Supermarket Master

Author: Izyplay Game Studio

10,000+ install


Supermarket Master – Open your supermarket and fill the shelves, the customers are coming!

It’s time to open the business! In Supermarket Master, build and upgrade your own market, filling shelves with different groceries, and conquering loyal customers; managing your way to a truly popular supermarket!
* Growing business: turn your place into a true supermarket!
* Create a pleasant experience for your clients, and they might come back!
* Relaxing and satisfying long-term gameplay!

Detailed info

File size: 64M
Update time: October 13, 2021
Current version: 0.6.5
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Izyplay Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review


Good Game. please add more


Pretty good and cute game ☺️

Kevin Pinto

I put three stars because when I was starting playing this game and starting to glitch that was not really fun and I was going in the ground in the game that was so crazy I thought was a nightmare it was glitching I don't know what happened I don't know anymore that was like I don't know like 5 years old or 6 years I don't know but are all I know is that that came really started to glitch okay and I don't know if you can play it and see for yourself

Leo glenn Leocadio

I like this super

Hazel Fiona Unabia


Brittany Varner

Great so far

withered19 bite87

Ive finished the dupermarket and dont know what to do

Dominic Berkley

The game stop letting me go on.

that one guy

I really like this game but its so short i wish there is more and maybe a little halloween update but i hope more thing will be added

SillyLøve 54

How can I unlock the other cashiers? I really need them

Katina Mcclard

I upgraded like three things and then it won't let and then it like Let It Be improve anything I'm trying to say is it didn't let me improve anyting at the three times of improving like something it didn't let me improve anyting

Carson Belfield

I love this game but I have 2 problems with the game #1 the lag! The lag is so bad that it feels like I have 2 phrams per second! #2 why do people just throw trash on the ground? Like real life is not at all close to this because people buy don't throw trash on the ground!! Sorry I was just getting mad at not really not a bad thing.. So that is why I rated 4 stars but please fix lag pleeas! Good game by!

James Whitecloud

Very fun game but as the other reviews say it is a short game would love to see more added though

Yassin Mangundao Basher #KuyaYash

This game is amazingly great. 4 star for me because i'm stuck at drinks department area.. after I buy all store then nothing to buy or expand the store.. please fix I love playing it.

Janelle Argote

I finish the game like in 5 minutes..It's a great game..And I hope they can add more workers and food sections..

Khurt Jhared DelaCruz

Dirty game I can't play this game

Darrel Magcuro

Increase the size of the market (add an ice cream and tool section)

Jessica Brie'Anne Willis

It was good


I liked playing the game, very little lag but it was very short and I beated it in a half hour. I hope more is added

Brittany Schinke

Beat game in 5 min.

Merely A Servant of the Living God 1 Corinthians 4

Great game! Keep developing the game. More buildings extra workers maybe. My post was possibly off. I am talking about the post on the construction site game. But keep doing a great job!

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