Sword Clicker : Idle Clicker

Author: Excellcube

10,000+ install


Sword Clicker : Idle Clicker – Killing time! Addictive Clicker Sword Raising Game!

Detailed info

File size: 115M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 1.2.5
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Excellcube
Price: Free
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Customer review

John Ovens

Can't give it a lower rating

Wow Wow

Another greedy, money hungry developer getting his just deserts and ruining what might had been a fun game by making it completely impossible to play without spending money. You got what you deserve.

Shalmieza Ismail


daniel longbottom

Previous problem fixed for now

Cyril Jules Nocillado


Ryan Nakamoto

UI issues, literally makes the game unplayable for me.

Kazumi Pajaron

I'm using auto clicker 👽👽👽👽👽

Mannu Kumar

I think this game go very better in 2025

Mark Christian Peralta



Such a boring game

Lukas Lafreniere

Pro Game

Gavin Waterman

This is just one of the best sword clicker games I've ever played! just simple you get gems to get new like little abilities or something and then use your coins to get new blades or swords I can get like thousands of coins per second definitely recommend this!


Awesome clicker game! It feels different from the others its just awesome keep it up!

Christopher Villaran

Too bland

Raphael Lester

This game is actually pretty awesome! recommended to download and play :)

Blackblood Syndicate

Can't seem to get passed the dummies for some reason Uninstalled and reinstalled still same issue

Braydan Simpson

its very fun pls make a seconed one pls

Rahul Tyagi

The Power of auto cilcker


It's kind of good 👍



Will Olp

Not idle without paying for it.

Daniel Nie

Boring trash game

Trent L.

At the end of the game and now cycling through boss monsters, getting almost no rubies with bosses over 200k hp. Sitting on 28,000,000 gold with nothing to upgrade.

Multi Sheet

can you add the upgrade add the 50 at the down just add it because my dmg is over 50 so i just one shot it

Devin Tisdale

Good game!!

Talos Allen



There's really not much to do here. There's only 6 upgrades. 4 of them cost premium currency to use features that also cost premium currency. Theres really no sense of character development. Just upgrade your weapon, kill as many monsters as possible. Maybe wipe a boss. Rinse and repeat. The game has potential but as it stands now, it doesn't pop out from the competition in any way. Quite unfortunate indeed. Can't wait to see what future updates will bring though.

david delisle (dingo dave)


Nymfa Dagondon

Mamamamamamamama soloto papiping koringkingkong

Anthony Stanford

This game pushes you to buy gems or the dmg buff. There are a limited number of sword levels and crit levels. Around the stage 30-33, mobs have such high health that you cant reasonably farm gems to fight new bosses. So instead if you wamt to progress further beyond you need to buy gems and the damage buff. No point in playing this. Only took some of yesterday and today to reach this point.

Aaron Chong

Game has potential, just needs major rebranding, with either the expense of the weapons or the damage of the swords

David Kucherawy (Inkman)

i what markipleier in the game

Redd Diamond 64

It's trash lol

Rusu Cosmin

Evryfing in this game needs gems witch makes people wanna watch ads or pay in order to progres faster nice scheme but just - no -

Mac Jun Valdez

Good game man but lag in the game

anton xavier

nob you

Star Talentz

Its good but hard to upgrade the sword

Ding Dong

Fun at the start but not enough damage for how much money you need to get the next blade don't recomend

Abhishek Choudhary

BAD GAME 😠😠😤😤😠😠😡👿👿👿

Jonathan Fernandez

I understand this game is still in dev. But it's already a train wreck. Prices are way to high the swords don't actually do the damage they say they do. Purely based on gems which you earn 1 every once in awhile, even from boss battles. Only way to progress is upgrade skills using gems, cast skills using gems to fight a boss that cost gems to fight. Don't download, this game needs to just be removed.

ryan adiwinata

Great Game, I Recommend It For About 5+ Its So Great In Its Own Way!