Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim

Author: Iron Horse Games LLC

100,000+ install


Have you ever wanted to dig to the core of a planet with crazy diggers including a T-Rex, a zombie, and a unicorn?

Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim is an idle game that lets you take control of Prospector Pete Jr. and mine the core of several planets. Collect money, diamonds, warp cubes, and craft items! Spend money to upgrade Pete Jr. and mine the planet cores.

Collect fossils and trigger a Big Bang to super-charge your dig! Spend fossils to hire idle benefactors for big money. Craft items to give yourself a real edge.


Idle Mining Gameplay
● Tap to mine!
● Tap to destroy obsidian & earn fossils!
● Dig to reach the core!

● Hire 12 miners to mine for you!
● Unlock benefactors to earn special money bonuses
● Spend tokens to upgrade entire planets!

● Collect items to dig faster
● Craft better items for bonuses!
● Recruit more crafters and make all the items!

● Crack open geodes for special mine rewards
● Complete tasks and earn diamonds
● Mine for chests and collect bonus items

Tap, Tap, Dig 2: IDLE MINE SIM – you can dig it!

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Detailed info

File size: 51M
Update time: August 12, 2021
Current version: 0.4.7
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Iron Horse Games LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kristy Creager

Fun game i like playing it as well very addictive

Jason V

It's. So fun and simple I love it 10/10

ask altamia

Best games forever

JP Biernacki

Not as good as the first one.


Love it

Jon Cornwell

Repetitive but fun

Adolfo Estrada

this game is the better then the first one I 100% redeem this game. install play and give it a 5 star:)

KaungHtet San


Alexandre Leclerc

Not a bad time killer & can play offline

Jim Nigglett


Bradley Marianchuk

Didn't play. Mistakenly downloaded.


I've spent 2 year For working hard on layers

Daniel Hagberg

Finally an idle game that feels like I can actually progress without spending $ and doesn't shove adds in my face but also feels rewarding when I do agree to let it play an add. Progression feels fun and interesting, with lots to unlock yet not overwhelming with too many menus and currencies.

Shaeed Alli


Igor Camargo

I've already played a LOT of idle games, and this one is one of my favorites so far! Esse é um dos melhores que já joguei, vale a pena!!!

Sina Vasmas

If you can't play call of duty you can play this stuff. Not bad for me in this ... Phone.

Roland Agustin


Jonathan Piechur

The game starts slow, but once you get about half way through the first planet, it picks up significantly. I suggest grinding out fossils early by resetting often. This will speed things up greatly. Also, you can easily get 2-3 ads in every 4 hours by watching one on reopening the game, by crafting, and by rerolling your benefactors. The ad bonuses are absolutely worth it.


Good game for killing time

John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran

Cool dig games

Michel Kinstler

I played TTD 1. This is better in some ways and worse in others. Still fun for an idle game.

Overknight _

Really fun game, great improvement over the last, a bit slow on the start but becomes better later. Needs more daily missions to keep things interesting and more options for ads because in the mid game you need a lot for the additional rewards. Maybe even a discount on upgrades because they get really expensive later on

Donald Littleton

It was good game


Nice n easy n fun .i def like thiz one better than the first.i just wish u made a special deal.6.99. For no adz.n sum other ztuff idk. Lol

Garrette K

Harass me for a rating...

Vicki Woodfield

Fun little game for a few mins at a time

Nehemyah Hess


Aljur Perez

Nice game, this is one of the best game I played..😄

Byron Cox

While I'm ok with supporting an app by watching ads this app does it in an incredible way by always giving you rewards for watching them. The game play is exactly what I like and the developers did their consumers right. Now for the only bad part Progress is a little slow I'm at about 2k fossils so far so I'm not really far into it yet, but I wish I had more money to invest into the lower tier miners the more expensive ones are just so much power per gold every time you can hit the new tier.


Nice tapper with lots to do.

terrence bourke

A great game that does not force adds on you.

Andrea Smith

I've got four words for you love it enjoy it what's up for words I hope so besides I Love mining games so that's the reason I will you guessed it they're five stars instead of one

Gavin Green

Tapping a screen for the entire duration of the game, is not really fun.

D Rhodes

Excellent time waster and a pleasure for time in the Think Tank (washroom)

John McMullan

No matter how many days I try, even tried the video multiplier, it never gives me any idle cash even when it says it does.

Juanx Link

Watch ads for no time reduction in crafting, top notch...

Brenden Laws

Not great but not bad. Good way to sink 5 minutes a day when I get bored.

Dingo Starr

Meh better than the first one

Angela Said


Nethze Aguilar


Mr. Breeze

Fun game. Tons of mini upgrades that all add up. Good idle tapper.

sweet msh

Easy to play and you don't have to spend money to make it farther in the game. It takes time to build up the diamonds but well worth the wait if you can't afford to buy them.

Malik Rogers

Better than the first

Queen Shewolf1923

To much taping

Emi. segers

Gameplay is pretty decent. Doesn't take forever to progress. Little ads, some add rewards stay forever. Good game!

William Hunt

Great game. Simple, basic, easy to play.

naruto saskuke


Christopher Austin

It's a game that is relatively fun until it asks you to rate it. After which, it becomes a horrid grindfest. Don't believe its lies.

Michael Nelson

Oddly addicting game, I'm really enjoying it!

Chris Young

helps pass time for otger game

Victor Medina Draper

An improved version. Really good.

Andrew Whitcomb

To be honest this the third time I've installed and played to game and this time around the company add rewards for watching ads and in the description it as a reward for the players because watching the ads increases the company profits and they were upfront and honest about it and I love that so much and thank you to the company that made this game and I will defintly be playing this game and many more by the company alot more

Bill Kunkle

A great time killer and a awesome tap game

whatever 101

Super slow game, even with a reset to your progress where you get extra bonuses, still super slow pace. Going offline doesn't generate nearly enough coins you need to upgrade.

Slicer- Ness

Solid game with incredibly few ads. I'm genuinely enjoying it and recommend it to anyone else who wants a game they can casually play a few times a day for satisfaction.

Will Saunders

Great game. Only adds are the ones you want. And there not always necessarily what ya need atm so choice is yours. Love the length of time it takes. Thank you guys

Thomas Parker

Why is it that every time I try to watch an ad the ad doesn't play, I don't get the benefit from the ad and the game restarts?

Eddy Ed

I have been enjoying it. Simple fun but has enough going on to hold your attention.


Not a bad game just needs more worms for more diamonds other than gaining 2 a piece.

Marko Nedjic

Really good game. One suggestion for upgrades, add buy to next upgrade point ( 10, 30, 50, 100 ). We have now Buy x1, x10, x25, x100, Max. So just to add Buy to next upgrade point.

Hemp Eyn

I like the game and the fact it doesn't force ads however using fossils resets my big bang multiplier and I have to start from scratch every single time so it's unplayable as hard to make progress.

Trevor Ketchup

Don't have to pay to progress.

Lannie Brian

Hopefully the devs see this... For the most part the game is amazing but, there is an issue where I would do something (nothing specific) and close the game then reopen it later and all that progress was reset, it has set me back quite a bit because it keeps happening. If at all possible can this get looked into? I don't know of anyone else has this issue... If it gets fixed the rating will change to 5 stars.

Jamie Mcnamara


Joseph Fischer

Entertaining game, doesn't force adds

Domingo Campos

It good

Ebi Jennies

It just gave me a billion coins oh my God I'm going to give it a 5 Stars

Zane Kave


Joshua Mccann

Better than Diggy

Dominic Smith

Atop asking me to rate it

Zaheer Zaroon

I love this game


Hilarious not annoying except the constant tapping but I like it.

Docter Dre OSRS


That Dude


William Kieseling

Fun fun fuuuuunnn hehe

Joy Hall

Great game so far

Thio Billy


Aric Burhorn

Great game 👍

Sophie Thrupp


Kristina Foster

Addictive! I am determined to get to the center of the Earth. I will get to the center of the first planet....no matter how long it takes! Lol. Absolutely love this game!

raja adhikary

Soooooo Boaring game i never had been played.

Vonda Shortridge


Doug Wesley

It's pretty fun

Ron Peterman

Rarely give a five star. Just a slow farming game. No pop up ads, you chose to play them. Ads do go towards upgrading your game play, so they actually help you progress.


I have 1 major issue with this game. The game is supposed to be an idle game & has miners that you can unlock to gain progress while idle, but the fact that they do not gain digging progress while the app is closed is a problem. The most important resources are gained by advancing to further depths, so while you can get gold while offline, not gaining any digging progress kills the game. You cannot hope to gain any progress without leaving the app open for hours at a time on a regular basis.

Abby Paradise

Fun game to pass the time.


If I had an option for 4 an a half stars I would it's a good game overall but when I watch ads for perks sometimes I won't even get the reward after watching the ad and the game freezes after watching an ad or restarts the app itself

Daniel S

Good grind game but everything is very expensive

Cort Pearson


Gordon Ehler

Love it great game minimal adds and fairly engaging for long periods of time

Tyee Jensen

It's not bad I guess it's just boring as hell and definitely gets the carpal tunnel going. Every level is exactly the same it all looks the same its all bland and boring and pointless. You make basically no money so even upgrading is just a hassle. The helper characters are pretty much pointless to buy as they don't do anything and cost a fortune. The o ly thing thus really has going for it is how few ads there are. With that said there are much better idle mining games out there.

Chad Jackson

Good and awesome game exercise your hands

keith dennis

It's good

Sami Jean

I've spent SOOOOOO many hours playing this game. Never do they forcefeed ads down your pie hole either.

papabear 696

Love it

Brian Smith

Pretty addicting game, it hits all the right spots from quality of life to not shoving ads in your face, but offering good rewards if you choose to watch ads. One of few games I'd contribute to the developer by making a small purchase.

Christine Thompson


Graeme Norris

Thumbs up

Elvis Rash

Fun game

Damian Dover

This is awful! Just a reskin of the 1st game. The new features are just fluff and filler to distract you from the fact they have made the game more Grindy! But the worst thing!! The cash packs are more expensive than in the first game and come with less items than the first. Don't be fooled by the ad watching reward system because that's all this game is. Hollow ad watching simulator!