Sword Hunter

Author: Potato Play

50,000+ install


Sword Hunter – Nonstop Hack n Slash

Detailed info

File size: 105M
Update time: April 20, 2021
Current version: 1.0.1
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Potato Play
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michael Lee

Just best game

Lucid Ang

Unable to even proceed past the login screen.Kept getting prompt login in failed.Utter waste of time

Maxi Max

Its a nice game but the an issue with the network. Keeps on DC. Couldn't log-in properly when start up

Flipped Matriz

Can't delete it and can't download new apps gg help me

Maria Arkeisha Clemente

Nothing's good on this game now. It will makes you more stress because of some damn features and modes.

Renzo Rosales

My Wi-Fi is no working in thi s game

EastKevin EAST


Niño Lagarde

Good game

An Ads

5 stars I rate it it's the best you know I like this it's The BESTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!

ian Moone

I love the game but i wish i can play it offline without having "network error" popping up. I would love to continue playing if its offline.



johnny chu

🐷🥩=🦀Pork chop Vanessa🤣🤣🤣

genius puzzle and card game maker

This game is very fun just that too many video ads

I am not me

Controls arent good

David Grant

I really like the game but it crashes too frequently especially after watching ads. Developers PLEASE FIX THE GAME!!!!

Jordan Joestar

A nice game but sometimes every time free to view video got my game exit if the video is finished, and error to connect in the internet. If this is bug it need to be fix.

Gian Carlo Gonzales

Make this online and add more features

ferdinand crayop

Ove the game but it exits after watching ada with no reward. Its anoying. Please fix

Triết Phạm Serene

good game

Alex Pham Huy

Worst game ever. Although the wifi is right next to me, it kept blocking me out of the game. I've never experienced this before and really, I'm asking the admin to fix this kind of bug right away cause it's stopping players for entering the game. Anh this game will no longer have players :<< So please, make it a better experience for all players who can't enter the game :33

Uan Furigay

Never mind i can actually play it just needs time also your game is amazing

Manuelito Grate

The game always crashed fix it please

Kevin Adenka

It keeps closing all the time,SO sad it could have been better

Ehlo Ray Thornton

Nice game so addictive. I wish the controls has a joy stick and attack botton. And lastly everytime i reset the weapon it only has 5% chance to retrieve ive done it almost 20 times before i get to reset 1 item its such a waste of time watching ads and you get a very low chance of succeeding in retrieving the items that you spend in one weapon. I hope you could fix the problem.

Gabriel Palma

Gameplay is Good, Performance is Excellent in my first day playing. Next day, I started experiencing an annoying problem : Everytime I watch and FINISH an ad for a reward, I get kicked out of the game. What makes this even worse is that I don't get my rewards when I Log back into the Game😭. Please Fix These.

X0devuong0x '

A have lost all my data.

Alex xelA

It's a great game and all but there's one thing that keeps bugging me and that is the game crash most of the times when im done watching ads. Hopefully the devs fix this up

Jeff Chen

When I wrote this, there is no system to pay for gem, and u can beat any stage, the recommended dps is just recommendation, do a hit and run, and you can conquer any stage

Jayson Paul Gerald C. Enriquez

Wow it has the Sakura from PGR

Krishnaram Sonowal

Please fix the network problem i am requesting you

Kouhai Kun

Good game. But the stamina is really2 have a small amount

WL Pang

The game keep crashing after watching a advertisement. Watch so many advertisement but no reward.

Bo Bo Aung

This game is so need update / next update need new mod and need story / please addauto-rotate ......

Winston Besada

I love this app

Moana Mckane


Duc Anh Le

No cloud save

KNathan Balila

Very nice game

Leo The Spicy Pepper

I like the game very much but one problem, whenevr i watch an ad to claim a reward the game crashes and the reward is not counted. Please fix that, i cannot complete all the tasks with such a problem

Pham Chuong

Color blind mode where? I got hit because i cant see the enemy. Sucks

Ali Fitriansyah

I got bug Network error

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