Get as tall and wide as you can to take out bots and beat the level!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Supersonic Studios LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ebenezzer Hagos


withered bonnie gamer dude


Jayden Brandy


Corey Cantrill


Septi Andanari


Michael Christie

Riddled with ads it's dire

Judy Batson



me da racia cuando ek gorso

Lucas Iannelli

I cant upgrad my salf because the adds are to big!

Thomas Hubbard

to many adds

Amjad Javed



Too many ads but a nice game but reduced the ads or else people won't play ur game

jem kennedy

Great game really good time waster if your bored. I would definitely recommend

Ellen Montero

I'm still bored in this game

reena Vyas

I like this

Awadesh Prasad

Bad game

maxx Colville


Bhoomi Kushwah

Deepak kush

veeresh Veeru


Nito Kappy

way too many ads

Batool Amr

It's a fun and beautiful game I love it

Andrew Yoder

I'm sure there's a game somewhere between the ads

Luke Morrison

This game is perfection Its underated 5.9 stars

Martha Udo

ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴋᴇᴇᴘ ɪᴛ ᴜᴘ.

Zianic Duncan Grima


Satish Desai

I. like this g

Faizan Rajpoot

Nice game


this game is amazing and I have no words to say about this game

Samar Elkissy

لعبه حلوه والله

Matthew Joustra

be tall.

M ahmad adnan ahmad adnan

dog gada

bristy akter

The bast

Night Hunter

Too much adds and its a waste of time

Nicolás G. Rico

Demasiada publicidad para jugar

Navneet Nain

There just too many ads

Yazhini Yazhini

This game is very fun and enjoy the game

Chris Peters

The game is fun, but there are some ads in the game. They are horrible, but, would you mind keeping the Slither Zone ad? Thank you!

Omar Rashed

umnn boring and many ADS

Umanshu Jindal

i don't know why i have to play game to watch those ads. let me watch ads in peace

bemnet surafel


Aniket Khaire


Gitesh Sahu

totally disgusting game ever i have played

Pari Pal


Sarina Zamani

عالی بود

Jai LibanganTV

too many ads

Jas Wright

great game just the add at the end of every level makes it frustrating

Angga Gunawan

harus pake internet


-too many adds -the add volume randomly rises up which can be really embarrassing depending on where u are

Lucky Neha1280

neha kaur

Kamabar nirvish den Nirevesh knabar

જ પણ પર ટન નવ ધ

Alin Ciocirlan

Nice game but full of advertising, you cannot play only single level without 2-3 abvertising

Arun Vaghela


Scott Moritz

Expect ads about every 40 seconds. I'm not exaggerating.

RefLexGoD Op

The worstttttttttttt

Romeo jr Cabrera

too many ads, it's the worst game ever


This game has changed my life. Before I played this game I was balding, bored, no girlfriend, etc now I am a changed myself as i may still be balding and do not have females but i am no longer bored

Rose Alrifae

this is cool but try to change the app and put without wifi ok?

Michael Mwangi

l have your game

goggled gecko

Good tall and very yes fat and short but no me you?

hmmm mody


Abdul Ahad

Banda nashy kerta hai game wala

Aiden Greenwood

I like it but there is too many adds like I could just be normal playing and get an mid way and it is so annoying

Mohith Sharma

Very bad game

Yeimy Martinez

so so fun❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rabeb Farhat


Anastia Libelle

Way too many ads (after every single round of playing - means you have to watch mire ads than you actually can play)

Dada Peer


Sushant Gyawali

it funnnnnnnnn

Wes Hopper

Ads, as usual. But then some... one popped up right in the MIDDLE of a run, so I immediately uninstalled.


the ads are LONGER than game time. Definitely a waste of time.

Zainab Homikai Bubuko

Good Game but the man is slow

Purple Sus

too many ads

Hastings Family

It's a terrible game

Jennifer Salas

pangit puro ads nakakaumay Laroin

That racoon Guy

This is just obesity simulator l, why does the character get so fat like yo mama.

Talia Ava

Very good no ads overall very good game and it is offline 👍


The developers don't know how to place interstitial adsm they comes in between the game level. Very annoying don't install. Also the game play isn't the best either.

Sai Sai

Sec duck eggs take TV itching UCC Eric FF yes DC hubs STC gun STC gobble sec highly see VIII see j

Ram vinay Sharma

Very nice 👍👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂

Victor Brito

NRCY - Meaning: Not Ready to Comment Yet 🧐 When I Am,🤔 I Will 🙉💁🏽💁🏼💁🏻

Cherukattu Mathews

i was very tall and i win

Mohamed Ashfaq


Sydney Funk

More ads than the gameplay itself

Islam Tajul


Chris D

Ad fest

Santosh Magdum


Rahim MMH

၍ ?၌ဌဝဓဂီ


the only reason I added an extra star on my one star is that it's the same ad-simulator bs, BUT WHEN YOU LIFT YOU FINGER IT STOPS!! like the character stops and I love that

AMINE red devil


M Cameron

I don't mind ads, but don't interrupt mid level to run it until I at least finish a level

Rhys Grenzberg

ok game. the adds are way too aggressive. adds show after almost every game. touching the screen anywhere during an add redirects to the app store.


Excellent job

Yamileth De Leon

me en canta me gusta jugar

Noni Taank


Sudhir 12

Too much adds

Suraj Rajput

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Zaniyar Sa'id

worst game ever

Rasanpreet Singh

good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Neel Nanayakkara

Good game

zongurfeyat zongur

Özet geçeyim bir şey yok