Tank Master

Author: Potato Play

5K+ install


The coolest tank shooter you’ve ever seen! Rescue new comrades, unlock unique skills, and build the ultimate tank to destroy everything that stands in your way!

Simple controls, endless hours of fun! — Do you have what it takes to call yourself the Tank Master?

–Game Introduction–

“Tank Master is a run-and-gun shooting game that combines construction, Roguelike, and other elements. As the Tank commander, you would need to manage your recruits as you strategize on the best way of optimizing their unique skills. Form your A-team to chase off your enemies and become the next Tank Master!

–Game Features–

1. Excellent tank shooting experience, only one finger is needed;

2. Unique strategies for different fights- mix and match different tanks, weapons, accessories, and team members to achieve the best results.

3. Unique bosses and levels – never get bored with repetitive gameplay!
— Support —
Having problems or suggestions? Contact us at tm_support@potatoplay.com

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 13, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Potato Play
Price: Free
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Customer review

John Carlo Gonzales

it's good, its just that it lag so much, after tutorial got stuck in black screen.

Zain Alauddin

Stuck at loading screen, overall its fun

thanh huynh

It's fun but a caveat, you need to watch so many ads to have any decent progress, 10 skip tickets isn't enough for VIP. Also the star upgrades for the tanks are the reversed for the flame and cannon tanks.

Londor PaleShade

Meh... everything round up around ads double loot double gold etc

Matthew Candlin

It not playing its Fritzing

hir ryl

The game got me hooked for hours... clean and simple. Easy control. Still got improvement to be made. Sometimes game freeze.

Vince Ar-jay

Not gonna lie the game is pretty good like I'm really having a fun, hoping for future updates !!

Damon Wargo

You just give the game an update and I lost everything . I even paid for the vip package.... what happened that I lost everything?


Good game to kill time and idlly play every now and then but did not receive the Vip pass to receive daily rewards and when I try to purchase again it says I already own it. So took my money and nothing in return

Erny Beny

Josh is going well for boy dogs out then boy

Lee Montville

Works well for the first part but turns black in won't go forward fix the problem will reinstall it cuz it seems like a very fun game

Brian Clark

Game reset on me lost all of my progress

Richard Hamtig

The game is good in itself. It's smooth and all... But the problem lies in "adventure". It's too hard just to get pass stage 2 Even with the help of ads...

Steven Wijaya


Mehboob Sial Mehboob Sial

very nice

Armed wings

I rarely leave reviews but my God the ads are everywhere. For those that do pay to remove you don't have that option here. Watch ad or don't progress good luck


It's not a perfect game, but it's far from the worst. It has a great concept, doesn't force ads, and there is a certain satisfaction gained from defeating enemies. However, the game heavily relies on RNG during gameplay. You will most likely get awful materials that doesn't help in improving your tank at all which makes you watch an ad to search for better ones so that you can actually move on. There is also a very small pool of weapons, characters, and tanks. Adding more would improve the game.


Decent game but when the AI plays for you it does a very good job so you're not really required to do anything.

Ethan Vincent

This game is awesome but when i complete the first mission it's stuck at black screen idk why pls fix it thank you!

Kyle Hinton

Decent fun for a bit. They got way to greedy with the ads of course so I uninstalled it. I am starting to really get tired of games playing 30 second adds every couple of minutes.. In fact I am gonna drop it another star because that is how annoyed I am with all these cell phone games..

Joshua Mincey

It dose not play after the first sene. The screen on the app. Goes black. The sound stills plays.

Curtis Alford


Jeremy Faulkner

I got past the tutorial juat fine, but after the loading screen became glitchy. Fun other than that.

Greg King

Crashes after 1st round....music on but black screen

garcyber ji

ads everywhere.. although it's optional, your inner soul will be forced to watched it for faster progress XD.. if you like to watch ads, this game is for you :)

John Hall

At the moment I liked the game when it loads .but it has problems load I don't know why.