Tailor Master 3D

Author: Murat Ozkan

100K+ install


Unlock new sewing threads, use them in your loom machines and make amazing clothes. More colorful clothes means more money so don’t forget to use colorful threads. There are tons of clothes such as shirts, pants, dresses and even bikinis.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 19, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Murat Ozkan
Price: Free
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Customer review

Khallia Walker

and WHY are WE FORCED TO GET THE MAN IN ORANGE OVERALLS please fix that I don't want to waste my time on 2 ADS and he mixes all of my CLOTHES UP I don't like it please fix it this game is horrible the thing is that EVERY 3 MINUTES : WHAT DO YOU GET: AD'S AND WHO KEEPS FOLLOWING YOU AROUND FOR NO REASON TO GET THINGS: MAN WITH OVERALLS! LORDY LORD LORD PLS FIX IT

shari eugenio

cool Amazing tailor master

Dontrell Bright

Good luck

Rolan Grafe

good 🎮 game

Lethabo Vena

This game is fun but I think it has a glitch because at some point the customers just stand there and don't buy anything

Jess Wolfe - Robinson

I literally just downloaded the game a sec ago. This game is just all glitches nothing works. Taking the Game off my device already. Disappointing had hopes for it.

Dom Gonzo

I do not like this game because it does not show the money you have

minty-rose taylor

graphics absolutly broken, coppies of your shaddow everywhere, rope glitches so it doesnt actuly run out properly if its not rendered, money counter blank all the time cant pay for upgrades only rope and models

Mary Ashburn

Game might be good if it didn't freeze up after 2 seconds of playing!

BreBreSoGorgeous Griggs

When it wasn't working I go to reinstall it and then I can't get it no more

Call me rishi

There is no money showing as well as there is no showing of buying a thing

mohammad adnan babelli

The game is good but when im trying to use the adds it wont let me please reply to me bcuz i am impatient

Jagan 9 B



wow that good at all download now :)

Vamsi Krishna

The game is bugged.

Madi Dog

I can't see how much money I have but everything else is fun

Kelvin Davies

It has all shadows everywhere and doesn't show money amount and no option to say no to an advertisement offer

Lesley Burchell

Needs more levels

Jennifer Wagaman

Cool game has potential but way too many ads

Edward Bibbey

Had the audacity to request a review....so here you go. If you love watching ads....then this game is definitely for you. Forget the gameplay as currently the ads make this unplayable. Greedy developers I suspect.

Avory Camisa


Helana Dunbar

Good game but so many problems

Rachel Farrar

it's full of glitches and never fully loads

Jenni Piad

Meh la soyina lea mole tay soy moay

MTF Commander

Very broken shows shadow on every tile

Kaku Arora


Nanda Bhadur


Carson Belfield

The game is very glitchy, and I never know what money I have. The shadows are everywhere, it's just not a good game yet. Please PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX IT!🤬😡🤬

Sad Space

The game runs slow right off the bat, and you can't even tell what is going on due to multiple shadows.

Aryan Parsana

the worst game in. the. wolrd

Nkosisphile Khumalo

This game is sooooooo un fair wan the helper comes with an offer and you bump into them you can't get out off the ad

Janus Sotomayor


eva rose

Shadows where they aren't supposed to be. The game is fun but the glitchy graphics is making it difficult to play

Lianne Leyshion

I can't see the money I'm making I can't see how much I have the floor keeps messing up I can't see how much anything cost this game needs to be fixed every time I'm moving the shadows on the floor keep moving it needs to be fixed I do like the game but it needs to be fixed


Loving this game. A few downfalls though. Money collection is a pain. Workers stack things all over. Customers get bunched up. Only 3 levels and I need more lol.

Petroné Fulton

No good grapics... cannot see the money.. just cr@ppy...

Maka ali

لاه٩ىجكتا ىغ٧ا٧

Tyler G23 Grove


Linda Reeh

can't see how much money you have.

Mcray John23

I like this game so much.

Chea Xavier

The shadows on the ground, can't see the money your earn & keeps freezing. Not fun.

Kd Dc

I cant see how much money i have in game and hoy much money for upgrades please fix this

Chris Lannoue

Everything is cool graphics are clean gameplay is as advertised but Game up looks unfinished doesn't display numbers


There's literally no numerical display for anything. Wanna buy thread stand there and hope you have the correct amount because guess what? You can't see its price or how much money you have or are making per sale. And good Gods the shadow glitching and graphics splicing is utterly horrible. It's literally unplayable in any way unless you want to spend hours running in a circle for no reason.

Aaron Palmer

too laggy, money earned not showing... please fix

Davinci Machen

it's very glitchy and very buggy... Uninstaller within 2 mins of playing

Joe Doniel

You can't see the money at all

Sara Aguilar

Boring all you do is thread machine that's it and run back and forth 🤣

Nikesh Kemchun

I love it

Iyaz Khan


Miriam Grønvold

Ads every 30 seconds.

nasir hossain


Aralè Goldbear

Doesn't show my amount of money or any text. Forcefully makes me watch adds for things I don't even want.

Hunter Booth


Remel Flestado

too much ads

Steven Lourigan

Can't get tortellini 3. Pattern needed doesn't exist.

Wicked Basket

It's fun but buggy. The thread glitches and you have to restart and the workers get in your way. That's all i got to say about it. Other than that its pretty good.


very cool

Zita Young

Very laggy could be fun if it wasn't for that

Vast Frame

Good game breaks every 5 seconds

Keni Ro

Has potential. I'd like to see the player be able to choose their color of shirt. A button to reset the strings or a pop up window to choose or reorganize the colors. A way to collect all the money at once even if it's watching an ad. Right now there seems to be on progress after 3 lvls. Every once in awhile the customers will gather up around the mannequin and just be in the way. Everything resets when you leave and products and money are not idle while your away, everything stops.

Samir Rysha

I love it

Teresa Sigmon

Got to level 3 and got all the upgrades and colors. You can't advance, no dude in a suit to fill an order for. If you exit the game and come back later all the money is gone and the nothing is being made.

stormworks stomworks

Could not download

Sandra Rhom



The money i make cant see how much i have. This game is so laggy

Elijah Lewis

like the game. could use better graphics...

Manuel Varney

doesn't display amount of earnings and shadow glitching is everywhere

Elena G

It just wont let me move when i started it up and i waited an hour and it still wasent moving please fix this

norfadzlina Sharif


Amanda Thomas

Started out good. But I'm level 2 and no matter what I do none of the threads make the clothing in correct colors for the guy.

Wanda Marianski

I'm actually enjoying the game, is there any way to get your little tailor to carry more than just 5 items of clothing? I can only see upgrades for the machines and threads

Damion Mccrae



Damn this is good!

Leigh Fraser

Nice idea but it l.a.g.s like hell & the amount of ads in play just means you spend forever trying to make anything - not worth the aggro or my time !!! Unimpressed & Uninstalled😡 ⬇️🗑⬇️


There is no money in the top right.

Remixsat 1993

Adds every 3 minutes and there's no option to pay for no ads. It takes way too long to collect your money once it's stacked up. And the upgrades to move faster barely move faster but takes all your money. They need to fix this quick

Stacey Mejia-Jimenez


Madison Moore


Linda Haddix

I think it was just the best

nadeen ahmed

cute 🥰

A Google user

It's a cool game but I'm on the second stage and the first thing you have to find to the guy is none of the thread or clothing pieces.

Yash Kabliyo


Ashley Shupperd

Didn't even get to really start it and it was screwed up. Didn't tell you how much money you had. Could barely move around. FIX IT!

Mark Madaj

Pointless, ads,ads,ads

kizzkenny productions

Only played 2 mins and can't get on with it as you can't see how much money you have just has a box with a picture of paper money in it no numbers

Mar'Taja Jackson

So far, I like it. it's interesting concept.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Nancy Witt

i can't see the money I'm making to upgrage

Mary Martin

I like it a lot

Johnathon Foster

Where is money count


OMGOSH this is so fun I have lots of colors and things plus money I have 2 keep this 4ever

Pink Lemonade Cow

I can't see how much money I have

Madeleine 343

there is little to no tutorial once you buy all the things you are asked to deliver clothes to a man in a suit and once you do nothing more happens. I know there's more to the game because there's more levels and in the pictures of the game on the app there are different kinds of clothing, but I have no idea how to get there and there's no help option or prompt from the game go tell me

Davina Cooks

Good To Relax Your Mind


More then one sado!


loving it

Amy Batteese

I just stared the game it doesn't show me how much money I make it's hard to figure out what I get next

Beth Ewers

I love it