Terramorphers: Turn Based Tactical RPG

Author: Unibyte Studios

10,000+ install


Terramorphers: Turn Based Tactical RPG – Turn-based Tactical Battles with a focus on controlling the Battlefield.

Detailed info

File size: 103M
Update time: September 12, 2021
Current version: 1.2.14
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Unibyte Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review


Coolest game

Kurtis Gregson


Steven Delaware

while I do feel there are some things that can be fixed I'm having fun. this is also my first day so I'll be coming back after a month to edit this review. would recommend this game to people that like turn based strategy games.

Artur Artur

Well thought, nice looking fun game. Good job.

Rob Steinback

Super fun game


Stuck on "authenticating" screen.

Cory DeVooght

I like it quite a bit im almost lol 25. see if it stays interesting

Jetro Deposoy

nice game

Charles Miller

Best tactical hex based game I could find, was searching a long time. Very happy to support these devs!!

Alexander Frak

Cute game played a bit, Will play more and have an updated opinion


Very challenging,well put together, easy to learn and play. Could use better tile descriptions as they don't show if spawn or step into them. just.unlocked pvp too.

Dakota Waters


Mark Blackwood


L e e

How about skip ticket for all activities?

Captain C

I want to give this game a better rating but as soon as the tutorial is found out really quickly that for some reason companions won't follow me into battle

Kevin Agustiansyah

I enjoy the game so far

Winston Matheny

great game needs less pay to win. people who cannot pay suffer... you game devs need to realize and be less greedy

Cahyadi Wijaya

Pretty good game, but p2w pvp, very unbalance.

A Google user

Fun, mindless game. Little grindy but really enjoyable.

Kelsey Scott

Cool game. Loads of fun. Been playing for almost a year.

Riley Anderson

Pretty cool lots of build combinations you can make.

Crown Royal

its good so far

austin bledden


Eddie York

fun so far, might wind up being a p2w type

Paul Williams


Anthony Leonardo

Great turn based strategy game. Haven't played popular yet, but pretty is great so far

Jay Knipp

solid game

Joshua Bilhimer

Good game, thanks.

Chance Yarka

it's not bad

Archie Macabodbod

Add a sweep function for 3 starred stages. Fix Avi's shockwave dont affect gold goblins.


Fun game. Wish I could pay to skip the adds.

Wailand Karisma

it's really fun.

Archie Abalos

Add a sweep button for stages which are completed.

Bryan James Balana

Surprisingly, this game is quite enjoyable and there's a part of it that makes you addictive to it. You should try this.


I was excited to play this game but when I open it, after a few seconds of loading, it says the game is not responding or that the game has stopped and it closes :(

Aluisio Acc

Still sticking to an energy system .. a shame .. okish otherwise

Pete Dibbler


Ethan Hunter

Underrated game. It's not pay to win at all and the devs seem to be making frequent updates and listening to player feedback. Definitely recommend joining the discord if you need help.

Kevin Erickson

Good game

drayble Solomon's Tribulation

Ok... whats the gear for? All that gear... top building doesn't appear like it's worth it. I'm thinking better gear is available for other players.

Ernest Luces

it's well made


lot of updates with balance changes and new content ,variable playstyle with fun for casual and tryhard players , no paywall .

Ravinder Saluja

It's not you, it's me. Maybe I'm tired

Alex MH

Ok...it's amazing, however it's more about it's potential than what the game is currently. You could make this a contender with clash royale, if you added bigger arenas, emotes and stuff in PvP and also maybe a huge free for all PvP mode? This game has so much potential it's incredible. Please build more ontop of what you have already made! Also, not sure how many people actually play this as I seem to wait a little while to find PvP players, so advertising may be required here.

Roma Izupravdoma

It is what it says on a tin - turn based and tactical, but not RPG ofc. Does not require much thinking, there is only 1 optimal build per class/subclass, not much strategic variety. It's a bog standard grind game like raid, idle rpgs, etc. Main game loop is auto-grind campaign locations for resources to improve items. It's not a blank money-grab, as titles mentioned above, may kill a few hours while learning the game, but it's boring after.

Michelle Amoreiza

I dont like this instruction game. Just following instruction to play.

Jack Kelly

I really like this game, I enjoy the combat system and the design, and I like the fact that it has a long adventure mode that makes you try a variety of strategies to progress. It's clear that a lot of work has gone into the development and they regularly update it. Frankly, I think it should be a lot more popular than it is. That said, I have a few issues with it: -Firstly, I have been grinding one of the raids, bastion, for a very long time and I am becoming increasingly convinced that the rewards are glitched in some way, with the stated drop percentages for the rarest gear seeming less and less likely to be correct. I must have completed this raid 20 times now, without getting any of the 3 rarest pieces, all with stated drop rates (given the items I equip) of 5.75%. I haven't bothered doing the stats on this, but i'm becoming increasingly convinced that something is amiss here. (In contrast, in general, I have been able to get the rare gear available for adventure missions, so I'm not suggesting this is a game wide problem, or anything like that) -Secondly, I finally got to the end of the adventure mode (at least on normal difficulty) but the final boss was way too easy, to the point where having any single tool to block visibility (for me the sand tile) just renders it a total cake walk. In fact, the boss of the final mission is far far easier than the penultimate boss, because in that mission, of a similar design, the enemies have attacks which don't require visibility. -finally, I've found it very difficult to get a magic damage build up and running, and there's a pretty obvious reason for this in that so many of the magic abilities have long CDs. For physical attacks, there are a load of good attacks which are available every turn and are low rarity, being either common, or rare: slash, throwing knife, lance, raging blow, dynamite, double-edged dagger... etc... Conversely, for magic damage, so far i've only picked up (having completed the entire adventure mode) one single magic spell with less than a 3 turn cooldown (chain lightning) yet this has far too little damage output. There are a range of interesting magic spells in the game, that could be unlocked with the new skill shard system, but when I look through them they all have huge CDs too! So, trying to get a decent dps output through a magic damage build seems too difficult to even begin. I would have to unlock multiple of those spells, and that would require sinking a whole lot of time and shards into the build before seeing any reward, which never seems worth it. I actually think this problem could be addressed pretty easily, by just introducing a magic damage ability thats the equivalent of slash, something costing roughly 50 mana and doing 11 magic damage with a 1 turn CD. Then, I could see myself being able to begin to get some damage output, and it would make that type of build more viable.


Pay to win, game isn't fun at all and everything costs money.

Thomas Latopolski


Alex Vincent

I love it but I feel like the animations are shallow, like for example, make slash use you weapon to slash, lance a thrust attack, etc i hope you guys listen, =)

Carlos Nugraha

Actually good game, but getting bored after some times.

daniel wilbur

good fun.


fun game , pretty skillful

Garrett Stewart

Great Game! 100% would recomend.

Triston Fernandez


Mark Anthony Tejano

nice game

Jared Gardner

Interesting but lacks substance, after a few days its just a grind and boring.

Kimble Fung

Good game shame it glitches and you can't end your turn. End up wasting tickets on raids and you can't get to the next level.

Carroll Cool

the game has been a lot of fun

Pasha Bayramov

The game is getting stucked all the time.

Ruben Palomo

Great game but you should fix the pvp and add the pvp between friends, please.

Cheshire Cat

I love the game but bought the explorer pack and didn't get the pack but was charged

Aaron Prater

Do not get. The single player game is decent. Great concept. Turn based, tactical. But PVP is DUMBBBB pay to win 100%. Your first (not tutorial match) will be with basic gear, against one if the highest ranked Vets out there. And so will the next 5 matches be. You can't hurt them, they stomp you. Not worth your time. Tried that too. Much of the same @developers. Kind of looks like a gimmick to SAY that you're not P2W. it is what it is. Good game, just not worth downloading.

Arkady K.

Tough one. Definitely innovative but also lacking in many areas. Balancing is all off, difficulty ramps up randomly and out of nowhere. Pvp is just slow and not rewarding. Interface is clunky and not intuitive. Ultimately all good spells are behind a pay wall or extreme difficulty. Uninstalled after two weeks.

Mwg H

Good game. A little to grindy and the energy system is annoying but the abillty to change your characters playstile is really well made.(Cool online mode too even if the queue is long)


So, I need to edit my review after a month or so. There's only one problem for me, the arena is "beta" but all I do is slaughter bots, the same four or five. And the classic pvp and tower rankings never change, only the pvp wins so I know people play I just never fight an actual person. I really enjoy this game and have put a couple bucks into it for skills and gear, all I want is the chance to battle people with their setup.

Seraj Essack

Good way of passing time

kiko Mitov

I can agree that the game was fine untill you need some specific talents and gear so you can pass a level, and the only way to get that is to farm like crazy long time or just "pay to win". So if you have extra money I recommend this game, but be aware, they have updates often so you have to buy new skills and gear (or crystals and chests) in-game to get some good reward with a 5% chance...

Tente Mitov

I give a positive feedback before, but after few months of playing, this game is just pay2win, you can't pass some levels without a specific skill and there are plenty of skills and items that you need and you need good amount of time farming like months and if you lucky or you can only buy the skill and pass the level and the difficulty.

Christian Menguis

Its good

Ean 'OM' Lindblom

Active devs on Discord


No worries! I'd gotten to the point where there had been no discernable progress in weeks, so I'm moving on regardless. Best of luck! It's entertaining for a while, but no deep evolvement. Once you get through the newbie phase, there's just not much.


The game would have huge potential if you could progress without having to pay


It's hard to describe how awful this game truly is. The graphics were cheap and flashy, the gameplay lifeless and boring, and honestly? Just a sad attempt for attention. I don't know what I was expecting.

Joseph Amodeo

The gameplay is fine but it's horribly grindy... which I expected but not so early in the game. I spent 2 weeks grinding the same content in an effort to get upgrades and push further with no success. I was on the game's discord and some people paid $$$ for chests (aka lootboxes) and got nothing in the way of top tier loot/skills... so definitely walked away.

lucky agrawal



Very good so far

Jhonmark Laurente

I'll give this game a 5 stars😅👍done

Carlos Arce

well balanced , okay concept and its a turn based strategy game that I could play more often

Myles Drysdale

This game is so close to being awesome, but the balance is all over the place. A bit more work on the stats and RNGs and this could be one of the best games I've played in a long time. As it stands now: it's sort of fun, sort of infuriating, sort of tedious.

David McHugh

Clever and extensive tactical game!

Eric Mullenix

Typical energy based game that has you either wait hours and hours to play or pay money to refill energy. I thought this terrible money grub practice was dying off.

Dragos Constantinescu

Simple yet quite entertaining. Looking forward to further game updates.

Crazed Tanki


Damian Ford

To be honest, I like the game. It's fun, entertaining and cool, it has some problems but so does every game. The tutorial is long and it can't be played offline, though those things are anoying most of the rest of the game is really fun. I had a good time playing it and there really aren't a ton of ads. It's one of the few games where you can tell the devs tried to make a game that made smiles not money. The devs are very active and obe of the first reviews I saw was one a dev replied to!

Eric Ferrone

good strategy game

Glenn Hansen


Анатолій Данилюк

The best tactical game on a phone

Sam Evans

retro but more fun to play than most I've tried

Loh Chin Nie

A wonderful game! Good graphics, unique gameplay, and fair mechanism. No forced video ads and no real purchase needed- the only thing necessary is a little patience. It's admirable that the developer could keep it balanced with so many different skills.... However, the pvp mode is not so challenging because there are so few human players, while the bot players (AI) are too easy because they always use the same strategy.

Nino Urrea

Good game i got banned for pwning to hard but was compensated after.. so no hard feelings ;)

Daniel Reed

Underwhelming and a bit too repetitive feeling..

Michail Clutter

So far pretty fun

Samuel Sam

I seldom write game reviews but this game deserves one after 3 weeks of playing. In a age where most games are clones and reskin of each other, Terramorphers stands out as a tactical roguelike game that introduces a unique mechanic not found in other games I have played. Think Final Fantasy Tactics (yes i am old) meets Roguelike with skill and gear building. Best of all, this game is F2P friendly that does not imposes a paywall to play. Developers are also active on Discord engagement and fine tunes the game based on players' feedback. The game uses energy for story mode that provides skill, gear, ticket drops to progress the game. Out of energy? Use the tickets to play Tower (infinite dungeon), or Raids (unique challenges) to get more play time and farm more gear and skills. Too busy to grind actively on your phone? Use the auto play feature for the game AI to play the stage for you. Think you have a good skill set build? Play the PVP! Have something you are unhappy about or a bug that needs fixing? Post it on Discord and it will get responded to promptly. If you have read till here and still are on the fence, why not just download it and give it a go for a few stages and decide on your own.

Barry Holloway

This game is fun and fair, unlike the eggregious games that are just looking for your money. The devs are on discord and take feedback to make the game the way tge community wants. Its an imteresting turn based strategy game that doesnt try to do too much. Great job guys ty for amazing game :)

Matthew Arney

Great game zero issues


In the beginning of the game it is hard to collect gold and get new cards I was lucky and got a legendary staff from a chest witch help me get further in the game if you dont get some legendary from the chest. Be ready to grind

Ephraim Udarbe III

really fun, custom characters

Anthony Shivers

it's fun to play and it's a challenge to lvl up but the more you play the more you learn I just wish it was easier to understand the details

Tooth Tool

Like the game but on the last update there's now a one wait time on the very basic skill (slash), now I'm hesitant on playing. Would like to see some type of mining skill (Preferably with no wait time)