The Baby In Haunted House: Scary Baby Room Escape

Author: Super Action Studio

100,000+ install


The Baby In Haunted House: Scary Baby Room Escape – Stay away from windows!

Detailed info

File size: 55M
Update time: August 14, 2021
Current version: 1.0.5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Super Action Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ammu Muniammal


Govindram Cavan


nor lela


Amar Sonkamble


mansoor bahir

I like this game 😊😊😀😀

Marvin Vizcarra

1234 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😷😷😷😷😷😷😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

Brett Downs

It's a rip -off of the baby in yellow is this even legal

Taylor Green

Prophet Lut

Savita Devi

Save karne ki

Cynthia Chronister


medina tahirovic


Mohammad Faiz

This is very bad game🤬🤬😡😡😡very hard to move this screen verry ugly game😤😤😤😤

Mom Life Daily

I hate this game because every time you do one thing it says level complete and when you pick up the baby were do I start Its hideous. The stupid game is terrible

Stephanie Woods

It's so frustrating to move the camera 😡😡😡👿👿👿😠😠😠


Honestly WTH IS THIS


Great game i really love it so much🙂

Mitra Najafi

It's really hard to move the screen or face and I don't like that every time we do something it says "level completed"

Markosh Taro

Nice game out of five start i will give four

Dnyaneshwar Sangale

Ayushaman sangale is

Dani Danial


Danidanial Danidanial


Adli Zulkefle

Tak bole pick or do anything.jalan malam orang bodoh..

Greg Maxwell

The controls are wonky and there is a bug and it kicks me out of the game

kyaw myint

Plenbnn I'm not going aneta Anna. Beyonce spice little baby I'm not but boys boys boys I can read I can do it anyway then it went back and forth a little now let it go Oma then and the Bubba Wallace way Johnny had a now okay now we have a I'm really really so bad okay I think I'm nice my name is okay no no no no no my name is Jeff San Diego events May Best Buy my name is

Munna Tale

Jhegisusjd Heiie the German language along the German language.

Joy Antanoy

Gada po

nasya tri

i love app

Anondra Steele

It the best game ever well 2 best game ever


Worst game ever and the controls sucks

Pamela Brooks


raju Pillai


el yana

This game soooooo best! 😍

Aayushi Bhardwaj ,5thC

Very bad game.

Starr Tucker


Berlyn Zambrano

Maganda siyang larvae in at sana may download ko na yung unang una

maria and jay montano and grijalva


Kuttan Ktr

I hate it

Chloe Skelly

very good graphics

Mohammad Anmeri


Sukhmunder Sidhu

I'd give this game a 5 if it wasn't so laggy. 1 star ⭐

Sam Durrani

But this is my first time playing and when he looked at a pictures of it looked interesting so that's why.

Jai Parkash

Dog sala

Paranthaman vasanthira


Paige vanderBend

The quality is bad it's kind of scary but it's a good game

AoAoAo AoAoAo

احل لعب

Anuj Pataliya

Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Ho Tum Itna bekar game kyon bata rahe ho

Bernadeth Tingal

Nice scary

Anita Gill

Nice game

Ryzen heaven Galiza


Iris Libo-on


Qaseh Damia

Boring and hard too control

Moto Moto

This game is so intrasting

Crystal Newman

This game would be awesome- except can't look up or turn in the direction- any direction- that's been so frustrating I had to stop playing it. VERY DISAPPOINTED! I LOVE THIS GAME!

Mintu Hussain


Sunita Kumari

Star perfectly game

Bikash Hazra


عادل عبداللطيف بابكر

وله مرعبه

Lc Craig

Best baby haunted app .good haunted game .

Kelly Lau

I think it so scary

Mubashir Khan

The baby in haunted game so Interesting and best

Shayan Adnan Shayan Adnan

The baby in haunted game is amazing game i play this game.its very easy to play

Toyota Motors

so amazing game

Aria meason

This app is more better app because many amazing and wonderful.

hassan rania

New exciting haunted horror game with exciting missions and lot of fun.

Jason Galispi

The baby in Haunted is i hope this is the very best game

Kubra Khan s7

Enjoying it

Jorge dan Say

This game graphics are very beautiful and horrible

Keaton Tint

This game is very awesome game


This is very good game

Amandeepsingh Dhaliwal


Rohini Balasubramanian

Control sucks in this update. Could not pickup easily. Character always move. Could not walk steadily.

Vijayendra Nikale

It's not good app 😡

Kamalika Biswas

This was a good game. Not much challenges and quit easy to play

Suraj Singh

Aditya singh 1 A

Joanna marie Muncada

I sure i want all of this and i hope this is Very horor game

Jaam Qureshi s7

Honestly speaking the graphics are so realistic

haider sultan

Its incredible scary features game.

Hassan Haider

Cama flogging game with horror scenes and lot of other things

فارمیسی _ بابا فارمیسی

Good game

Baby Ammi

This is very unique game this is impressive application this is innovative game

Gloria_ Blair

This is the best creepy game with challenging and exciting levels.


Vary good Game! Love it one of my t game's 🙋🏻‍♂️ and yeah ppl that are gonna get it, it's really fun, yeah!

Sumer Singh



Dumb fake baby

Mia Rose An

Littel funny and littel scerd😂😖

Alketa Shkurti

Kjo loj esht super

Paari Rex

I really enjoyed this game.all the levels are challenging and graphics are👌👌🚕 relatable with sounds it is truly awesome 💯❤️

Alexis Jabay


Unver Unver Ulug.

The baby in haunted lovely game to share is it is thank you very much to the developer for this lovely and glorious game.thanks a bunch.

Khalid Ali

The baby is the first thing that you will need to use it and get a better understanding than the other one in my house and I have to get

Ghulam Mustfa

The baby in haunted app I like this app this is very nice and very good app this is very interesting and excellent app this is very easy app

A Google user

The Baby In Hunted In House Games Amazing baby is very scared is alone in the house there is no one i play this game i like

Hemant Gahlot

Opp game

Parvin Lucky


Sixth Step

Take exact estimate of security persons of prisoner escape games and move in totally secretive manner of jail breakout games so that no jail official may smell your advancement

Sting Buster

New exciting haunted horror game with exciting missions and lot of fun things to be explored while playing.

A Google user

Game the baby is hunted hona is very good game I am download and play this game graphic is like to try my favourite game