Switchcraft: Magical Match 3

Author: Wooga

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Switchcraft: Magical Match 3 – Play a magical match 3 and unlock the mystery stirring up the world of witches

Welcome to Pendle Hill, the top Academy for witches! Tucked away in the little town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, it is home to far more than its students – a dark and magical mystery is stirring that will rock the world of witches to its very core.

Lydia, an 18-year-old Pendle Hill freshman, has disappeared, a conspiracy is brewing, and it’s up to her friend, Bailey, to get to the bottom of the mystery. Gaia knows Bailey could use your help! Using your matching skills, unlock a rich mature story full of meaningful relationships, secrecy, and puzzles, in an interactive experience where the choices you make matter and lead Bailey down different paths. You get to choose who you trust, who you don’t, who you like, and who you really like.

As you puzzle your way through hundreds of spellbinding levels, this beautiful graphic novel unfurls to reveal the truth behind Lydia’s tragic disappearance. Cast spells, uncover clues, collect rewards, and match 3 or more magical gems and crystals to harness the powers of witchcraft in a thrilling interactive urban fantasy story.

In this adventure set in a 21st-century wizarding world, you’ll meet witches with lovable quirks who will become your closest friends… and others who may betray you! It’s up to you how your story unfolds.

In Switchcraft:

🔮 Encounter the unexpected with Switchcraft’s match 3 – experience different directional gravities, portals, and spirits in the metaphysical realm!

💎 Calm the chaotic mind and match 3 or more the gems and crystals to increase your magicka, the source of all magic.

🗝📖 Collect Magicka Crystals to harness your powers of witchcraft and unlock the serialised urban fantasy mystery story in this 21st-century wizarding world.

↔️ Choose your path in this interactive story for adults, rich with meaningful relationships, secrecy, and magic.

🔦 Interact with the story – cast spells, and find and collect clues.

Switchcraft is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

You may require an internet connection to play Switchcraft and access its social features. Switchcraft may also contain advertising.

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Detailed info

File size: 151M
Update time: October 6, 2021
Current version: 1.1.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Wooga
Price: Free
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Customer review


Love this game!!

Tolly Hawk

exactly what I have been looking for in a mobile game for the longest time. simple but fun gameplay with a story that sucks you in and makes you want to know what's next. thank you for this game. I love it.

Janna Lemster

Love the game, the only thing i don't like is how uneven the difficulty gets in advanced levels. Sometimes, the levels that suppose to be super hard can be solved in under 3 tries, while the levels that suppose to be easy (and get you lower reward) are sometimes much harder to complete and require much more tries.

Shraboni Chakraborty

It's a great app, I am absolutely loving the storyline 😍🔥

Ruth Tallmer

Wooga games used to be the best, now not so much. This game requires spending money to play in any fun kind of way. They insert "super-hard" puzzles like, every 3rd puzzle you play. I deleted it. Don't bother. Tried again, still hate it. Wooga doesn't care.

Crystal Williams

This is a great match 3 game. The story line is fun and interesting. The graphics are gorgeous. I definitely recommend playing it.


Fun game. Haven't had trouble passing levels (currently at level 100+) Once in a blue moon I would come across a strange glitch where Bailey has transformed into a Caucasion woman with short black hair and a white shirt with an X on it.

Trash Human

I'm 17 and I can't play this 12+ game?? -_- makes no sense.

amanda lewis

love this game

Desirae Chitwood

I downloaded this app a week ago and i am already on level 200! Its my favorite witchy game i have downloaded! Very LGBT friendly and inclusive to different ethnicities!


I enjoy the game it keeps me entertained.

Debra Burgess

Glitchy, costs enough for sure. I love/hate this game-best story line, fun match 3. Way to go dems. A little expensive, don't you think?

James Warford

the game is fun and getting to choose how the story goes is great

Mario Monroy

It. Is. So. Cool.

Kimberly Caye Bryson

This game has a lot of potential but it is a money trap like alot of games. It becomes boring very quickly unless you spend money to play every day.

AM Miller

Don't be fooled by the cheesey name, this game is gorgeous! The story is the highlight here, the game play is standard match 3. I didn't want to put it down. If you love good storytelling and celestial style art, you'll love this. Plus I like that the story isn't set in high school. It's at a college.

Lei-Lei 78

very entertaining and cute.

Gwen Agness

Loved it at first, but now the difficulty is so ridiculously high I'm uninstalling. RNG is not a good strategy. Using boosters doesn't work. Pity the story is good, because the game is a joke.

Stacey Vance


vicky landry

Wow! This is a masterpiece of a game. Definitely give it a download. If you're a spiritual person you will absolutely adore this game. The puzzles, the choices, the visions, affecting the story line omg 10 out of 10

Suzanne LaCour

This game is a sleeper and I almost missed it. It's so happens that I am a Witch. The title immediately turned me off. I figured the game would follow suit. Not at all! The story is riveting, the characters are complex, to the point where I can't figure out who the bad guys are yet, and the gameplay is beautiful and relaxing, thus far. I hope it doesn't get too difficult before I get further into the story. I'm almost at level 80 and the levels are very doable. Highly recommended!

Julie clough

Sorry didnt like it but not saying others wont


Beautiful art, beautiful everything. I can't believe this game is for free.


Great game :)

Unicorn Farts

This game is amazing highly recommend it's so fun and I've been playing for the past 3 or 4 hours. The only thing I want them to change is when you get infinite hearts that you get to choose when you use them instead of automatically applying them.

Robin Theriot

I Love This Game

ahmed khalifa

The game can't be played offline

Pony Tart

the gameplay we all know with a dash of fun chose your own adventure, pretty much a hit

Michael Little

I love it.

Paulette Feddeman

Love this game . The story is on point with today not cookie cutter like the rest. The puzzles are a nice blend of easy to hard, great rewards

Olivia weatherall

love it

Sara Lavoie

I absolutely love this game I honestly can't think of anything I would want changed except maybe mini games but that's about it

790757 6743

I love this game so far! Only thing I wish was that process could be saved another way (like using Google account or email sign up) for those of us who don't use Facebook.

Coolbreeze cloud

Made it to level 100 on my first day.

Jessica Webb

so much fun with it was on my tablet something bigger to see than my small phone screen.

Heather Harris

love it great graphics and story line with the match games

Thaiis Wright

Very interactive. Captivating visuals, good storyline & graphics aren't too bad either. All in all it's a really good game for all ages.

Celia Fuller

I love this game. I love the diversity, the story, the choices. It is such a fun game. There's different challenges in the levels to help keep the match three levels from being boring. The art is beautiful. Fantastic game, developers

Farida Tamer ismail

So amazing 👏 I love it alot 😍 actually from the very beginning I played this I couldn't leave my phone or change the game everything is totally perfect 🥰 after every single round I feel curios about what is going to happen

Angela McDonald

it's fun by passes time!