Tank Hero – Fun and addicting game

Author: Betta Games

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The tank war has begun, the enemies are gathered for an attack. All you can do now, is to use your special ability to defend against waves of enemy tanks, then find the opportunity for a counter attack. Remember, once you die, you will restart from the beginning.


-Simple Controls: Drag to run and release to attack.
-Unlimited Upgrade: Upgrade your weapons and other equipment, or you won’t be able to fight against the stronger enemies.
-Variety of Skills: More than 100 skills for you to choose from, use them to maximize your firepower.
-Unique Talent: Randomly chosen talents, to give you a permanent boost.
-Stronger Bosses: Conquer strong Bosses, each one is stronger than the last.

This game is simple to play and extremely addictive. Downloading it will be the best decision you ever make.

This game is free-to-play, but we offer in-app purchases for a richer gaming experience. The items you purchase will assist you in the most crucial moments during battle.

We would love to hear your feedback, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us via our customer service email: tankhero2019@gmail.com
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Detailed info

File size: 75M
Update time: August 31, 2021
Current version: 1.8.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Betta Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tony Wagner

Fun game

jarah Mohammed


Hamza D Ben-Hesham

Fun game, very slow though


Very catchy. Plenty of free content. Has lots of adds but most are optional and only have a minor influence on game progression.

R. Bima W.P.

F2p friendly

Alex Rivera

Cool game

Marcos Flores

It's fun to grind and power ups You should be playing right now

pratish stha

Some of the main enemy attack are unable to douge

Su Arcana

Paused the game but after some time it played by itself. Happened so many times. Also there is always lag inside the game. Tank movement is lagged but not the enemy attacks. Jeeeeeezzzz!

David Obadofin

Every update seems to make things worse. How exactly are we supposed to get tank cores now?? You removed them from daily shop and points shop. Might have to uninstall if there's no way to level up my tank

Jay smooth

Mmmm fun

Garth Walters

Very fun game

Rufus Gilliam

Fun game ads can get annoying, but overall fun game can help keep me focused. Thanks

Andrew Higgs

Very fun, and I like building these tanks

Niko Dian Pahlevi


Trenton Ghorley

In update they lowered drop rates dramatically so its impossible to get anything good, they doubled the cost of key items, they lowered the gem rewards, and they weakened the tanks.They consistently ruin everything good about this game with each update and they do it out of greed. They created tanks that your not able to win through chests but they claim you can so you keep buying more chests. Life lesson for all developers: GREED RUINS EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES! Hopefully youll learn that one day

dummy dummy

Best game ever.

dan bowes

Very fun!

Jamie Furlong

This game is boring with no skill required except to move the tank forwards to each level, which last all of two seconds. Trundle on to the next level, leave the tank sitting there while it shoots at stuff automatically, move it onto the next level, repeat ad infinitem. Graphics are good but where's the gameplay? What's the challenge? The games gets very tedious very quickly.

Joseph Guenther

It's a fun game and great to kill time, unfortunately, most of the time it relies on the luck of the draw with power ups, and the better the power up the more rare it is to get it. They make it hard to progress with out spending money and this isn't a game you spend money on, nice try though devs. And stop making levels with 100+ projectiles coming at you..... trash way to get people to spend money on your game. SMH

todd wiley


William Teague


Ken Mairo Tolentino

*Pretty challenging game *Not pay to win *Good time killer

galaxy jeajj

I love the game but can you please add a tank skin like Christmas tank skin. jungle tank skin dessert tank skin il rate it Five star thanks.

David Stephens

If the lag issue gets fixed then it would be a 5 start game

Jarah Mohammed

I love it

Insan Pramana

Good game


"Hey! Watch our advertisment! It isn't our game, or our gameplay. But we are showing you an advertisment so you should download it anyway." I'd give you negative 10stars just on principle if I could. Nothing worse than developers that lie to get their game downloaded.

Brett Banfill

I like it its very fun

Robert Boris

Just started playing yesterday seems like its alot of fun. Don't have to pay to win.

Rogelio Hubilla


Ron Williams

Upgrade the battlefield to a open field, and allow players to battle each other

Douglas Spires

Fun and interesting take on Archero

Jay Van Zinderen


The Godfather

Fun game.

Ahmad shazli

good gg

nur akbari Hidayat

Cool.. Exciting..

Jericho Castro


caymen shepherd

it's so swag


حلوه بس لمدة قصير فتمل