Tank Combat : Iron Forces Battlezone

Author: Warlock Studio

100,000+ install


Tank Combat : Iron Forces Battlezone – Enjoy sci-fi tank battlezone in this awesome 3D iron tank war game!

Detailed info

File size: 44M
Update time: July 8, 2021
Current version: 1.8.15
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Warlock Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Terry Sambani

Amazing tanks abilities good game. I never seen tanks like that

6080 Fphp


Peniel Felix

The game is awesome u too should try it. I love the controls, graphics are so cool and what's more amazing is that the tank has a shield that auto repairs.infact I love the game it's worth downloading 👍👍👍

Fred Cagle


side effects

this is incredible but what engine does this run on and can you add more tanks and factions

Byron walton

The coolest game no problems It's one of best of is the 1 designed it your good

gary lees

Easy to get into

Epic Goldfish_69

This game is what a game should be. Thanks for making this game for us! Keep up the good work!

Clay Burroughs

Nice game I Like it

Just a Guy

Simply nice

Monica Reyes

it's amazing and addictive

Geovanny Vargas

It is great, wisdoms of of faith

benjamin Alonzo

Im impressed this game is well made and underrated

Abdul Rahman Salleh

Simply ~ Fabulous.

Reeja Kennady

This is a super gaming app. I think this is not a good game before downloading, but after I really love it. This app have no delay. If your looking for a m entertaining game, just download it

World One, Professor James Perry

UPDATE: I actaully lost this game in the cloud(s) Lol But Peter "Warlock" Sokolove made my loses up to me, even though I may have contributed to them. We Have One Very Generous Warlock Here! Thanks Man! Peace... Initial Problem: After using the game and putting about $25 in it over a few weeks, my gold amount was blanked as was my money and the game started over. Liked it till then but now I don't know and I see no easy way to get this information to you other than this.

islam Muhammad elhady attia

Best ever

Jaybee Ramirez


Jerald Michaels

Good fun game BUT energy limit really if I have time to play game should work I'm old enough that my mommy doesn't tell me when to go to bed

David Gonzales

I really like this game WOW. Everything about this game is amazing between Graphics,movement are really amazing very well done. Why can't games like this be done all the time. A must download.

Brian Gardner

What happened to the good tank games like battle tanks for Nintendo 64

Konstantin Botev

Very good game I don't know what else to say!

Elijah Harpjr

Thought i did review already cool graphics ok controls even upgrades i like how $ earned

jenica avellaneda

Nice game

Michael White

Very good I like it too much

Cesar Gamboa

Tank combat is a good game.. Controls are good and you can maneuver your tank easily, and chasing and locating the enemies.. Thanks developers.. I hope you do some games like this.. Install this people if you want a good game..

rodel Pesebre

I like this..

Rosario alce


scott bourque

Great battlezone replacement

Olanigbehin Abosede

Someone can't log out of the game,it's very bad. I logged in my Gmail on my wife's phone after which i downloaded the game,automatically it signed me up to my old game and logged me off from the new game

Junior Igafo

Best action i've ever played, thank you

Richard Powell

This game is awesome I love how the heavy tanks are the controls are not too bad but they're pretty good I mean they're a little bit weird because when you push your finger forward 😉 my tank moves backwards but so far it's good I play this when I was a little child I last played it a few years ago

Pollo Arellano

I've played this game and it's really fun and I love it super much super duper duper duper duper duper duper duper duper duper much it's a cool cool cool cool cool cool cool game that I love it's super duper duper duper duper duper much .

John Clarence Mercado

This game is perfect.

Ralph Hoyah

Great game but the heavy tanks are somewhat slow for my liking. Explosions are great. Gameplay is smooth. Control is very good.

George Day

Love it! The sound effects r very gud too! EXPLOSIONS!

all about kyle


Sehija Hans

So so so nice game

Fatmata Sheriff

This game looks cool

James Aseltine

One of the best hands down

mark seixas

Fun game controls work great no glitches so far , 👍👍

Joseph Crain

It's a very exciting game. Lots of destrutction.

Dipti Khan

Nice game.

Hazril Zakuan


Philbeyphb Mack

I like it alot but i do' t like t lose

Ben Kabey


Crazy J

Great fun

Michael Hamblen

it is a great game! not too expensive. not to difficult. nice!

zando aferzio

nice graphics and gameplay, overall it is a awesome game.

William Cayea

Great job

Dave Baskett

Very good game I

Daniel Morris

My kind of game finally

Mark Wilson

FUN. Ads Suck!!!!

A Google user

I love this game. I getting it again. I love tank battle games!! Great game! 👍😎👋😁 It's Cool!

A Google user

Great Needs louder sound effects when firing

A Google user

The sample game was ok, now not offline anymore, need to have internet (data) to play on... Uninstalled

A Google user

Great Action...

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user


A Google user

Control & graphics r too good soo smooth 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🥂🥃🍻🍾🍺😊😊😊😊

A Google user


A Google user

I am enjoying the game. And I humbly admit to user error in not exploring fully the options. Also a little spell check for my last input :). Mortician, oops. But I digress. This game is cool thus far in a does take me back to the old Battlezone days.

A Google user

nice game!

A Google user

Awesome experience

A Google user

Excellent!!! A big thank to the developer of this nice game. Quite artistically detailed; from an outstanding graphics to the effects!

A Google user

Enjoy it. Keeps me coming back

A Google user

This game is just like the arcade 80s game battlezone.

A Google user


A Google user

Good apps store

A Google user


A Google user

No extra weapons

A Google user

Simple.wise choice.maintainance wise.

A Google user

Great game. No glitches found at this time. Rewards are fairly easy to earn.

A Google user

Pretty dope game

A Google user


A Google user

The best tank game i have found. Tank is easy to move and fast. This is a keeper. Very Enjoyable game!

A Google user

I Like it very much

A Google user


A Google user

Forkin awsome love it great simple fun good art pleasant graphics reminds me of a game i played that had hover tanks in the arcade sort of a booth sit down type cool music and easy controls similar to incoming in a way great game in my book 2thumbs up

A Google user

Its a fun game ty i like it

A Google user

Pretty, good just getting used to it some

A Google user

Fun game keeps my attention

A Google user

This game is fun!!!!

A Google user

it my first time playing, (ILikeIT)

A Google user

Nice game

A Google user

Nice control of tank and good targetting

A Google user

Great shooter experience. Nice machines easy to control.thanks

A Google user

silly arcade game

A Google user

Best game

A Google user

Good game

A Google user

An assume experience

A Google user

There was six I would give it six

A Google user

I thought this was going to be a good game, but after a few battles, al the radar, triangles, and ground objects do no make sense...will uninstall, and go back to Furious Tank-War of Worlds.

A Google user

Choice of controls. Good graphics. My favorite new game.

A Google user

Nice war tank

A Google user

Ausome nice game and dis game is verry sentimental for me

A Google user

Lots of fun nice fxs

A Google user

Can you make the missiles unlimited,please

A Google user

Its a good game with good controls and not to much adds