Tap Tap Studios

Author: Kongregate

10,000+ install


Tap Tap Studios – Be a producer, take control of an idle movie studio and run a cinema empire!

Detailed info

File size: 141M
Update time: August 4, 2021
Current version: 1.1
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: Kongregate
Price: Free
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Customer review

Earl Trotter

Awesome game

dawniell kelsch

Love this game. Support is exceptional as well. Thank you 😊

Emmanuel A

The events on this game are really stupid. Once you go passed the second stage the level for automation of the department start going 1 or 2 levels ahead of the level you are, and getting the cards to level up without money is almost impossible.

Jayden Monteiro

So repetitive.

Jo Means

I would give this game more stars but I hate the short games within the game. I can never get past the second level because you do not get enough cards to go automated to get your money up to proceed. Seems very scammish...And I will no longer be participating. I will just play the regular game.

Renée Parry


Denis Warta

I love this it easy 🐱

Daniel Barajas

Fun but too repetitive


Fun game!

Heavenly Gater

Lmao In just here for To get money on the game but Its fun I've played idle it's pretty addictive to be honest so thanks for having such a fun game

Daniel Romero

Just like Tamalwood, NM.

frederick alexander

Really cool game so far the graphic are cartoonish but don't fool you this game is very fun you can play offline

Dave Lopez

Fun game

T Games T media




Wild Shark Studio

Too laggy

Caroline Kirkham

The most boring game I have ever played!!

Shelly Ewing

Love this game. It's fast paced.


Really fun game. The references to real actors and movies is an awesome little touch. Simplistic but also complex in the sense of detail and the way your studio evolves. Has kept me entertained and I find it hard to put down.

jewel south

This is an scam game .Do your self a favor and delete it .As soon as I started to play this game a Paypal card showed up I mean they were actually offering me a cash card to play with as i entered this game.Right then and there I knew it was an scam and mostly rigged .


While the main campaign is great! The events need tweaking. You can only go a couple of stages in before character upgrades are TOO expensive. So it becomes a clicking game...but not fun.

Jayde Kickett

I play this game for so long it a fav of mine 😊👍

Mauricio Alejandro Villalobos

I'm not sure if it's purpose yet.

Ross Danney

As others have said, event cards to automate sections and sets are locked behind pay walls. Really no point in playing events unless you're a whale or cheating. Could be a solid game, don't mind watching ads for boosts either. No forced ads which is a plus too, so far anyway. Edit 1: Main game is also equally as useless as events. At level 7 everything grinds to a halt. Unless paying stupid amounts of money you will not get far.

Chastity Lampkin

Takes to long, I had to tap at least 20 times to get a writers room 😡😡😡😡😡😡 and to even get a writer I am taking this game off ❗❗❗❗

Trevor Morrish

Doesnt work!!! Stuck staring at a loading symbol for 20 minutes when I open the game. Great job!!

Janak vaishanav roll.73 A/9


Sam Laws

It is a good game

Anita De Carvalho

The event are frustrating because it is difficult to automate. There should be another way without spending ridiculous amounts of money. In the main game I don't have any issues.

Nick Thomas

I love playing this game but now it says cant play game it requires an update and to update the game i click ok and it brings me to the game on google playstore and guess what it says uninstall or play there is no update and on the game im in the middle of an event this completely sucks

Jessica Polzin

Been loving this game so far but just now as I tried to go into it, it is saying I need to upload the latest version. But there's no update to download when I look for it.

Lisa Dudley

I've gotten to the 18th level but can't advance. I keep getting a message to download the latest version but doesn't give an option to install the latest version.

andrew parks

Updated and had to Uninstall and reinstall and lost everthing... Not to mention last event spent $75 didn't even get past level 6, a little rough guys.. RIPOFF.....

Samantha Hotzon

Too many ads. Makes the game hard to enjoy

Sammy Dean

Can't get the new update 😒

Mario Quichocho

This game is fun

briyana melendez

I like this game. It keeps my interested and it's pretty fun. I've been playing it non-stop. It has it's bad moments but it's mostly awesome!

Amy Cook

👍👍 I love this game. The graphics are awesome 😎 Just play it. 👍👍 Fun

Chesy Damon

This is very funny

Dark Wolffe

Love it

Julian Wilkins

JulianWilkins o

Chris Brenner

It is a very fun game

Felipe Jimenez

I love to play the game a lot

Gerard McMahon

Got it working enjoying it again

Samantha Norris

Great game especially to kill time

Spyro Fan

I like this game but I wish they had more for this game like daily rewards that the park and redeem and more fun things in the game

Dex Masrey

The special events are unbalanced; you'll spend more time tapping everything instead of automating, because there are just not enough cards to upgrade the characters based on the upgrade requirements. Unless of course, you pay loads of money for overpriced things. It's too bad though cuz I like the concept of this game.

Tracey McKeever

Got bored after awhile

Jesus Gaytan

Different kinda game for me, I kinda like it

Sito Berry

You call this a game .?

Joseph Peachey

The events are really hard to progress in dont get enough cards every time you go to a new stage you need to increase by 2 levells on your cards you just dnt get enough cards to do that unless you pay

Sarah Loveless

Love the game but the events need some work ( if you already have a character just use them during the event)

Nomzy Kins

Still haven't fixed the event leaderboard not working after several messages and replies claiming to fix it (for several weeks) I enjoy the main game but the support for it is shockingly bad. Uninstalling as have given up.

Kristin Biesiada

Very addictive . Just started playing today and I am already hooked . Lots and lots of fun.

Tiffany Simpson

Grrrreat game


I always enjoy games by Kongrete. I do wish it had a daily bonus for playing and a no ad feature. Missions would be nice.

Google Sux

Same as all the others.

gerrielynn wilkes


Braylon Anderson

This game does not let you make your own movies

Jamie Samland

Same terrible pay to play difficulty curve as every other Kong game that looks exactly the same as this one.

Andre Curry


Joan briggs

Wouldn't work so uninstalled..😒..

Logan Corrigan

Wasn't working says I need another update and I cant update it

Terence Healey

Really enjoyable and I find very relaxing.

Bradly Alan

Game stinks. There's 500 others out there just like it. It's not free to play it's free to lose. There's no way free to play players can even think about trying the events. Also in the main game the money collected slows way down once you hit level 7. I'm done with these games.

Jessica Colthirst


WampaStomper74 E

Decent game, not too many unnecessary ads.

Intouched Simplified

I like it when i need to pass time

Ivan Jacob

que juegazo!

Tasha Elks

Keeps telling me to update it despite uninstalling and reinstalling

Claire Ford

It's telling me I need to update the game, but when I try to there is no update available. I've been playing for a couple of weeks and it's frustrating that I can no longer play

Fawn Kelley

Doing good at 1st wanted to update but no update available either uninstall or play looks like since cant play without update I'll uninstall

Marisa Joseph

Love it

Karl Mossyrock

Fun, but I wish there were more choices available as to type of movies, costumes, props, etc.

Roger hart

Will not load

David Curtis

I love the game

Charles Anderson

I like the game. Hate feeling restricted to upgrading managers to automate things. Such a hard block on progression unless I am willing to pay to progress. Wish it could be something different for them to make money.

Corey Giacobbi


Nate Compton


Michelle LeFo

Was playing daily and everything was fine, even made it high up on the event leader board. Now suddenly the game cannot connect to servers and is telling me to check my internet connection?!


Not bad, but I am doing an event and it's painful. I get punished for going up in levels that requires me to have to get higher level for managers. Meaning I have to work to get any progress. And idling is not possible. Doesn't make me want to even bother with it and makes me not want to play the regular mode as well because of it.

Rose Lynn Allbee

like it

Robert Littlefield

Pretty fun

Ray Roberts

In this game I think the AI is a little too helpful it's basically telling you what to do for the whole game and it's annoying because you can't do what you want to do you have a a red arrow pointing to what to do after the first stage it all supposed to take that off after the first stages

Racquel Ashley

Pretty awesome so far!!!

Emmanuel Mckellar


Tonya Richter

So far so good 👍

Buddha John Hannan

A week so far, nothing special just an easy waste of time

Michelle Mearns

Very good time killer would recommend

Ben Cowell

Holy fake reviews Batman! Seriously though, that's just pathetic. Instant 1 star for such shady rubbish.

Dean Lund

It is fun too PLAY

oliver hughes

You should add a next milestone to the + 1,max

Sharon M

Fun game


I think this game is good except for the 1 star that is not good at all

Matteo Miller

Thigs got boring when it sarted 🙁 so it bad 😣

Pants O'Hara

Game won't load with google play games. Hoping it's an update issue. Would love to come back and play at a later date so I can amend this review.


Game isn't loading up what so ever

Dundee Ang

update sucks! lost all my progress!

Alexander Rode Nielsen

You get stuck pretty quickly, the quest you are supposed to follow is impossible. I need to buy 3 casting but it isn't possible. Not to mention all the fake reviews, it's obvious.

Vanessa Göransson

I love it