Swarm of Destiny: Fantasy World AfK Idle RPG Mix

Author: Fynte Games GmbH: Fabulous Idle RPG Hybrid Games

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Swarm of Destiny: Fantasy World AfK Idle RPG Mix – Get Rich, Level Up & Win epic Fights to Save the Swarm in this Calming Idle Mix!

Detailed info

File size: 64M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.8.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Fynte Games GmbH: Fabulous Idle RPG Hybrid Games
Price: Free
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Customer review


Probably a good game, but it's too slow; Graphically and Progress is too slow. Not going to sit here for a month to get to the next level.

Alex F

Gets boring quickly. Also, after unlocking the farm, the frame rate drops substantially. I'm using a Note20 Ultra so I know it's not my phone. Overall, game is monotonous and needs to be refined to fix the frame rate problem.

Bressain Dinkelman

Got boring pretty fast. I don't mind some grinding but only when the playback loop is fun and this started feeling like a chore pretty fast.

Kevin B

If you have a skill that says it blocks several attacks it should block more than 1 attack.

Brad Stoube

Fun game. Ever since the update, I've been seeing a very frustrating bug where offline time isn't paying me out. Over night after 8 hrs and a huge payday awaiting, double it with ads and after the ad no payment... has happened multiple times now.

Caveat Emptor

Amusing and casual. so far no intrusive ads or clunky mechanics. withholding a fifth star because I'm not deep enough in the game to see if it has further layers of complexity



Kurniawan Kusuma

love this game

Gracjan Myszel

Collecting unnecessary data like browser type, file views and searches as stated in privacy policy

Craig Harrison

Nice and steady idler. Enjoying it.

Gilad Gray

decent clicker so far! nice graphics, interesting design

Brandon S


Khaos Bringer

Great game. Very few ads. Nothing really needs payment. Only two real complaints and their more nitpicky than anything. The merge farm is kinda annoying. It's an okay concept but it would be great if there was an automated feature. Other than that the game needs some balancing on the gem Mines. Gems are the main currency in the game. However the prices for new structures and structure upgrades ramp up way faster than your able to produce gems. Worth the download if ya like idle games.

Theodore Karakiklas


I Love Pugs


Tate D

very fun without obtrusive ads. definitely a dev I'm willing to support with IAP.

Adrian Teh

Not bad, but once you done with Ice world unlock all the buildings, there is nothing more to do. Lack of replayability, very repetitive, although a lot of fun in the beginning.

Imanol Lorenzo

Este juego es simplemente increíble, súper adictivo. GRACIAS.

John Pak

Unique game to say the least. Really enjoying it thus far.


Nice game. I like it keep up the good work. Hope you can tweak the art to make it look better.

Cheese Lord

if there were a way to remove ads entirely for a small fee, along with cloud saving, this would easily be a 5, and one of the most interesting incrementals out there.

Luiz Dogani


Frederick Bogucki


Robert Crigger

it's a cute game very easy and good time consumer

Zechariah Bill

It's somehow this straight forward yet entirely unique application of the genre; just superb. If it peaks your interest then give it a run, it's definitely worth checking out. The only downside is that on my S10+ 5g, which runs at 120hz the game feels like it's at a constant 15fps lock.

R Summers

Cool idle game! Mimimal and unintrusive monetization is a massive plus. Would love to have a time estimate for how long until enough exp is earned for a witch to level up.

Mike F

Ok concept not a very good delivery.

Arian Vojdani

Found this game through Reddit. Really enjoying the vibes of this game and dev seems to listen to feedback. Good stuff.

Jack Locker

enjoyable start, literally haven't seen a cash shop or add in the first 10 minutes, so much better then other games.


In a World of Paywalls there is one Swarm of Destiny that goes against the heavenly Orders. Pretty rare Idle Gem! Then again. I'd pay 5-10$ to have no ads and some other Features, Witch Skill Autouse and other very possible goodies. Keep up the good work and let us throw some money at you :D

James Savage

simple and fun


amazing. no ads, super fun.

Calloway Rowell-Jore

Really fun game so far, will review again after I play for a while


Recently got this game after it was posted on Reddit, and so far it seems really good! The only problem with it is after my phone locks with the game open, then unlocks, the game's frame rate becomes really low and I have to close and reopen the game again for the framerate to become smooth.


very pleasant play :)

Z Mcd

Very fun little game!

iWin Rar

Fun game and sounds like the devs listen to reviewers. One thing I'd like to see added that isn't a deal breaker is hold to buy where if you long press buy button for a few seconds it buys quicker and quicker the longer that you press. no big deal without it but just a minor thing that I find useful at times.

Cameron Lennox

no IAP. no forced adds. fun game.

Steven Peterson

very interesting so far. Hoping to see some interesting sysstems as it develops.

Talon Silver

seems alright