Surviving Hunter

Author: WahoohooGames

10,000+ install


Surviving Hunter is a roguelike adventure game that uses pixel graphics as elements. In the middle game, you can experience the classic pixel RPG gameplay of childhood. Each map level is full of surprises. Players need to upgrade their skills and weapons by fighting monsters, improve their combat effectiveness, and go on a bloody adventure.

1. The painting style is very retro, with a lot of equipment that can be randomly obtained in the challenge.
2. The game has the classic gameplay of the end game. Players must destroy many monsters and obtain various rewards to strengthen themselves.
3. The simple gameplay is very easy, each level has different bosses waiting for you to destroy, and more challenges are waiting for you.
4. After obtaining different combat weapons, you can also show more combat skills, and you must exert your strongest strength;
5. During the operation of the gameplay, the combat characters can also come to different areas to explore;
6. Unlocking different battle items will also have different effects, you need to use them reasonably.

Intense and exciting adventures are waiting for you to participate in, enrich the fun game process, start the battle wonderfully, never relax yourself in the face of the enemy’s attack, and the variety of test gameplay will bring you more fun.

Detailed info

File size: 31M
Update time: April 26, 2022
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: WahoohooGames
Price: Free
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Customer review

When Gone


Matt Chamberlain

unable to close apex legends Advertisement so it ruins my run

Chris Camp

This game is stolen. It's literally Vampire Survivors with an extremely predatory monetisation system attached. Do not get this game. Do not give them revenue. Vampire Survivors is $3 on Steam and it's amazing. Go get that.

Iowkey _

Cheap rip off of Vampire Survivors on pc. Lots of ads, controls and graphics doesnt translate well to mobile. It looks a lot like the original pc game, they even copied the music and sounds.. but its not a good rip. I think I'm gonna send a mail to VS creators about this IP theft

Obito Uchiha

This game is a copy and paste of the game Vampire Survivors made by Poncle

Olivier Gagnon

Stolen code from Vampire Survivors

Kostas Froggy

It's a cheap copy of Vampire Survivors from steam.


Good game exaclty like vampire surviors but can you please update it to look like current vampire surviors

Neko Eyes

Doesn't open

Vali T

Shameless copy of Vampires Survival.

Quocthang Nguyen


Young VC

DO NOT PLAY OR BUY ANYTHING IN THIS GAME! Absolute blatant rip off of the indie game Vampire Survivors, the game is copy pasted with the same names of characters, maps, and the items. They put their own ui to make it seem like it's their original game but it could only be farther from the truth. By playing this game you are stealing sales from a small indie company.

Devon Oneal

Please don't download this they are steaming almost everything from a game on steam called vampire survivors. This is a scummy company don't give them anything


Rip off of vampire survivors off of steam, but either ads and micro transactions.