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Welcome to Tap Force! Head back to the ’90s and clean up the streets of Metro City in this new hero collector auto battle RPG!

Assemble a team of the ultimate 16-bit pixel fighters and watch them battle enemies, bosses, and even other players around the world. Arm your citizens by expanding your weapon shop business that runs even while you are offline!

• Recruit & train 16-bit pixel fighters to form the toughest fighting team
• Sell weapons to your citizens by opening a variety of martial arts weapon shops
• Fight through hundreds of levels in the campaign which span multiple unique stages
• Face off against other players in the PVP Arena and climb the ranks for special rewards
• Join clubs with other players where you can chat with friends and compete in special group events
• Beautiful 16-bit retro pixel art aesthetic
• Featuring music from Mitch Murder


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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Race Cat
Price: Free
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Customer review

Daybreak Suber

Love the fighters and special attacks!😁 It's almost like a gangwar type thing lol

Mace S

Like it

Jaw Jawa


johnny roxas

I love this game so much

Venita Worley


Mike Roggow

Fun there's just something missing I can't quite put my finger on what it is

Yazen Qaqish

Love it

Simon Jutras

Not sure why, but this game doesn't make it for me. It's it the clicking fest when the game open, the lack of control or just the fact the the goal is not clear.

Darwin Casinares

annoying updates.must be remove nothing changes on the game.

Andrew Stubbs

Fun...simple.... entertaining 👍👍


Really fun game, love pointing out the familiar characters and leveling up my favorites!

Giang Vũ

Awesome game!

Ikhwan Fahmi

Good casual game

Beth Chadock

So far I like the game, could use more club battles or club activities though

Angel Mcclees


Kameron Dukes

Great game and love the music 🎶

Vigoss goldlight

Great game. The retro vibe, the gameplay. It's amazing

Larry Fazekas

After playing for a few days you can see money grab written all over this one. It takes forever to raise enough cash to level up your heroes, meanwhile your paired in a dungeon that is double your power that you cant even compete!

Exist Not

Sick. Somehow very addictive.

JC Serna

Cash grab for developers with a shiny retro vibe to fool people into wasting time and money. Don't fall for it. Huge waste of time. Was fun for less than a day.

Andrew McNiece

Great game!!!

Ronald Williams


Dustin Robinson

I love it. Nice old school gatch game. Eazy to pick up. Fun to play. Puts you in the mind of an true snes side scroller beat them up. Great job team. The millennial are proud.

Brianh Colon

Just great, freaking awesome

Eric Harris

Very fun so far

Nicholas Goh

So good.


I actually really lije the simplicity of it. Its very addicting and very f2p friendly I haven't really seen the grind yet but yeah overall good game (and artstyle too)!

ahmet yılmaz


Jiří Gebauer




Wes Scarberry

Awesome game with all familiar characters

Ric Stuff





Got some classic feels in this game. I loved it so far.


can't wait till a cartoon network version of tap force releases 🙂

Rose Wallace (Rosie)

Radically awwwwwwwesome


Cool! Very snappy, great menus.

Dwi Nugroho


Lee K

Very fun only problem I am having is formatting to fit in my tablet screen

TwentyThree Chunks


Jonathan Hazen

Super cool art-style. Very 90s retro. Hit all the "membah" spots nice. Usual type of collect em, power em up, fight em types, but with that "old school" vibe.


Very fun and good game, good to kill time, very addictive too.

Stephan Zievinger

It's Really fun.

Jalyn Mae Galorio


Jorge Alvarado

Fun game love it!

SliCe_N_DiCe 04


Wally Castillo

It works 👍

Power Tower

This such a fun underrated game I love the mechanics and I have fallen in love either this game


Super Fun

nick maraj



Extremely Fun and rewarding


Feel in love with the pixel art!

Andrew Golden

Dig the ascetic very fun early on

Ayden Puletasi

Unexpectedly good for a mobile game, very good graphics, sound effects, and overall good gameplay.

Rudy Garcia


Dovidas Baranauskas

Great game, similar to what they had before ;)


My only issue with this game is that you have to manually update it- Surely there's a way to automate it, no? Anyway, good game, give it a try if you're on the fence

Sword of Danu

Good but needs more modes to play when you hit high levels, as you have to wait for a lucky drop to progress.

Nick Kohler

Instantly hooked, easy to play.

x301 strike

Its okay


It's good

Tomasz Witkowski

Pretty good game

Ethan Wetherall



I do love this game butim trying to play but even if I have full Internet it doesn't work please fix this :edit I am happy to see it was just a server down I have updated my review to 5

Joe Hodge

So far so good

Justin Dicks

This game is the best game ive ever played before

henry lee

Gud Game

trí ngô tấn

Fun !!!

Mikey Mazuryk




James Aughterson

Okay so far

Cursed. Google snake.

Not popular, but cool. And amazing!

jamie Hallam

Incredibly fun