Survival Day Legend

Author: Krikarcher

10,000+ install


Survival Day Legend
Survival New Legend, a survival action game with roguelike elements.

Game Features
1. Superb game progress, as long as your battle does not stop, the game will not stop.
2. The wonderful battle process of the game, and the interesting gameplay will make players fall in love with it.
3. There are different types of monsters in the game, and players need to use different skills and moves.

Detailed info

File size: 26M
Update time: April 15, 2022
Current version: 1.0.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Krikarcher
Price: Free
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Customer review

Saman Asgharzadeh


jonathan cardey

Bro amazing job on recreating this style of game. For anyone thinks its a rip off. Vampire survivors on pc uses publicly available assets and therefore does jot have copyright on it. Anyone can go and buy all the stuff used in that game!

James Collins

Stolen game. Code, Music & Assets copied from Vampire survivors on PC. Do not support this thief.

Kurap Cat

I see you've changed it a bit... I just wanna say that you need to ramp up the movement speed a bit for the mobile. It's practically impossible and not fun at all. I just keep dying because I'm too slow to move...

dogukan parlak

This game a copy paste of vampire survivors

Dino Crisi

Don't bother, poor copy of a better game with stolen assets and becomes unplayable in 5 minutes

Zagarolo Diokane

Ripoff of the real VS, steals everything from the original game and just tries to steal your money too with tons of ads and microtransactions!

James Willmott

Its a good mobile port but im getting bugged ads with no button to close or mute them and when they finish it gets stuck at a black screen and i have to restart the app

Rushia Tenshiるしあてんし

It's hard to move. Put larger move key or fix key

bing bong

tbh if you want a really slow but free mobile game that mimics a 3$ steam game (vampire survivor) than this ain't half bad but using magic survival by leme as ad material is really scummy, and if y'all did use your gameplay then it would be more acceptable also ads were mostly optional

Christian Pimentel

When are the next update?

Children Of the Breezy

I have yet to play but reading how many 1* reviews there are seems so funny

Scott Hoffman

Ads crash the game and it's impossible to do a long run because of it

William Hales

Stolen copy of Vampire Survivors, avoid.

brother km

Ads to win. A2W. Nothing special.

Nick W.

Blatant theft of the awesome game Vampire Survivors on Steam. Google really just allows any game to fly these days I guess.


Complete and utter stolen rip off of a popular computer game called vampire survivors. Do not play this game, it is stolen. The "developers" should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and I hope they get fined to high heavens

Bowzer Mike

Blatant rip off of a great game

Bass attaks munkie pops


Jericho Fanc

The best there is in this app. Great graphics. Great gameplay. Favorite. Without much.

Hassaan Siddiqui

Copyright infringement: the game. Which is kind of sad because they've made some great adjustments to cater to mobile gaming. With that said, the hit boxes themselves aren't tight and the inclusion of ads everywhere really highlight how much of a quick cash grab this is.

Tiny Timbit

Ripoff of vampire survivors that has ad-based garbage everywhere.

mohammed shafi

This is a rip off of vampire survivors and it's blatant.


1-1 Copy paste ripoff of the trending Steam game Vampire Survivors

Christian S

Blatant low quality rip off of Vampire Survivors, stuffed full of ads and microtransactions. Avoid at all costs

Nathaniel S

This game is literally a copy and paste of Vampire Survivors. Its theft. Please do not support these shameless, lazy developers! This app needs to be taken down and Poncle need to be made aware of this blatent attempt to cash in on THIER hard work and creativity

Cullen the creator

Fake steal a steam game called vampire survival er

Cody Waldron

THE Add i sae was s rip off of a game i play plus from waht pthers say you stolr alot of your stuff dont download this

Slimedoge 17

Saw the ad for this game on tik tok using another games game play

Aiden Staveness

Saw an add, total bull. The gameplay was from a game called MAGIC SURVIVAL get that instead.

Beanie: Jesus

This game is blatant up theft, go play vampire survivors on steam.

Nicholas Waldron

Game is a exact knock off of Vampire Survivor on PC. You should be ashamed of knocking off another dev. The real game is addictive though.

nightbuster3245 Heath

I saw this on tik tok and I knew I had to say this, but half the assets are ripped straight from CastleVania games and given different names. Hell the starter character is legit Richter Belmont. And the weapons like "Santa water" are from there too. HELL THE STARTER MENU IS CASTLEVANIA. Now, idk if most people remember or even have heard of the game, but they don't bring credit to the original games that it ripped these sprites from.