SuperStar ATEEZ

Author: Dalcomsoft, Inc.

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SuperStar ATEEZ – My favorite from today, SuperStar ATEEZ! Welcome to SuperStar ATEEZ!

Detailed info

File size: 96M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 3.3.6
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Dalcomsoft, Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review


The game did not have any sort of bugs when I first played it. It's really smooth and fun! The game till now has had no difficulties. Edit: After playing it for 1 year I'd say the game holds up well, the only problem at times is the ads not showing up and the game being a bit slower. At the end of the day pretty fun to play!

Grace Hill (A.C Hill)

I dont understand whats happening. I just got through all of the downloading process and i tried to start playing and its not letting me any further than an umovable screen. The game already loaded but its just not working.

Ли Мин

долгое время не играла в эту замечательную игру, вот, скачала снова, начала заходить на свой аккаунт и, вроде бы, зашла, всё нормально, но мне, вместо моего аккаунта, зачем-то создали новый.. верните мой старый аккаунт со всеми моими данными.. за это минус звезда разработчикам игры

Hariz Azlan

Theres a bug. I cant open the game

Nur Fatehah

Everything is expensive because I can't effort R cards and this damn app just wanna our money so what would you do this stupid jobs? Sorry I have give you 1 star...bad apps and services

Alba Castro (Koa)

It freezes when it finish loading and i cant even see the main menu


Is the best game ever cause is about ateez

Sophia Romualdo (Aestetich_sophiaX)

Idk why but i just love this

Natasya Nur ain

So best play this game

Petra Tamási

Made a dalcom account, dont have the email containing the id and now i can't log into my account. Asked for an email to recover it, all i got was a censored version and upon contacting customer service they told me they can't do anything. This system simply sucks.


everything was fine until like a week ago when I try to open the app it says " R:rooting " and it lasts sometimes for hours before it lets me in

Anika Zaman

what the heck is wrong with this game all of a sudden? i even played it 12 hours ago and now suddenly it's saying server out and my whole account is gone I'M CRYING PLEASE ALL MY HARD WORKS BEHIND THOSE CARDS ARE GONE. EVEN MY LIMITED THEMES ALL CARD MY WHOLE ACCOUNT IS GONE. i downloaded it again and again but all the time it's showing there's no connection while there literally is i swear i'm never downloading this app anymore. i'm so sad today. i want my account back

Karolina Janusko

Its good!


At my first try.. i was really not good at playing with this.. but i kept practicing till i can manage to get a 3 star ^^ P.s when i open this Why did My account got vanished! As in all I worked hard and spend a lot of time on this game i did have fun yes but i did spend my time also just to get those high cards . what I worked for just ended in nothing. Please help me T.T

Scarlet Morales


Braelyn Powers

This game is challenging, but in a good way. I love how for each of the members birthdays you change the app icon to a picture of them. Love you Ateez. Love you Atiny.



Angel Woods

I would love to give it first stars as I enjoy the game a lot but I struggle to get thr game to load past the initial start up screen most days and often times I have to exit and restart the app 2-3 times before it actually loads in and let's me play.

Felix _

WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT KSBJD SO FUN THO SJSBS I also don't like the fact you have to do that big download when you open the game for the first time, I wish that could just be done in the initial download-- BUT STILL. THIS GAME IS VERY FUN JSBSKSSN

SPraggie25 Augustine

It's a great game if you want to casual play. If you play too much you can get banned. My friend's account got banned because of false reports. Despite repeated submission of proofs and mails they did not offer a reasonable solution. This incident disappointed me very much. I hope dalcom is more cautious with false reports and takes matters like this seriously. Who knows how many accounts have been lost this way....

my album collection

Best game in kq

Ghulam Farooque

I've been playing this game for a while and everything works fine I was enjoying this game a lot. But after 1 day of break I open this app again and then it says I'll have to signed up again,seriously, I've lost everything, and when I signed up again with my last gaming name but I can't it says this name is already taken, I mean ofcourse it's taken because it's my nickname, I want to ask if you can give me back my name and reward those levels etc, also I've already login with another name but...

nawal mustafa

This game's Amazing !!! 😍 I was HONGshook after seeing the graphics and all ⭐ Love it ❤️‍🔥

Rxsya Alia

very very good game..In conclusion Stan ateez for good taste

Gebby Granger


Nadine Lesky

a b

Joshu_ acoustic

I want to request H1ghr Music to join SuperStar

Wahyu Niken Meilani


Wani Sahirah

I love this game as an Atiny!!! There's always many event just like journey ☺️ it's just so frustrating when play the hard mode🌚😂 overall okay and nice 👍🏻

Sakura Ccc

well am not sure what happened but the mission was marked as done even if I did not complete it. but thanks anyway. i got the missions all cleared. i just hope it won't happen again the third time.

Sarah Lawley

Not working!

nur liyana

everything is good until one day i bought the 30 premium card. then, suddenly the game became lag and i tried to open this app back, unfortunately i didnt even got my card yet but my diamond decreased 😭i want my money backk or just give me the cards. i love this game but pleaseee solve this problem, thank you 😔

Jasmine Jong

I love the game and the best thing is because it's about ATEEZ but there's only one thing annoying that's there's too much updating and some times will be only for App icon and I should update the App or will not work with me

Victoria Held

Not letting me make any purchases. Please fix this

Lena Baum

Last update makes game unplayable. Keeps coming up with this error now. LIAPP ERROR. Debugging has been detected. App will be terminated. Sucks because today is an event and I can't log in. Angry fan right now😠needs to be fixed immediately. And yes, I did uninstall and reinstall already.

Koe Tjeboe

I love the gameplay and there are plenty of events for you to enjoy and level up your cards without having to spend money on the game! However LOADING TIMES in the game ARE absolutely HORRENDOUS. I have to wait more than 10 seconds everytime I go back to the lobby or open 'a new screen' within the game!! This really takes away from the overall experience of the game for me 🙁. PLEASE, devs of the game, FIX THEM or try to get them down to some extent.

Oiifelix Horanghae

A very good game i tried all the other games in dalcomsoft but this is actually the best one

Muzan Mohammed

اولا التطبيق قامد قدن ويستاهل اكتر من خومسة نجومات

Maxcoleen Reniedo

i just wanna say my gaming experience was fun but sometimes the game crashes please fix it..

Avie Sky (우투윈)

Great game to play. A must have app for atinys.

a normal fangirl

First few days was fine, there are a few times when the gameplay was interrupted, wasted my headphones and the app crashed. It was bearable at first but now it happened too often it is so frustrating and annoying. Mind you i was close to finish a song and suddenly it stuck and crashed. Im just trying to enjoy this game and its only my first week. Pls fix this im begging


Nice game but it sometimes misses on purpose


It's a really good app and fun to play too..but i somehow find it annoying everytime I need to restart the app just bcs of the icon change but still i really like this app alot


Just love this app😭💖🤌

Momina Shah

Honestly its so fun to play and ofcource the songs are really good i enjoy it very much and never face any problems its a brilliant game


I really like this app,it make me release my tension and i really enjoy it,but sometimes it's lagging and need to restart it

Coral Barnes

The game is really fun to play but one of my missions, I can't do because of the ad mission. It asks me for my age for the ad and when I enter it like it says yyyyddmm it tells me that it is invalid. It's literally my birthday so how could it be wrong?

MiLena Bohay

5 star for Ateez, great game, stream guerrilla ♡

Kimberle Cottrill

I love this game so much ATEEZ is my ultimate boy group of all of Kpop

BTS_ARMY_BOI RenIsMyUltimateBias

very fun! just takes a while to load sometimes, and i've been double charged for a purchase !

Diana Cruzzz

Amazing game! So many challenges


stan ATEEZ, stan pure talent✨ Also, love this game

Julia McDonald

I always love superstar games. Having ateez there just makes it even better! The game is large and takes some time to open but it's so fun!

Wave Prince

It's very hard to get Diamonds 💎


Everything about this game is good and fine but i can't seem to enjoy it simply because whenever i play any song (most of the time) it WILL have to freeze at some point for like a second or two and i simply am forced to lose or continue with 2 stars and sometimes it freezes during gameplay for so long that its just game over like what am i supposed to do? and is this a bug? Also it takes alot of time to load between each menu, i have another SuperStar game but it never lags like that?

Nur Afiqah

this game is so good to everyone that has no life LMAO cause this game will fill the time that has been wasting by instead wasting them for nothing..there was this game and it was so fun playing this game..once u getting pro and start to play the hard one is better and good,yall this is a reminder that if yall had a bad day i dont suggest yall played thanxx the hard one but instead yall could try the soft and chill song..thats all from me..I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH AND BIG LOVE FROM ATINY

reenie laffey

AMAZING idk I just love these kinds games and having kpop group ones makes it so much more fun to play

Intan Pertiwi

ini udah 2 hari mau buka apknya kenapa loading terus ya??? tolong segera diperbaiki

Haru Kazami

After the update, the game won't load anymore. I don't know what to do. Please help? I tried everything. But whenever I log in with my Dalcom account it just stops loading. Note: The devs helped me! They mailed me with the instructions. They are very quick with customer service!



Abraham Zepeda

I love this game is so good in ateez


Cant update

Deandra Frisna

i love them sm :((((((

Mihriban Nihan Koç

I've been playing since the launch of this game and i love it so much!! The interface is easy to use and even if you don't use money inside the game you can still collect/upgrade at least 3-4 sets of R type cards 😌 (If you're not patient or are a casual player, buying some of the packs makes sense though) My only complaint is that the loading takes very long sometimes, it was faster last sometimes I have to wait at least 5-10 seconds to change pages...Please fix that if you can 😔🙏🏼

Night Fall

I love the game so much. It made me discover new songs. It's so fun to play. New events are every week.



Riska Nanda Yolanudin

kind of bug but its okay

Hurun 'Ain Mohammed Nizam

This game is really fun. However, if you use all your life to play the songs, you won't be able to play the game anymore.

Dezzierhay Gay Basera

It doesn't load anymore after iupdated it

Mai Li

Bad app. There is no reason you need access to my phone calls. Plus after installation and granting that permission my phone started going crazy. Uninstalled.

Nur Minnial

suka polll

Benedicta Anindita P.S.

Ateez present

sarimah koswandi


13_Dwi Febiana


Aleeza Albana

nothing to say but i love it

Rain Uchiha

pretty good ATEEZ ROCKS

Miss Usachi (Usa-chan)

Very fun and satisfying game to play. I had fun playing this game. I love it very much, but I just hope that the was not stuck.


Sonunda çıktı minnaklarımızın oyunu çok mutluyum

Kalima Haddad

So cool



Ismah Asiah

it lags a lot, but make sure to stream the guerrilla MV!!

Christiana Jackson

I'm having an issue with the 'water sports' event responding. Otherwise the game is fun and enjoyable.

Zsófia Szakmány

i love this game sooo much!!

RymA teez

I love it 💟💟

Yuyu gizer


elizabeth puspitasari

I love this game so much. Thank you for the latest update.

Jenna Moore


Fatima Ayoub

Best game EVER THANXX FOR CREATING IT It is hard to play it but nothing is hard with a bit of training 😎✌️❤️ UPDATE it isn't hard to play anymore 🥳 I can finally enjoy the game to the fullest If ur a new player give it at least 2 weeks or 1 month to get used to the game that's when the fun begins 😉❤️ Edit I'm a master at this game now 😎🤏


I give 4 star because the rap line is hard 😪 New review: satisfied with everything, really improved my hand skill but I want to suggest something. This is common but maybe you can add trade card with other players? Because I keep getting same cards and the possibility of normal player like me getting other cards are low because of financial and time to collect diamonds.

Alex Catania

i can't start the app since the update. the pop-up message tells me that i need to restart the app since it has been updated, but everytime i try, it shuts down and won't let me play

Reese Bernolia

Love it but take so long and pretty confusing

Tử Nguyệt Dương

Why i can't log my account, help me ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

Farah Aliyah

I just want to give my suggestion. How about we can change or transfer a card with other users or our friends.

Rachel Gabriel Marpaung


Christmas all

Love the game so ever much ❤ 💙 💕


I don't know why when I want to play it, why suddenly my account feels like when I first used it (created an account) suddenly my superstar account signed out by itself and even I can't sign in with my old account, I really don't know what happened even though last night was fine... Please fix this!!!

Houssaine Oulamine

Its so cool but it has a bad things is that u allways need to update it

batrisyia othman

Everything is good before but since last week I can't open this app. It always said SuperStar Ateez has stopped. Why is this happening? Can you fix it?

Dawan Larmond

Best app for Atiny :[

Amanda Horbal

Great game! there is just one problem. Whenever I try and swipe/hold down it doesn't count it and it's frustrating me. Overall, it's a wonderful game.