Sweet Coloring: Color by Number Painting Game

Author: Tapque Tech

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Sweet Coloring: Color by Number Painting Game – Color by Number Painting Book for Adults

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File size: 56M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.0.33
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Tapque Tech
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cindy Hall

I love it.

Sherry Best

Off line when you buy I did 2.99

Dora Baynard

Love it

Oscar Sutton

One of the best color by number, I have seen.

Ned Goodwin

Love it


Love the PicsArt coloring them.

Mary Fludd


April Varricchio

Fun Game By

Vickie Esco


Caroline Me

Pictures are lovely and colouring is so relaxing, or would be if there weren't so many ads, long video ads. That is the opposite of relaxing. Not worth continuing.

Ashley Creppel

This is a really fun coloring app

Vincent Muarray

I like the app but too many ads

Tonya Horne

Needs new pictures, I've seen these same pictures for so long

Donna McCay

Donna McCay am deaf like enjoy different colors books

Terry lee Rosemary Walker

I love the app .

mobina rafiei


zamri mohamad

All frame Soo cute🥺🥺🥺🥺

yolanda rivera


Tracie Carter


shelly j

Game too slow but it's okay game you can still color the pictures. Ok coloring game.

Anahi Vargas

Great app

JoAnn Fossani

I like the pictures. They are more for an adult to color than other coloring apps

Becca Cochran

It's ok

Kelsey Hinote

I was loving it til it started bringing ads every time I tap spots to color, nobody wants ads while coloring 🤦🏼‍♀️ ion mind ads before or after I color but while I'm coloring is ignoring AF 😑 so I had to delete it ✌🏼 I have others that doesn't show ads while coloring 🙂

Andre Whirlwind horse

It's a pretty good coloring app to keep you busy and plus I like most of the pictures.

Jeffrey Coats

Very cool

Harshi Honey

Good i love it................😍👍

Tina Bennett

Wish these apps would have the pictures they advertised when you download the app instead of making you pay. Not everyone can afford to pay because of being on a fixed income. Most people do these to relax.

Linda Carrell

I like this one.👍🏻

Caroline Idele

Yes we like these coloring pages... But what would mame it better ha e more animated ones please especially Dogs&Cats.. Ty.. God Bless..

Georgia Sandy

Get it it's awesome and fun

Virginia Sibanda


Wanda Woodruff


Tawni Gibson

Like coloring on hear

Sachiko Shinohara ф

Yes it's a very fun and lovely game! Plz update! I'm almost done with all the pictures

Cynthia Tunutmoak

Fun coloring

Sally Ete


Jacqueline Brown

Amazing game love to color can't put it down 😃

Jessica Nidiffer


Sally Willie

Try to get this game n it's kinda fun to play with and have fun coloring it

A Google user

So good 👍 👏

Edmund Fragante

Very relaxing and easy ti do...

Rodulfo rodel Miguela


Aleia Moore

I personally love coloring games. I downloadd this app hoping that there wouldt be adds,but I was wrong.Every single picture you color and after that,are just adds adds adds. I personally dont even the that the add issue is going to get fixed. And the when i'm pressing the space that needs to be colored it doesn't respond. Then sometimes the annoying, and stupid adds glitch so they copletely freez, and then I have to exit out of th app and then rejoin. These are simple mistakes that can be fixed

Florante Tallada

Awesome colorings

Phyllis Jacob

This game is good d

Patricia Aiken


Angelica Faith Dela Cruz

Its so cool

Carlo Diose


Wanda Weidman

Great game to play

Angela Orogan

I love it 😍😍

i'm just some one


Sonia Lee

I like this coloring app. I paid 1.49 to remove the adds and open all pictures I just now done and I'm checking it out now


Really easy,fun and relaxing. Great pics too!!

Kaitlyn Hill

I love this game

Patricia Siekierke

Love it

Dale Courtoreille

Fun game and I like it a lot

Nicholas Kessay jr

Just like it's said sweet coloring and just start out to now and fun and relax away to take your mind of the world.

Barbara Richards


Priscilla Love

I like it

Tommy Sanders

Love this game 😍

Kio Nixon

i love coloring and the colors are amazing!!

Robert Steven

Having lots of FUN!!!

Sara Lowe

Amazing coloring pages!!!

Emily Schult Torres

a Very cool game

Starlyn Lewis

Before I even got to do the 1st puzzle (which I loved) I got an ad. After I finished the puzzle I got another add. Then I clicked on another puzzle and got another ad. I finished that puzzle and got yet another ad. So that is 5 Add for the completion of 2 puzzles. Way out of line with the ADS. ADS ADS ADS. Unless you want to spend your time wasting away watching ads edge don't download this game. It's a shame to ruin the chances of a people painting these picyures with too many ads. SMDH.

Shaemc mclemore

Love this coloring app

Marijo Chagolla


Keera Devenport


melissa fording

The unique style of coloring makes it all beautiful and adorable But PLEASE! I own a Note 9 and I have to tap a coloring space several times for the space to respond.

Melody Ritch

Cool color

Nura Zahrudin


Chasity FRANK

I love this app it just takes away ur boredom it's free and u can play it anywhere play this game u will love it

Tina Barnett

Love it its fun and relaxing time passing

Elijah Jenkins

I'm a fan of coloring, but you advertise people of color, but there are none. Most important, you as well as other coloring apps, do not feature Black males. Why is that? You'll occasionally have Black women, but no males. Shameful. Good bye. DELETED. UNINSTALLED. 😡

Zarlish Sajjad

I like this adorable game very much

Gail Davis

So relaxing love it!!

Vienna Lee

Excellent that has auto fill color in function, it can help to solve the hardest part, if can have many pictures especially Holiday, it will be a much attractive app.

Karen Esposito

I love coloring

Patricia Weaver

Cool pictures to COLOR&LOTS-OF-FUN😀

Mary Etta DiPietro

Nice 👍

Charlotte Swain

Fun ,relaxing plenty of variety and enjoyable

Lena Sanna

Enjoy coloring

Elizebeth Davis

Love the pictures and how easy it is to color on this app great so far and easy downloads I love it

Zoe Wiebe

It's a good coloring game for young people to learn how to color



David Horrigan

Excellent work to art projects. Well designed..all those good things you all do. Keep masked up wash hands. Stay healthy safe. To. Everyone's. Well being.

Kim Haynes

I thought it was a life time .

Fayth McMaster

This game is super detailed and very fun, totally recommend!

ester anderson

So far so good, the colors are vibrant and beautiful but the ads are way too much

LaQuanna Williams

My best way to pass time

Ann Bickell

Beautiful pictures:)

Karen Wise

Really. Nice. To. Do

Eliyah Cepeda

This is good i love it

Mary Morel

The long press to switch colors needs to be more sensitive, I have to press really hard to change colors, it feels like I'm going to crack my screen and most of the time it doesn't work. I may have to uninstall if I can't use the long press.

Peggy Figge

Love this so relaxing

Debra Widel

I just love this app!!! It's so much fun and there's so many great pictures to color !!! 😁💕

Jackie cope

Love you app only thing I would change it need a lot more skulls to color

Natalie Tortoreo

I can't color on here now. It won't let me choose a color. Won't change colors. Nothing. Will there be an update soon to fix that??

Cool Granny

All problems from before have been resolved. Love the colors and this app.