Tankhalla: New casual offline tank arcade game

Author: My.com B.V.

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Tankhalla: New casual offline tank arcade game – Casual offline tank arcade game. Fight in PVE mode, win battles and ulock tanks

Detailed info

File size: 44M
Update time: August 31, 2021
Current version: 1.0.5
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: My.com B.V.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mynameis Tooshort

more tanks! more drones! more stages! more upgrades!

Michael Oshilesi

Control are very bad, especially the direction, it always hanging and not responding sometimes. The Tanks are very slow, the movement speed should be increase. Rooms are too small, and it makes it too difficult. U Developers should always see "Squad Alpha Action Shooting Game", how very spacious it is to move very good perfect in the Rooms

T Gigs

It's just a black screen😑 THIS IS FAKE DO NOT INSTALL 🤬🤬🤬

Steve Rebel

If you want to stare at a black screen all day, then this is the app for you

Puneet Ahuja

Without paing RC. In 3 days - My levels are maxed in this game. Any new updates and features ? 😎

Timothy Shockley

Takes to long to get anything good without having to buy. Bye bye

III uy

Easy game need update done all level

Anand Vikram


RK Boos Mr. Raj Kanrar

Good game

Chris Wilkinson

Tried it, total garbage game. Uninstalled after 20min. You shouldn't need that many damn tutorials/forced training battles

Vahid Gh

# Training Grounds and Base raid are very ridiculous and nonsensical! Opponents are 10X strongest than you! (maybe upper than 10x 🤔) # In normal mode, Opponent's power and health and our power and health aren't balanced! It's very hard that finish region 3! ( I could hardly finished region 1 and 2)

mohd sajid

These app is so good

Michael Lauzon

I'm with the others, the game is badly balanced in favour of the enemies. Enemies can move faster, shoot faster, shoot unlimited, and have higher HP, and take off at least a quarter of your HP when you get hit. Could have been a roguelike game, but it's not, I may visit the game again in a few months when the "developer" -- and I use that word extremely loosely -- takes a look at all the roguelike games & changes this one to be more like those ones! DON'T BELIEVE THE 5 STAR RATED REVIEWS!

Melissa Ledesma

It is so cool people

Meet Patel


Hassan Ijtihadi

Great game, but need more dev. Will reinstall in few months. Good luck

Mawitei Chhakchhuak