The Final Earth 2 – Sci-Fi City Builder

Author: Florian van Strien

100,000+ install


The Final Earth 2 – Sci-Fi City Builder – Build and manage an awesome space colony! A real city builder for Android!

Detailed info

File size: 22M
Update time: July 5, 2021
Current version: 1.0.16
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Florian van Strien
Price: Free
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Customer review


Thanks for the reply, I'm not sure how I missed being able to export saves and backup them that way so apologies for that, I also didn't realise it was tricky to implement Google Play Services for devs, I guess I just assumed they'd want devs to use the feature so make it as inclusive as possible. I know I'll be leaving some kind of feedback with them on the devs point of view, or mailing support, though what good that will do is anyone's guess knowing Google lol, thanks again for the reply 🙂



Tia Wrigley

Fun game. However, 4 stars because the "?" Button has disappeared so I can no longer see my current task.

Elmer Palma

Very cool game played it in the computer before but still the best downloading it now

Justin .Y

great time killer I got this mainly because it doesn't require wifi. It's entertaining to some degree. if you're into games that focuses on a bit of strategy and investment, then this is for u.


great sim game

Harrison Lindberg

Okay. I get you're an indie developer, and how some stuff takes lots of time, but I would love it if natural disasters such as meteor showers and fires could happen. I get how some people would hate this, but a button to enable/disable would be nice. I seriously love your game though. I played it on CoolMathGames and got hooked ever since, trying to make the biggest and most productive colonies. I seriously played this for 7 hours just yesterday. Thanks for this game, keep it up! :D

Sensei Typo

love the game

wow hooo

Finally 2 yeeees its good

Erika Coyle

it's amazing

David Dorsey

Fun enough game, issue is that they still force ads on you on the pause screens (when you pull up an in game menu) and after completing objectives there are 20-30 sec long full screen ads. Google Play Pass specifically states NO ADS and No In Game Purchases.

jo ?

very chilled out game

Phan Sian

Add sandbox mode

Kristy Azhreia

Just started playing and so far I like it.

Jade Elizabeth

Super cool! Kinda feels like a PC game. Wish it would rotate holding my phone sideways is annoying.

Nhuja Shrestha


Attack Helicopter

I played this on cool math games, I was exited to see a phone version

Melati Risangmaya

i immediately buy no ads as the ads is so annoying yet the game is really amazing

darien wade

great game


Very Fun

Hardus Engelbrecht

Great time passer


really a 10/10 game except for the fact that if you play for extended periods of time, the framerate gradually decreases. other than that I'd give it 5 stars.

Jelly Brain

vere noice

king of pleby pigs

if you played this on cool math games the nostalgia is unbeatable

Bone Skeleton


Tina B


Secret Code

nice concept beautifully executed, must play

Game Time

Great game to pass time, really like the pixel art, although the game gets quite repetitive, other than that its a great game and I recommend you try it as well

Madeleine Leonardo


Chris Bates-Keegan

This looks like a nice game, but unfortunately it crashed after about 2-3 minutes of play on my Chromebook (Spin 713, Core i5 11th Gen, 8Gb RAM)

Uzziah Telles

It really reminds me of my childhood and I love that

Dominic Villani

This is the best city builder/management game I've ever played on a phone. I finished it, was dope! I want more!!! 😂😭

Shaun Moses

Thanks Who made this game

Antoanela Mocanu

I recommend this game if pay at least 15$ for no ads or airplane mode heck 25$ for new features it's not the best game of 2022 saves aren't cloud based but local I see the ideal sneraio pun included like if your ofline but still 5 stars keep it up I want this game to be nr1 on the list and on top of tat its one time so you don't have to pay a mothly subscription unlike others I 100% recommend this game I hope this was helpful Aloso I'm almost out of space so bye

Riley Cole

good game could use a little work.

Lorraine Warden

Just A Great Pixel Simulation Game Try It Out!

the fun show with real life

It's boring and low quality just Bad

Sanyam dubey



I loved it at first, but when I got to around 200 citizens everything got really laggy then all of a sudden 62 people are homeless and 12 houses are empty. Doesn't matter how many houses I put down the number never changes.

James Yen

we structured simulator

Nutscroll Gaming

Forced ads

Kim Boyle

is good

Christopher Kulp

great game. very detailed but easy to play

Alex Sanchez

It a great game and i love it

Jalen Leverette

great time waster

Drake Hanson

this game is so fun. I have gotten all structures aside from premium ones. the game has a difficult but easy flow to it. there is so much you can do.

Adrian Waite

This game is very fun but it has one problem NO WAR! if thay added in combat that would be amazing! but that is just me so I hope y'all have a great day cheers!

Alanah R

The game has recently started freezing within the past month and it's annoying I have to close it and reopen it


cool game

Nuked Virus

its fun

jessicans delapena

i give it a 3 star cause its a good building game but the 2 stars its because its not multiplayer

Aidan Nagel

Good game

Morzo Voidmaster

Beautiful game in the style of Sim Tower. I have the free version and already played for 12 hours. Ads aren't intrusive and can even give you a speed bonus. My phone cost $50 and I was still able to raise my population cap to 3000!


Really laggy, crashes every 2 minutes. This USED to be fun, now it's hella laggy.

Lizzy Kendall

This game is amazing! 🤩 Beat it in two days and now I'm just messing around. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Jacob Hackett

Great game but with larger populations there is severe lag that could probably be helped with an option to not show people

Kayleigh Mason

really good game seriously

Ivan Mejia

This game is so fun I bet you'll like it too!!

Vova C.

very relaxing and cute, havent run into any bugs so far :-)

Cam and Shellie Watson

I will give it 5 stars if it gets a huge update with different jobs and materials and hundreds of new buildings! That would be so much fun to have a update like that and also add real aliens that people train to fight against.

OG Damo

Great so far. Just have one issue. Whenever the ad pops up I can't close it because its stretched out and there's no way to exit out of it, I have to restart the game everything it happens. Playing on Tab S7+



danny banny

pretty gud

Vikrant Vaviya

Very very good

Mickie Wright

Awesome city building game! It keeps you busy playing and very entertaining,love playing this game.

Steven Savoie

This game adds happiness to my life. Not sure how else to explain it.

Akash Aravind

The concept of the game is amazing its really rare to see these kind of games in mobile

Joseph Dixon

Love it. Reminds me of sim tower.

Random Night Animation

I have a suggestion can you add a time button on screen if clicked you can see how many days has past in your world and display what time is it in the world also display like morning,evening,dawn,night and midnight on certain time I hope you add the feature to the game I still enjoy the even though it a long time so i give a 5 out of 5

Hassani Larocque

nice game

what up my name kyle

I have played this game on Cool math games during school and it's the best game I've played in a while

mr jucise

Just quite awseome i would like to make it easeier where the move buttion is or if you dont then add please.

juan perez

amazing port. used to love playing this on browser and the transition to Android made it even better.


Love this game Easy, relaxing, and beautiful!

Luke Back

I love all the content

Brian Baez


Black Avenger

Kinda boring

maddoxx spy

good game my man make more

Monkey Girl


Fluffer Pants

very entertaining


Dropping to 4 stars as this is a 4 star game with a lot of premium gatekeeping. I am a little disappointed the Dev picked this title back up under the "fact" they have always been updating. This is simply not true. May Update: 2nd Premium update in a row. 2nd should be free then charge for the third. Will remind Dev that before people bought premium there was a regular un-paying playerbase. Remember your roots.

Noah Craig


Joshua Haynes

I have searched YEARS for a good phone game like this. I would describe this as a factory builder game and city sim game mix. You can maximize efficiency, or focus on cool building design, or slap everything down haphazardly. It has a good amount of content and unique upgrades as well as a campaign that paces itself well. Two small bugs I noticed on multi devices; when starting the story the screen goes black and but restarting the game fixed it. Also the exploration craft lands below the pad.

Ty Bredwick

very good very basic city building simulator

Samuel Asiema


Link Frank

Haven't even hit gameplay and I'm getting multiple ads.


Was excited to play this on my phone, till I couldn't bring my save over from the Cool Math Games version. Sad.

Bentley Scott


Captain Cookie

The best mobile game I have ever played

Dissappointed Frogmouth

Excellent management sim building game. Worth a download

Atomic Shadow

great game

heng somrach mago

ehh , its kinda good

Jason Carlson

Start up game.. Forced ad before I do anything

Robin Ross

Why make a 2 if theres no 1


Doesn't deserve any less than 5 stars. HOWEVER if you're looking for a challenge there really isn't any here. Its more of a laid back game with the main purpose of expanding your colony. Which is fine with me.

Lucas Koring

very good

Agastya Ray


aFan 192

very fun, only problem are the ads but those don't play a lot

Jennifer and jayden brown

Its so good ive been looking every where on play store for this game i love it

Elijah Dunkley

I don't even have words just download it and then get premium .