Tailor Master 3D

Author: Murat Ozkan

100K+ install


Unlock new sewing threads, use them in your loom machines and make amazing clothes. More colorful clothes means more money so don’t forget to use colorful threads. There are tons of clothes such as shirts, pants, dresses and even bikinis.

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Update time: Jun 19, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Murat Ozkan
Price: Free
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Customer review

Elena Hunt

This is a very interesting game that you must try it out for yourself so download it on your computer or phone or your laptop and have a good time with your kids on here too have fun πŸ‘ πŸ˜€


Loving this game. A few downfalls though. Money collection is a pain and lags the game down. Customers get bunched up. Only 3 levels and I need more lol. update please!!!!

Danielle Yeoman

the game is not telling me how much money I have from selling the clothes and it is hard to tell if I have enough to buy the stuff

Yash Arudkar Yash Arudkar

Tailor master3D thanks

nisha sharma

The game is good .

Casey Ewing

Got Boring quick

Dream Fairy

Was very fun. Loved how when I changed the order of the thread it changed the pattern, but unfortunately the farther I got the more it lagged my phone and it started to over heat.

Farman Malik

Farman shah badshah why badshah p Azam Khan Mithu

Theo Dore (StarBoyTheo)

Very glitchy when you get to a certain point in the game but a very good game

Mystic Fire

Fun & potentially addictive. I can work with the ads. But the lag with collecting $ is why I give it 3*

Jazzmin Middleton

Aside from the terrible lag even after updating I still can't see how much money I have or the prices for the upgrades. I even deleted it and then reinstalled it. Several times and still the same thing.

Renee' Patrick

My income doesn't show and neither do words on the pop ups for videos or offers. The pop ups for videos also has no "X" to cancel the pop up. I either have to watch the video or restart the game to get rid of it. Not being able to see how much income I have makes upgrades difficult.

Christian Hover

Great concept and love the game but for one problem. The developers need to think about item rendering. Too many and the game just stops functioning properly. It takes this game from a 5 star to 2 star. Please fix this problem, I'd love to play more.

Nicole Baker

once game open n u start playing he show nothing on the about u have for upgrades n when u try to upgrade it won't let u please fix

Lisa Munoz

I love this game so much How do you make this game

Midnight stardust

It's an all right game but I cannot see how much money I have and then when I go to upgrade something I cannot see how much it costπŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜

Monique Ravenell

This game is very slow. It lags ( drags) it takes forever to collect money. Its discouraging

Taylor Light

Extremely laggy.



Norda Armstrong

Fix the text and ill up my stars

Nolan Matheson

this game is πŸ‘

aboudi sofyani


Michael Carr

i got the ad free one which still has ads, and the lag is bad can someone fix this bc i like the game. I will change my review when i play it and things are fixed! They did an update and nothing changed!


This game is very fun but it's hard work you have to refill the stuff alot and it's very laggy from the money because the helpers give the people alot of clothes then they give alot of money then there's ton of things to do so I can't get the money

Dana Leddy

I paid to remove ads and still have the ads.

Mohd Intekhab

Batter Game

Vincent ian Medrano


Catherine Silla


Angela Gaughan

Can't see income or how much upgrades cost

Anna Gillis

I love this game but it's so glitchy..and when you go to get the money it takes forever!!!!!! If it could be fixed it would be great cause if not I'll have to uninstall it..it's so bad it's just more frustrating than anything to play it!!! πŸ˜’

Arch angel

My ad blocker isn't working

Babs Hill

Found it a bit clumsy

Wicked Basket

It is soooooo laggy now.

Jackie Wise-Peterson

It's an awesome game but it's SO LAGGY I would easily up this to 5 stars if they fix that but until that's fixed I refuse to play it. And I also can't connect its to my Google play and save it so I can re-download it later and play from a save point that takes it down to 2 stars.

may cho


No Worries Nail Art

Ok so...I'm being nice with the 3 stars because this game does have potential. It needs A LOT of help to get where it needs to be. -I can't see how much money I have. -when I go into the upgrade menus for the machines and other things, I can't see how much it takes to upgrade or whatever it's supposed to show on the ad button. -As many others mentioned, the lag is AWFUL! -I don't mind having to watch ads to play a game. It makes them free and I don't have to spend money but omg it keeps πŸ₯Ά.

Mel B

It is a cute game but since progression can be slow you end up clicking on an item to watch an add. So clicking adds to gain more money faster than once you get to a good flow they start hitting you with random adds. The production of clothes vs flow of customers is off. The clothes are piled so high you can't see them(there should be a cut off point) than it begins to glitch. I agree you should be able to just clip off a color and take it to another station and the other one just rolls back .

Taz Domneva

I'm giving it a 2 Star because it is a good game, but the lag is just unmanageable, I feel like the money Gathering should be a lot faster, instantaneous when you touch the pile or go directly to your "bank", cause the money causes a lot of lag and it sucks

Rick Roland

Game runs super slow and choppy. Hard to play because it is so choppy


Its fun

Tisha Crabtree

To many ads

Ummehani Hodekar

Nice game

Georgino Ventriloquo

When you do the ads for free product it doesn't work which ruins the experience. Trash.

Arissa Halim

It is aa ggoodd ggaammee oohh nnoo A hrycj7 hubg yfg5ed9z8rwx5exr58xfvt7ct7cuog Pop Pooo


No sound

Ravi ranjan Kumar

kutta game wala

Kiara P

I give 🌟4/5🌟. I am starstruck 🀩 But the reason I put 4 🌟 is because there is a glitch, when fixed I might add 5th 🌟, where when the money pile goes off screen, I can tell if it is on screen immediately, that the costumers leave without playing. I am leaving this for the development team, not telling this as a horrible review, again, 🌟4/5🌟


Super laggy, doesn't show how text of buttons or money at all.

Sujit Kumar

Free fireπŸ”₯

Cedrick San Juan

It's a good game but I can't see my money

Umesh Bhatt


Bernice Smith

I just started playing it, DAMN!!! Let me play some more, then I'll COMPLAIN!!! Okay, now I have a complaint. This game is draggy! It's too awkward, and it costs too much to generate the next garment machine and yarn!!! Can you do something about those glitches, since you're in a hurry for my complaint!!

Tanya Marker

Lots of glitches. Slow and lags

Ashley Gibson

Couldn't see the money I had and when ads came up offering to remove the ads there wasn't any way to click out even tried deleting and redownloading it was still the same.

Jeevan Lodhi

Kartik lodhi

Zeek Hurse

I would enjoy this game if I could see how much money I have):/

Karla Rauda

Love the game except for the lag, have the option to remove ads instead of the one time offer and would be nice if the helpers could also collect money!

Babybear 767

Can't see how much money I have or when I go to upgrade my stuff I just can't see neither one off them at all

Jit Samanta

Nice game iam fibestar Ok



Ashley Bahling

Way too many ads, whenever I collect the money I have no clue how much I have, it does not show at the top

Qian Longakit


Lalhmingmawia Lalhmingmawia

i loved dis game πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ₯°πŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ l

Keilani Gamba

The Game was pretty good but it doesn't show how much money you have. And Redownloading doesn't work.

renae stocks

adds that run at the bottom of the screen that make the game glitch. can't see the money as well

Saim Khan

My love is game name Tailor Master 3D ok thanks

Thalia Moore

I can't even see how much money I'm making in the game. It doesn't show any number. And the workers and adds to upgrade won't let me click out and it covers my character I can't even see where I'm going it's irritating. It would be awesome if I can see my numbers and can x out easily instead of exit the game and going back on over And over and the lag is frustrating also

Spring (KSM75)

Needs more levels. And now after update I can't even move due to the severe lag. I really enjoy playing this game. Will increase score once this is fixed.

sk aftab

I love the game but the problem is when I going for collect money it's too much laging. please fixed it

Kira Armitage

Very buggy on my phone can't see any of the numbers except the ones on the floor inorder to buy more machines but other then that nothing also shadows of said machines plus thread everywhere when theirs nothing to cast them if these issues can be fixed then I will reinstall and give a better review

Airianne Mae Bocacao

Itong laro ay nagustuhan ko.

Maze Game

Update needs work. More lags and way slower money collect time

NeipfΓΌ Vizo


m rayan

Very cool game

Roblox fame

it's a little laggy which I don't like

joey rodriguez


Angel A

Can't play after a bit due to lag

Deep Singh

Op game

michelle c

It sucks

Ryder Shelley

I cant see how much money i have.

Cyrus Brackley

I love this game but I don't like it because it doesn't show how much money you have


Super bad the game is split there are 3 shadows of me and the machine I can tell that's not right. Also I can't see how much things cost and there are no words any ware and I knew there are some

bonbon eddy

I love it

Matthew Miller (InvisibleWater)

Cool game, but it runs like it's been kicked in the balls.

Asha Talegaonkar

I love game


Ads. I don't think I need to say anything else.

Suhan Vadgama786

Why the money is didn't showing it is not visible

Freya Klaus

it's good & bad

Gemma Paveley

Love this game. Great to play. Latest update makes it unplayable due to the lag. I won't be playing the game until the next update. Fingers crossed they can fix it.

Suhaim Bamarouf

Suhaim πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Jason Ullmo

Somewhat fun game, but there are a lot of ads and after playing for some time, the game performance slows way down. Unplayable after a while. Uninstalled.

Cecilia Mckinney

Very glitchy too many adds

Kathleen Earley

It is ok

Adityaraj Gohil


Olivia Nguyen

There needs to be an option to collect all money piling up on the floor. If it gets too high it lags sooooooo bad and you can't collect it faster than it piles up. And then it gets worse and worse until it's unplayable.

Dakota Robinson

Game lags terribly, froze my entire phone. Be weary of downloading.


When I play this game there is no words it doesn't show you how much money you have or even basic text


Nice game

Mukesh Saarsar

It is good but it lags

Tanmay Rajpal

lags a lot