Tap to Merge

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Tap to Merge
“Tap to Merge” is an addictive relaxing Block Merge game. Come to play Tap to Merge Game and give your brain a rest!

How to play TAP TO MERGE?
⁃ Tap the blocks to move them.
⁃ The same number blocks will be merged to a larger number block.
⁃ No Time Limited


⁃ Beautifully easy and simple, no pressure and no time limit.
⁃ Challenging to break your highest score.
⁃ Easy to play. Classic block game for all ages!
⁃ Multiple beautiful background pictures.
⁃ Multiple materials of blocks. Such as: wood, crystal, jewel, iron…

Come and play this game and become a master of merge game now!

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Update time: Today
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Require Android: N/A
Developer: Degoo ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jean Triggs

Fast game challenging, good fun.

Carole Allen

Just good fun of course ads are abundant however it is worth it

Ruth Wells

Great 👍

Chris Odom


Gail Reynolds

Love this game.

Gerald Emery

Great brain teaser.. Great to get the brain moving and helps me to organize. Enjoy the game very much.

Debra Borremans

There's a finger that kept tapping the same place on the game. I couldn't make it go away. It was driving me crazy. So i Uninstalled

old play

Good, nice can say a few good things about this app, but ads spoiling game and eventually its a pay to play game... Why the constant reminders to update in google store?? :

Siam Ahmed Aryan

Nice App

Sangjukta Mukherjee

Brain twiser!

Phillip Lundstrom

The Tap to Merge function is completely drunk, works almost as well as autocorrect when you're too tired to notice its shenanigans. It also enjoys kicking me off the app so I can't use whatever reward I earned watching a video. Fun, until you get frustrated. Might be relaxing if you aren't actually trying to win. Eta- it doesn't matter what I do, I can't click on the ad without getting kicked off the app, I can't not click on or off the ad, and not touching the screen doesn't help.

Synara McBride

Tap to Merge i love this game so much and it is a fun game to play too everybody...

Karen Ransom

Helps me to stay focused. Having fun.

Darlene W

Come n play with me


Grrrreat ima ❤ dis 🎮

Patrula Chuah

Good to hear from your games

Elsie Griffin

I enjoy this game.

Kirsty Winch

Great fun

Linda Bensch

Most enjoyable.

christopher presgraves

Good app

HRH Royal Prince Jon Dee Wright

I am addicted to this game 🎯😂🎯

betty dorsey

So far it's a pretty nice game

Bee luan Khoo


Sharon Wakeley

Fun and challenging games!

Matisha Johnson

Love this game very much.

Wanda Hall


Jill Sharrow

Different & fun

Scott Campbell

Love it keeps me on my toes

michael middleton

It's ok game not best game

Sarah Dunham

Fun game really makes you think now lets see if rhey pay thanks

Dale Wood

It is very fun, you have to pay attention!!!

Shadina Edwards

Very good for the head

Debbie Lema

Awesome gsme

Elsie Lallamant


Shirley Webb

OK at first then comes down super fast. Not enough time to clear board

Dallas George

Really enjoying this game, quite relaxing 😌.

theo jacoby

Very relaxing and fun to play

Nathan Floyd

None stop fun

Virginia Jones


Steffiemarie Michelle

Greatest game ever



Janet Hill

Makes you concentrate

Randalph Ruiz

Gran game

Vicky Puia-Clark

Awesome game enhances memory

Philisiwe Nzotho

It's fun and productive

Aejis Class

(aka testerzero) Actually 4.5* - It is BIG (best in genre), but it's also the same as all of 'them' - play UNTIL pay (assuming you use the 'help'... And run out lol)... I couldn't help wondering that 'it' makes moves that are to its 'advantage' (sts (so to speak)... NLG (Nice Little Game)...

Baby Filisi


Andrea LunaSilva


Theresa Fogleman

I Like it a lot

Scherry Arrington


Amber Gregory

So much fun!

Kattie Pelletier

This game is fun & easy, like to play b4 bad & when I have anxiety.

Voltaire Ruiz-deLeon

Very good, challenging program !!!

Sherry Carter

Fun cool

Rene Neely

Awesome 👍!! Love it😊!!

Halilu Adamu


Vicky Matthews


Peter Archibald

Its a great game,praise to the developers!

Sfiso Norman


Kairi Destiny

This was a fun game to play by merging up the blocks! With even the nice background music to include in this game, it really was a great way to play this game peacefully and relaxing in a way. I would highly recommend this one, 100% in my books! 😂😃😁

Janet Glass

Great time waster

mary peel

Very addictive 😍

Brian Peck

Good game nice experience top marks for the developers and the teams

Brian Peck

Fun game to play and skillful a enjoyable experience I recommend it to anyone can be played from 5 years old ⁷and 90 Years old I can't praise It enough excellent game anyone can play It I highly recommend it's a joy

Lydia Goodenough