Taonga Island Adventure

Author: Volka Entertainment Limited

1,000,000+ install


Taonga Island Adventure – Adventure awaits on your very own tropical island in the Pacific 🏝

Detailed info

File size: 126M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 1.2.1-1+4375
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Volka Entertainment Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Raysing Guo

It was fun at beginning, but if the team is not able to opened up new adventure, at least opens up closedbisland for harvesting materials....

marc pepper

New island please

Connie Schweitzer

game never loads.

BARUA famely

Please open a new level. I don't have any wood , plam , grass to run the game।I can't play the game and go to the next level. 😡😡😡

Melanie Foster

Doesn't open islands or make other missions

Arynne Harris

I love it so much.

Faith Barrett

Hope things run smoothly.

Isabella Angel

I will really like to play if we get unlimited energy sometime coz it take to much energy for Playing

Elaine McGuigan

so much fun

Diane Payne

It's very slow on giving energy and not enough energy. Good game but I get impatient with how many times I have to click on and off waiting for energy

Amy Zobel

Fun until you get to level 30 then adventures stop and you are stuck on island with nothing to do.

Prabha Prabha


Lovely vedios

The game is nice but the process is to rich another level is too much slow ,and please change the farming items always same animals are really bored,so kindly change the animals items & add new animals .and give more options to collect energy and faster to rich another level process.Hope it will be changed . thanks 👍

elaine schiebold

it's a nice game

Sumana Roy

Gd game....want to play

Mateen Sha



I have uninstalled this, because there is no new mission since few months.

Technical Sir

I was playing this game, Some years ago on PC with friends. Now we all friends using phones when I saw the taonga is available in play store I became happy and download it, When i was playing it I notice many features removed like visiting friend home and sending some to the friends etc. Please add old features in update😥🙏

Smk Manikandan

Poor app...👆🏻

charline jikson


Kasifa Kasifa

Taonga 🏝 new pleas...

Ravichandran N

When I touch the grocery bags it get exit 😤😣😤😡😡😡😡

ShyShy G.

Love the game itself, definitely fun. The downfall is it's extremely hard to get enough energy to actually clear everything. Give us more ways to earn energy please!

marithes dj

hoping i can play this game on a very very long time.

Barkat Khokhar

new update do



Charlotte Pugh

Fell in love 💛💜❤️ with this game 🤩!!!

Sivam Parameswaran


loma behera

nice game

Akash Akash

Superb game 🎮🎯

Norma Ramirez

Entertaining fun

Lea Jaculina

I like this game but so long to wait until the new island is open .until now still waiting to the next island to open months already..

Arthi Ananth

Wow 😍 but part 2 ..

Nora Storm

Nice game at first but after played awhile it's kind of boring.. Doing same things n nothing much to do after energy done need wait n don't think this game could keep me staying playing. Can't give 5 stars mybe creator game try solve some of motivate reviewers comments here for future improvements.

Alluri sumathi


Tracy King

It is boring. No real challenges. Why has the main island not open up yet to explore? Why so long between other islands opening up to be explored?

Akramani Ramalaxmi

Loved it

Malissa Campbell

Love it

vicki reeves

It's very relaxing but needs more islands

Wendy West

After a few minutes I just want to watch paint dry due to the game being so boring. Awful game how uninstalling.

Chaw Yu Mon

down မရဘူး game က

Jasmine Behera

taonga Island adventure

Linda Harpin

very interesting

Bilal Malik

I give 1 star because the new level coming time is very do you set it

Debbie Cotteral


maheswara isyanatunggadewa



Don't waste your time

RD Gibson

awesome game play,easy to follow leads. always finding new & unusual items. 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Kathir Velraj

Nice Ok

Joyce Kukar Dechicio

Love the game



sudhir Chattar

awesome game

Karen Shibley

Love this game and get wait till can get into the deadly swamp. On the home page how do you access the 2 upper areas in the back?

Alma 17

Lovely graphics and interesting adventures. However, I have to reduce the stars to 1 because they have not updated the adventures for months. Once you complete the 10 or so available islands, it is over. I am really disappointed.

Sundal Gul

Hi. I reach to level 20 but only one area is unlocked to me... The rrst of the land is not getting unlocked i:e that temple area...plz solve this issue.

Kasifa “Kasifa” Kasifa

The island new me

Nieysa Zainal


Binila Babu

A fantastic game...

Sushmita Rai

I love this game. But i can't go another island from island of lush meadows. What should I do?

Laureen Hall

Update: ultimately 2 many items require massive high amts of⚡energy &/or items i.e 10 torches e.g which consumes other materials b4 hand then taking time to develop etc (U know what I mean), thats without purchasing😡 uncool + other items the same making the game non entertaining & boring overall. On the other hand game has beautiful fantastic graphics, tis relaxing, played @ own leisure😎 no longer enjoying overall, that's all. Bye bye soon 👋

Laurine Robinson

Way better than the PC version

Stephanie Tate

I love it 🥰

Eaint Chit Khin

The game is really fun but I'm stuck in "Island of Lush Meadows". I already finished the all missions in this island but it don't let me to go to the other island. I don't know what should I do??

Kristi Pennington

Don't bother downloading this game. Waste of time. Energy depletes very fast and takes way too long to replenish.

leni longkumer

I enjoy playing this game but the problem is I cannot go to the next island after I completed all the mission in island of lush meadows. Help!

Geniva Nieves



Nice game

Mary E. Cason

I love this game


They never add new islands. Support does nothing. I have asked repeatedly for a confirmation button or gems I paid for returned. The game allows you to spend 350 gems on a single missed press to make boards not buy a slot. That should have been in place from day 1. Anything over 100 should have a confirmation.

Mickey Arellano


Samantha Viles

I agree with other reviews. Incredibly easy to run out of energy. Items taking 200+ energy feels like the balance is a little off. Uninstalling but good luck with future development.

Sssmd Disha

Not interesting game boring also

Melissa Knight

8/27/22-Changing my review to ONE STAR as they keep promising new levels that are never coming. It's now been over TWO MONTHS with NOTHING TO DO!!! ‐-----‐---------------------------------------------Fun game, good graphics, NEED MORE LEVELS! I love when they have temporary islands with tasks to perform in a certain amount of time. It adds a nice challenge. I'm a fairly new player sitting here for over a week waiting for more to do......I need more levels!

Angelica Camacho

it's a fun game with beautiful graphics, the story is easygoing but everything that you do takes lots of energy forcing you to buy. can you at least give the option of watching an ad, or reduce a bit how much energy everything takes or the time for things to grow.

Anmoll Ho

I have played this game for quite some time and I have come to one thing in this game This game is based on Hinduism. Because in it you have to put things together and present them like an offering to an idol which is based on different types. As in this game I played and gave you a target Collecting flowers and stones in the same way and by collecting things you offer before the idol and collecting stones in the same way and collecting things and offering them in front of the idol. And it has u

Imjungbenla Walling

very nice

lesley ann ripley

Good game

Stan Warner

the best thing ever

Status Lover

Energy Speed very slow please update game and fast energy Speed prosess

Adhyan Mourya

nine hundred dollars

Nafisa Fathima

I love this game but energy aur daimonds bhot Kam melte hain and prosess bhot long hota hai

sourav rajput 5514

Not solving any problem in the game 🎯. Today i found one more funny topic as for 1 pack milk price 58 coins we spent more than 80 coins 😆😆 in their feed..

Deanna Phillips

I love the game ,however the amount of energy required just to collect seeds for the garden plots is daunting ! Sorry am uninstalling 😕

Chanel van Heerden

Really enjoying the game but keen for new levels. Seems like the highest you can go is level 40? Need more Islands to be unlocked too please. Or more special events. Currently stuck with nothing much to do, just fill orders on the board.

Jk Ju


Anita Tirkey

Thank you ☺

Fatima Aba-a

I really love it 😍❤️❤️😍💕

siva gnanam


Samantha Court

This game is one of the most best games I have ever played. I am so glad that the game has no ads as well, but the energy is Abit slow. Apart from that the game is amazing.

divya shree bhartiya

Awesome game I loved it, I'm waiting new season can't wait...

Muskan Khatun

Jahaera Bibi

Md mondal

Sex i am girl 🥵🥵😈😈

Tammy Hodges

cool game

Georgina Rust

My game stop working

Siti Maria

There's not many empty area and we need richness to buy energy to finish 1 area.

Kane Girling

I hate it. It always show on tomb of the mask

Jyoti Jadhav

Nice game

Phoe Phoe


zukky Bae


Muhammad Yousaf Gujjar

Good game