TerraGenesis: Landfall

Author: Tilting Point

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From the makers of TerraGenesis comes TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL – a city building simulator in which you can build, design, and manage your own city in space. Bring life to another world and pave the way for a new future for mankind. The first human civilization in space is in your hands: lead and help your cities thrive in this city-building simulation. Expand your city with new buildings and level up your society, design facilities, manage resources, and keep your residents happy and healthy.

Create and build a new society in space as you lead the way for a new future for civilization in this city-building simulation. Cultivating and managing water, oxygen, and food resources beyond Earth is the next step in human evolution. Explore, create, survive, and expand cities across the universe using real NASA science. Expand your culture and capabilities to exceed your dreams on barren planets!

– Free city-building simulation: balance resource production based on the needs of your growing community!
– Spread life throughout the universe – transform Mars and other barren planets into modern, thriving civilizations in this city-building simulator.
– Create and adapt strategies to support life in space – supply oxygen, water, and food to your citizens!
– Explore, build, and conquer new territories in outer space: the universe is constantly evolving—and you are part of it!

Bring life to different planets using the latest technology for construction and the production of resources. The future is all about survival and evolution in space. Create new-age buildings, and transform the planets of the galaxy. Evolve planets across the universe in this free city-building simulator!

Space demands new ways to survive as it is highly unpredictable. From building new cities to ensuring humanity’s survival, TERRAGENESIS: OPERATION LANDFALL is a science-based city-building simulator—design and maintain sustainable growth in space. Build, manage, and rule your own city in outer space, and help human civilization thrive!

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Update time: Aug 15, 2022
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Developer: Tilting Point
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Customer review

James S

Crisis after crisis, by Sol 4 water plant blew up, solar panels exploded twice, and the factory detonated once, damages to adjacent facilities. 4 restarts, all settlers dead each time and no way to get more. The moment you get one thing fixed, something else blows up. Sucks your resources dry so the only way to progress is real cash. Unfortunate because the concept and game play is really nice, but after restarting 4 times in 2 days, I'm uninstalling to avoid further frustration.


Difficult to expand and progress because you need money to be able to upgrade and progress, you don't have enough money there for you can't get settlers engineers and scientist so you can't build stuff and you can't make people work because you don't have enough money and the tasks that you do don't give you money you have to do special missions which are very complicated i have started the game 3 times and im now unistalling game needs massive re delelopment

Tony Southivonesa

Nice game, with civilization single player vibe

Tyrese Ojoe

Great game but constantly cuts off wen I try loading between maps

Stefan Ghizelea

Fun game ruined by terrible catastrophe system. Every 5-10 minutes of game time someone dies or a building breaks down, forcing you to buy from Earth for all your (ig) money. Game seems to be balanced around stealing your stockpiles, I thought to prepare and buy 5 repair kits, a few minutes later an accident blew out 5 buildings instead of 1 as usual. Same with other resources. Bought 30 copper wire, almost immediately lost half of it to "disgruntled settlers" even though my happiness was high

Alan Subari

Progress mechanics are Too slow. Too much wasting time, and the tutorial are too short. Tutorial ends, you don't even know how other mechanics works

Max Havok

Game glitches freezes and expect full collapse of ur colony straight out of intro

Vegeta SayianMcanon

I liked the game, but you can never make any progress without paying, because the buildings will have accidents and need to be fixed/rebuilt all the time. There are crisis so frequently you cannot get past a very small base... everything breaks down too damn often. Fix this or the game will flop. Say no to pay to play. Never Sell Out.

Yousuf Ahmad

So far so good. Will report back with more once I get deeper into the game.

Adam Drake

Runs good.. no issues so far

Ethan Lockett

It's fun

Jahid Hasan

Gameplay is good. but ■Game is little lagy■ responding slowly (specially on exploring map)■ using much power from my device■ I have played for 6hours 27 minutes & enjoyed so much but lag is main culprit for abandoning this game.● I will recheck very soon.🙃 Thanks for developing this game.

redgame x

Good so far


I like the game, it's enjoyable but every few minutes there's a crisis! All your people you just spent money to bring are dying because all your water drained, oh you oxygenator broke. This is insane. To repair anything you need a repair kit which I haven't even been able to make yet. To many crisis and things breaking, you guys gotta lessen the crisis possibility or else y'alls player base ain't gonna be happy.

Spluge McDuck

Game is just really buggy. Haven't managed to play out of the tutorial without it breaking completely. Despite multiple reinstalls. Real shame as it looks to be very good.

Majd Anoos


Jan Kratochvíl

Best strategy/settlement management game ever released on mobile devices. Very good work!


so cold i'm waiting concept. Thank all theme.

Charles wade

The tutorial is too long

Braden Brewer

Solid design, just started but so far seems like a fun way to kill a bit of time.

Jay Pickering

Installed at release. Welll over a month and still unplayable. Bug in the tutorial asks me to build a hq a second time. Cloud saves mean uninstalling doesn't fix it. Bug report through email has, as yet, done nothing. There are a few reviews with the same problem too.

Nicky Keyse

A plusher feel to the build a base type game. About to play more and see if it's as good as their previous game which I still enjoy now.

Miranda Stephens

I cannot even get the app to open. It is trying to load and then it crashes

Amannda T

I like the idea but I'm getting bad bugs and struggling with game balance. After multiple restarts I finally found a decent way to progress only to have the game completely freeze. Balancing needs to happen. The ratio of bad events to good events is insane. 'Freak accidents' every 2 sols which is like 15 min of gameplay. Spent most of my time rushing to start new research & exploration so I could log off before anything bad happened. Pause option really needed for days you can't login.

Tuan Tang

Great concept good graphics would like to see content grow similar to the abilities to territory and not just settle or even a combined app between the two would be on par with alot of titles

larry King

Great game

Chaitu Gamerz

I didnt download it yet but I think it will be a amazing and marvellous game

Two Dogz

Not enough time intervals for bad stuff to happen. Other than bad luck happening every 15 minutes the game is ok. Has a nice sims feel space style.

Dustin Peverill

Really fun

shaggy vampican

It's fun



Craig Ireland

Just started will update once played a bit

Matt Michaels

Too many catastrophes in too short of time. Does not give you enough time to build your base before you run into random events that end your civilization. While realistic to life on Mars, these events and their frequency are not fun for playing a game. Lost interest, game deleted.

Deborah Conley

Just started playing game yesterday. Still learning. Interesting and challenging. 9/20/22 This game is not what I expected. Thought it was challenging at first, but have changed my mind. Would like it more if you could actually see the activity going on.

Nicholas Curl

So far a great concept, a little much too unpack UI wise, but intriguing!

Nemanya Savic

Superb game! 10/10

Chris Okolie O.

The game is great and the gameplay is awesome, I love building games with no grieving, also the build times are consistent. One thing I would like is for the challenge/resource panel to autohide for a fuller screen experience, it sort of just sits there and one has to navigate around it. Also spent mines should be dismantled, have a rover do that but allow it move around to all spent mines without having to return to base after each dismantle operation.

Reginald Watson

This game is not ready for release yet! Do not play this game unless you like frustration.

Douglas Blackley

Challenges your long-term thinking & problem-solving skills.

Justin George

Just started but seems like a fun city building game

Mike Ballin

Want to experience it for real immersively, I think my controls have been pre configured in a weird fashion

Noah Harris

This game is really great except the bugs. After playing for a week or so all the life support gages and mission board freeze up. You have no clue what is going on until it's too late and everyone dies off and your force to restart. Which I did 3 times and reinstalling it every time now I'm simply over it. Don't bother to install because you will just have problems I should have read the reviews before apparently I'm not the only one having problems.

King Khlein

Terrible game

Robin Lyman

So far it's a little confusing but I have not been playing long and yes I do like it just wish some of the words where bigger or easy to read and maybe a voice that is telling you what is going on.right now I do like the game


Good graphics and an overall good game But...... It's kinda confusing some time 🙂

Debdatta Bhadury

It's unique game, although would like to have more tutorial on how to increase GP..

Vanessa Henshaw

It's good and nice. I love the graphics but I'm having issues with Xanthe Terra. My credits and resources are paused and I can't view my challenges.

Jhairus Jumawan

its hard but after 50 rests iget it its a cool game



SILVER Colcord

Ok so far we'll see what happens don't like over complicated strategy games needs to be fun not a struggle

Tom Nedimyer

It's ok. I felt there were too many tragic random events but I eventually was able to get two stable cities. The calculations are sometimes buggy or they fluctuate inexplicably (I'd log in and find a crisis, but just watch my resources replenish without doing anything, or everything would be good then I'd wake up to everyone dying). Ultimately my game is somehow paused (yet there's no pause button) and I can't get it going again, so I might delete it. The original TerraGenesis is better.

Dylan DeLater

Really enjoyed the game for the first 2 hours.... Only way to progress is to constantly watch ads for credits (3000) at a time; that come every 5-10 min. But to build anything or to use the rocket to resupply costs 15000+ Need a way to receive credits constantly without the ads or to use actual money. I have no problem watching ads for the "Genesis points" (use these to speed up the game) but not for both. Uninstalling

Robert !!!!

Game is fun, disasters etc. My issue is the lag, at first theres none but as your base grows so does the lag. It gets horribly bad making the game unplayable

Latonya White

Graiwai to creater planters

Zeeshan Player

5Stars Outstanding game

Shalaine Bright

My game keeps freezing.

Lady Ashura

Great game... unless you have too many buildings. Then it begins to lag so much that the game just crashes upon loading and becomes unplayable. Also, the nuclear power plants seem to be shut off upon first loading into the game, despite plentiful resources. Eventhough I have a decent amount of storage tanks, those are empty upon loading and I have to wait for everything to build back up.

David Wilburn

It reminds me of the planetary game but if you have to step away from this one it doesn't necessarily make you destroy your planet

Hector Saavedra

As a fan of other civ-building games, this one is excellent because I'm literally trying to settle a new world. Nice pace, nice graphics...nothing too complicated but involved enough to make this game interesting and fun.

+44 7551 087918

So far so good love games like this


Great game, great graphics, pity they wrestles you into purchases else the game can't really progress.... frustrating


Good so far. Few little things which are annoying and if sorted could improve rating. There is no genesis points spend confirmation so easily waste as near other buttons (playing on phone so smaller screen). Additionally cannot see a way of moving buildings once placed so make it difficult to arrange base when other buildings available. The random events when starting make it difficult as already limited resource (loosing almost all water in first few days so cannot send rocket to get items)

Fred Houweling

Too much focus on pay to play

Qamarhussain Rdx

Good game

Ankit sagar

Stuck on the tutorial and can't get out, it says research basic life support and when I try to it says I haven't completed the tutorial!

Doug Vallery

So far I like it but literally just started

Martin Nissen

Great game but definitely in need of a bit of polish, like buttons being extremely close (made me buy about 30 GP of stuff I did not want to), the atop production button seemingly not working and no indication in any way of how much algae you are making in any way

William Rawstrom

This game wants your money...it is algorithmically challenged to throw a monkey wrench to persuade the next difficulty and the only solutions are more ads of the things you should not want or need. The bots own the humans or developers fail to addict your time and reasoning to accomplish nothing. They made games anti-educational, unfun and politically devisive repertoire of sewage for the masses.

Andrei Schipor

PICTURES ARE NOT FROM IN GAME! i have played the game and straight off the bat i didnt like it. None of the pictures that are on playstore are from in game, not only that but the game seems to be more laggy the more you progress, this might just be my phone, but nonetheless try it for yourself and see how it goes😂😂

Carolina Catfish Hunters Jose

I like it

Billy Bob

I think the length until a site is not usable should be longer than just 6 at least 20 or more

Ammon Henderson (Ammo)

It's a pretty good game but has some problems. Once you get started, it seems disaster happen back to back soon as you recover from one it's another disaster. Once I reach 3rd tier on research and buildings the game clock seems to freeze randomly for about a day and will eventually resume but I have lost a days worth of research or construction. Would be great if you could birth new settlers on planet instead of constantly have to fly them in.

Garry Binns

Tried this on my phone, it just froze my phone up totally had to restart deleted and tried again was exactly the same so ended up deleting the game.

JUSTIN Skelton

The game is really neat . I would like to see a little more advice through, however being that it is a game the challenge aspect is on point

Justin Maddox

I played TerraGenesis and I'm a little disappointed here. You don't even get enough to coins to get the first population milestone. HOW DO YOU EARN MONEY? EXCEPT WATCHING ADS. Even then by the time you get money stuff is broken and people start to die. Increase starting currency. Ain't no way your going to Mars with just 100k. Big disadvantage from the beginning.

Christapher Clark

I keep having cafaterias and hab units only provide half of what they're supposed to provide, don't know why

KEVIN Westwood

OK at moment too early to assess

yehya zazou


James Forbes

So the game is enjoyable up to the point it becomes unplayable due to the amount of buildings you have. After a certain point it freezes after every action.

Reptiles ,

Boring as hell do not download

Steve Samson

Like it but controls seem to be a little sticky

Тодор Хаджидимитров

So far so good. I like it

Markovich IDN

You should add save game options so when colony went awry, people didn't just reset the colony and missing hours to restart the colony

Fremen on de sand

Update : the latest patch has fixed the lag caused when placing buildings, research is not guarenteed to have setbacks and the safety of workplaces no longer feels like a liveleak industrial accident compilation video. Really good improvement. Better than 99.9% of other mobile games despite a few bugs.

Steven C.

Not a penny spent yet. Pretty good game. Very strategic and casual. Not ad heavy which im a big fan of. Been playing about a week now. And i would say its a success.

Jim Solomon

Don't waste your time unless you like spending real money. I just started and before I really got started on my base I would have to spend real money to continue. And you can't put it down and let some credits build up. They don't. If you don't want to spend alot of money for very little satisfaction then don't get this game.

Michael Davis

I haven't seen a simulation this cool since simulation city.

Jaed deschenes

This is a great game, amazing concept, but the random events are all too negative I imagine that this is because you're still working on positve random events, and i hope these will get more fair in the future, like in the original Terragenesis Plz, could you focus future updates on making the game more balanced? Thx

Harry Ferrari

A lot of potential in this game. Station design and management are good- it's a slow burn game that can be satisfying when it works. However, the game has serious flaws. First, it's inexcusably buggy. You will restart a lot because of bugs. You can't skip the tutorial, and will end up seeing it a lot. Credits in game have no value. You build it fast and can do nothing with it. The ads largely offer credits, so no incentive. The only useful currency is genesis points and are rare unless you pay.

Vincent Mayer

Absolutely fantastic! Well thought out and have no negative experiences so far after hours of play. Although one change I would make is a possible zoom button for your main planet when creating new buildings. Some are huge and take up about a third of the screen which makes it slightly more difficult to move around. Other than that it's great 👍🏻

Andrei Coval

So far I am liking it. There's a lot to learn

Stanley Portenga

So far this game is enjoyable, gives enough of a challenge without being too complicated.

Ivan Whatever

Nice. Difficulty is high but it's Mars. It can't be easy;) hard to get water. Ice is used to get water. Ice can be transported from Earth.

shaheer games

It's so amazing

Matt Johnson

Looks great so far, lovely atmospheric graphics and good game structure. I'll report back when I have some time served. I've never understood asking for reviews very early on, this one is at the end of the tutorial...

King Frazier III

I just started and it looks good so far!!! I'll change rating when I progress a little further!!

MD Manzur Khaled

It was a great experience. Really l enjoy this game properly 😎😘

Afzal Haris

Gave it a second try after the fail on the first time.But its still as ever its okay at first but gets laggy or fail to generate O2 or electricity after the population grows.Cant even go a few hours of not playing without avoiding a resource crisis.

Christian Hanson

Water is scarce and why hydrogen plant doesn't produce water?

Stephen Todd

Interesting game, so far 🤔