game with a interesting story very very nice


Such a fun game !!especially love the twist at the end

Michaella Valencia

The best game I've ever played

Ed Sheeran

The story is good and the plot twist but I want to know who is the killer

NeurBrio XD

I am becoming so smart 3 million trillion out of 10


First time i've played a puzzle game, really enjoyable.

Alex Lynn

This game is so good and at the end the twist oh my God I loved it it's creepy but yet it's also like a symbolic thing for siblings sorry if that's a little spoiler alert for some but it's actually so cute and wholesome at the end like the rest of the parts are just creepy 10 out of 10 I do recommend


the best game! i hope you'll make more of this!! ❤❤

Nikki Payne

waste of energy fr🙄🙄

alondra Dlr

Challenging if your not good at puzzle games but overall very entertaining 🖤

Serena Mazzeri

awsome game, but what's behind the door!! 😩


Thank you for this wonderful game

Kristen Bell

A very fun game to play and some plot twists too. I highly recommend to people who like puzzles

Sade Harewood

I love this game and its pretty fun solving the puzzles also love the plot twist at the end


TOO!!! HARD!!!

Elisa Paixão

Muito bom. Suspense bem legal, deixa a pessoa viciada em saber as próximas pistas

Evoundova Morgan Binjimin

30mins of fun. It was hard and challenging, but solvable using brain. I managed solving this game only by using 3 hints

Shannon Hoover

I love the ending so much. This was a really cool game

syaaa h

Sometimes after i solve the puzzle/hint or after i watching ads, it will lagging until i need to exit and enter again but thankfully it not losing the process that i already do. Overall, the game is really fun and exciting to me.

Cyzenysse Ayvhiraya


mostafa samer


Guesslyn Pablico

Idk how to play this game that's why i uninstalled it. MAYBE I'm too stupid to play this game.

Abang Atiey

Very good it

LEAA Its me



This is your second game that I've played and I like it. The art style is great. The puzzle is not too hard but I admit I do get stuck at some part. The story is awesome.

Hola Soy claire

I can't believe the plot twist

ligr 615

This game was so fun and especially I liked the ending and the story

Corren Marcelo

Love this! Thoroughly enjoyed playing it!

Apa Kamu (Gausa liad liad)

Very good

Jolian Fate Andales

It's so good, and thrilling the end was unexpected



geraldine yadao

This is the most amazing puzzle game I've ever played. It got amazing and different plotwist I was so shocked when I reach the end. Anyways this is totally worth it so try it guys. And dark dome has many games like this with different plot wist but connected

Cynthia Belarmino

this is so nice and thrilling and the plot twist was 😙💋 mwua! very very nice i would play your diff games as well thanks

Priyant Jain

Limitless good

Raenan Ortiguesa

Berry gud stori teim

contact 789

Game was too short but loved every moment of it. Very interesting & no irritating ads.

Izumi Miyazaki

This is my favorite game that darkdome made. It's very simple and a short but decent puzzle game. The puzzles were really simple, I see a lot of people wanting to know more of the story, try playing the Ghost Case I think the story is connected to this game. I'm not sure tho since I've never played the Ghost Case yet.

Hatsune Miku

W game

Rōnin Belle

Great game, I've been playing Dark Dome games and I'm enjoying every bit of it, I get easily scared and this is just the right amount of spook for me not to throw my phone. Puzzles are great, makes me play enjoyably. Love the simple art style as well. I just hope I can revisit it again to find more lore or hidden rooms.

Mahdieh Hd7


Faye Celestial

I like it

Nusrat Jahan

Best game ever I play

Elina Nasiri

very good

Nazreen Syahira azmi

I superlove it✓

Ashish Dhayal

Wonderful game . Play and enjoy it

Rikka Jane Enad

Thr backstory gagged me! HAHAHA.. Will definitely check out more games fromt he developer

Jennifer Kennedy

I loved it! Not too hard or easy with just the right kind of 'creepy'. I just think it was way too short. And the premium add-on at the end...what WAS that?? It had nothing to do with the storyline whatsoever...and it was literally less than 5min. Otherwise I loved it

Ashish varma

Awesome Game, the game play is perfect the riddles are easy and difficult at the same time. Great experience and good story.

Ahmed Yasseen


Patricia Abigail

this game is so nice i recommended this

Lilli Barlow

A fun game with a great plot, but over much quicker than I expected. I did get 1 hint, but I finished the whole thing in half an hour.

David J. Moreno

Great game!

José Carlos Graça

Very good game! Enjoyed it a lot. The only issue is that is too small :)

Alahna Cameron

This game was kind of hard I traveled me it was really fun but I liked it

Leslie Legaspi

This is the first time i finished playing a mystery game. It really piqued my interest and i wanted to finish until the end. The ads is also good because u can only watch if u want hints. Def downloaded ur other games 😊

Yaretzi Chavez

It's a good game I loved it so bad it ended 😕

Ade suwa

This is the most exciting game ever Suspence , intrigue and scary I love this game If it was a movie I'll be addicted

Nakul VB


Nasyabila Hamdani

Seru banget, bikin kepala pusing. Tapi abis tamat gaada eps lain. Cuma 1 aja:(

Junaidi Aminuddin

Good stuff!!

Steph .W

I would like for it to have more but it was overall good, it was very hard bur that's why it was good.

Rose Koch

The plot twist 😲

Martin Cairns

Great fun, good puzzles.

Kailash choudhary

This game is awesome. It's short but the story is good and puzzles are amezing

xx.sissi.x x

i LOVE this game!

Gray Diamond

I loved the game ❤️

Tezz Af

What a silent narrative what a story left me blank. For a min there amazing

Perpetual Okletey

I don't like it at all


didnt saw it coming😳

Victor trust

This game was amazing

Ashish Oswal (Ashi)

Very well game


One of the best games

Black Eteon

Really so good I like this type of game

Virgilio Berangberang

Boring but creepy

Rowena Maghinang

this app is so good🫠


Just to freaking good


The stpry was so cooooollll even tho i used ads to jelp me all thr way the ending was a PLOT TWIST

Shadman Sudipto

Should have made it clear that secret door is a premium only feature, wasted too much time.

Lil Zetta

The game is wow I wish if I could give it 10000000/5 this game is amazing 🤩🤩 I can't believe the end the end it's self is amazing wow this game is the best game ever

Arjun R

Really nice game with an unexpected ending and some simple but eerie music. Loved it!


loved it !

Jeannylyn Espadon

gagi ako pala si mob psycho 100

The Anonymous


Mourning Blue

Fun, yet challenging experience. Very talented story telling through subtlety. The eerie atmoshphere is just enough to keep you on your toes. Short gameplay but well made game.

Alisha Fitts

Oh my gosh I think I've just finished all of them! Eeek!! These were AWESOME and def creative! I loved the whole experience 😃 thank you! And just a huge job well done!

Nicole Belesta

Good game and it looks like Saitama

Anita Gupta

This is better than any other mystery puzzle

Sasha Blaze

It was so good and that ending 🤯

Mephisto Pheles

Beautiful story, great graphics, ambient music and puzzles were excellent