Super Wizard

Author: Mofish, Inc.

100K+ install
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About Game
Super Wizard is a Roguelike action game in which more than 20 magic skills can be chosen. The different combinations of magic skills will create different battle styles. Besides, the mass amount of artifacts with various spell effects will make the battle unlimited.

Game Features
– Roguelike game with magic skills, start the adventure as a wizard.
– More than 20+ magic skills and 10+ abilities, create your unique combination.
– Finish the game on normal difficulty and unlock harder level with even greater rewards.
– Monsters with devastating special abilities waiting to be destroyed.
– Collect heroes, weapons, armors, rings and many items.
– Hunting has never been more fun.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Mofish, Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

IreWolf Games

Frustrated as hell. I just got a new phone and have no way to carry over progress from my old device

Nyfaria DragonMoose

Game is good, but I got a new phone, and lost everything???

jonathan garcia

More refined that the first style game I found like this

Trey Henderson

I really like this game its Definitely a challenge but its fun


blatant ripiff of Vampire Survivors

Robert Dobbs

Network required to load. No thanks. Uninstalled.

clifford osorio

Would be nice if its totally an offline game, but its not. You need internet to log in the game


Its nice buta ripoff

Troy Rowland

Lots of ads but you can skip most of them. Sadly though the game revolves around ads, it's designed that way to force revenue. Not terrible since they deserve to get paid but honestly this game has potential if it gave more to the player and less to their wallet. Tons of spammy mobs, paused movement(for you not the enemies) after rewards, slow as heck power creep makes this roguelike too hard to be overly enjoyable.

Jarred Woodworth

Games a blast. Even with the ads.

Kyle Carter

Just a straight ripoff. This is just a reskin of Magic Survival. No original thought went into this, except to find new ways to get you to send money or watch 15 ads for bonuses before, during, and after every level. The magic is the same of Magic Survival, the level ups are the same, the item pickup is the same. And worst of all, you reskinned it and it makes it awful. Terrible visuals, and the extra "polish" makes the game run like ****.

Robert Garlock

Decent fun. Winnable without ads.

Francesco Perego

It's an expensive and worst quality version of Magic Survival stuffed with catcha elelements and ada hyper expensive to remove. Pass for me.

ryan boudou

Good game


Why can't I upgrade the heroes?

Haidyn Bushnell

Money grab, reskin of other games

Toto Fx

Game is fun, but the control is chunky, after you level you can't move there's a delay and you get hit by enemies. The no ads bundle is kind of expensive....

Commie Killer

Lots of ads. Good game.

Sean Sanders

Fun game so far. Good game play and feels clean. I found myself a bit overloaded with all the ad options. However, it is a nice option to help keep your game going. Look forward to playing more.


Fun game but why do these games become nearly impossible incredibly quick. By stage 5 you have to grind for insane amounts of time to grow.

Richard Eppler

Clever game, reminds me of a game called wizard on an old school computer called commodore

rashida jones

Very fun decent graphics the only thing I don't like is that u can't replay levels

Alex Roberts

A f2p take on vampire survival and magic survival. It's a decent experience, and offers a premium option to skip the optional ads.

Michael Groves

Pretty fun game if you like mob control games, the ads are a bit much and it's costly to get rid of them permanently.

Matt McMillan

More gameplay, less bling bling.

fly gem

Ok good

rob s

Some of the abilities are op and some are useless so you just wind up using the same build over and over again.

Jason Marshall

It's fun and really free.

Milorad Cvetanovic

fun game bug laggy , also when u pick any upgrade u cant move for a short time at all and every spell that is near you will hit you so every upgrade cost you life too thats rly bad thing but its a fun game

Matt Becker

Good game. But when talents unlocked it wants me to click on something, it's even pointing to show me where to tap, but they're is nothing there to tap

VyutheX San

Fun game, very like vampire suvivor, too bad we can't save your progress between devices. I wanted to play on my phone too.


Microtransactions for power

Braden Baker

Pretty good, it outstrips the other games of the same style that I've played. The idle gains are a nice quirk, unexpected but nice.

Micheal Bookers


Kong Hang

Let's just say that this game needs a major overhaul. Gameplay is good. Progression is awful. Most skills are useless. The skill descriptions are non-existent. You plateau basically two hours into the game. Nice try though.

Gen. VV BillyBoy

Pretty good. Though there are framerate issues for higher rounds.

Jonathan Montgomery

Pretty fun. Not tons of commercials. So many games have ads every second they can shove it in your face. This game is nice with a nice pace.


The amount of times you ask players to view an ad or purchase items is at Battlefront 2 levels.

John Mean or

Wont play on my device. My app store refused to let me even look at it early june of 2022. Today is 6-21-22. And yeah its broken i guess.

Arthur Logan

Used to be great but with the last update it went to only online

Brandon Beardall


Will Harwell

This seems like a fancier version of magic survival. This game loads much slower with better graphics and more story. The simplicity of magic survival makes it better though.

Carlos De Leon Perez

Good game but price for No Ads is TOO high

Sergey Korko

Adds adds adds, every step require watching adds or buying 20$/30$ pass to remove adds. No, thanks

Andrés Álvarez

Nice game, ad removal cost too much


58 mins and the boss did not spawn waste of time.


Could be decent game but it's all about ads ads ads. The difficulty level is tuned to require you to have to watch 30s ad at every other powerup. So in a 10min match, 4mins of that will be ads, if not more.

Ash Kla

Fun but ads need to be 80% less. Also $30 for ads removal is insane for most people.

Yani De Clerck

really enjoying this game, its great to kill time, the only things that would be improvements are sone extra talents(not really neccesary) and if u are max lvl in a game it gives the option the heal,invincible or attract xp instead of skills, maybe add an option to collect nearby items and gold, my game laggs like crazy when there are a few hundred items on the ground so this would make it more tollerable to farm :) really hope to see this in a future update


You made it pay2win and unfun,shame

Jherek Turgeon

Good mix between Magic Survival and Archero.

Michael Trinkle

Ad trap!... copy another game then make every possible instance for advancement an ad upgrade!... boring!

Michael Rubino

A Magic Survival clone with predatory monetization and too many ads.

Nathan Pease

Your ad platform is shady as hell. Half the time you can't close it(Bitcoin), half the time the ad goes to the playstore page automatically, which is unethical. This is nothing more than an ad generator.


There needs to be a cloud save option. I just got a new phone and have now lost all progress plus the gems I purchased

Jedi Ninja

So addicting!


Hmm decent game ! But i think its almost similar to Magic Survival App... Same spell names same modes but in more colourfull style - ! Ok so playing after 30 min i confirm its definetly Copy / Paste of Magic Survival App! Difference is we got items now here to equip on Heroes! Comm uncomm rare epic and so on..

Isti khotimah

lagging,cant control moving


Game is good but dev is too greedy. Ad removal price point is almost at point of some AAA title which is way too much. Permanent removal should be twice or thrice cheaper and should be also included over duration of magic pass. I wouldn't mind paying for those so instead of hooking me in and gaining paying customer you're actually losing one.

Julio Peterson

Fun and addictive

Mitch Romano

Best in genre ive played so far. The combo spell function is what sold me. Interested to see what combination you have come up with.

Sacha Morand

Game had shut fown in the middle of my fight.

Saul Roberts

Pretty good.

Cheese Bunz

pretty fun game, graphics a little better than MagicSurvival. However the controls are a bit klunky. Everytime you level up and choose a skill and then the controls lock up in game for a brief moment. Its annoying especially with so many enemies around you, its an immediate death if you are low health.

Evan Tupper

Enjoyable game play, viewing ads is optional which is always nice. Graphics are good as well.

Andre Mackey

Fun reqlly enjoyable

Christopher Trosclair

It's really fun, I like the art style and it's one of my favorite types of games. I just wish there weren't as many adds and that if you can't take all the adds out you make them overall shorter than 30 seconds a piece. It's a little long every other level up

Official Decibal

Game is alot of fun. Has a few bugs when it comes to watching ads and the game restarting. But other than that it's fun


Great Game. Like the balance between power up and difficulty. We need equipment comparing system. Like which one is better ,we could understand if we are able to compare them side by side. Eg- In left side i can see my equiped one , on the right side we can see the selected one. 😃Please, add it.

Calvin Saetern

Gameplay is fun. But the constant reminder of the sales every time I play a level. Or level up and having an option to double level up with gems or watch an AD is extremely annoying. Have an option to toggle that off or something??

Yanan Sim

Feels like a rip-off from the game "Magic Survival". The magic skills are the same, the upgrades are similar, magic effects are the same. The only added feature in this game is the numerous ways of watching ads to excel. It's like the generic Archero game but using the skin and theme from Magic Survival. Not really worth playing or paying this game.


Was realy enjoying the game untill everything started to cost premium currency.

Matthew Bell

This a great game so far

Doru Alexandru Chercheata

Nothing special with many P2W aspects

Mr Lugo

I'm falling for this game everyday, I just get trapped in the endless magic elemental power and upgrading. Especially working a nightshift I need a game I can lose time in

Brahms Billadeau

Magic Survival reskinned with the Archero style character and items. Lost a point for lack of originality. But they kept the fusion system so kudos for that.

Phoenix Bonnell

While the dynamic of horde shooters is there, and takes a lot from Magic Survival which I love, I can't recommend this overall. The extra polish and rpg elements, while nice, don't help with slow movement, uninteresting spell upgrades, and obtrusive ads. Most debilitating of all, projectiles do not pause coming out of leveling menus, leading to many cheap deaths. You are better off playing the aforementioned Magic Survival as it just plays faster and smoother overall.

donavan kines

The game is fine until chapter 5. The combination of falling icebergs that explode to freeze you and the massive amount of small freezing skeletons makes the game nearly impossible to get past round 50 without being surprise attacked by something that makes you unable to play the game. Turn down the amount of freezing skeletons and other things that make you unable to play and the game would be at least 30% better.

Guy Bar

Nerf the rock golem boss, his ranged rock attack is very difficult to dodge if he isn't far enough to be off screen. He's almost impossible to attack because if you get too close his sweep attack is unavoidable, plus you'll get pelted by 2 of the 3 rock waves. Not to mention he has an ungodly amount of Hp, which I get cause golem are supposed to be tanky. His hp is fine just maybe reduce the range of his sweep attack so it becomes avoidable and maybe increase the gap between projectile waves.


Its fun

Dan Bell

Gud game


Awesome game! Only issue is the difficulty jump of stage 4 and the second boss there could use a nerf.


This game is a much worse version of magic survival

Paksi Ariston

Stuck at level 5, very impossible to proceed

Caleb Lee


Marco Thomas

Time an patience is all i can saw

Evangelos Theocharous

I downgraded my review because the developers are rude and they dont understand the reviews. There is one important bug. When you are offered a reward your movement stops and when you return you lose time to move again meaning you are getting hit every time. It's punishing you for leveling up. In boss fights it is almost certain death. Finally they put an option to skip ads for the laughable 28 euro (permanent). While ads are not forced, you won't make it long if you don't see them.

David Dodge

Definitely a sweet game

Gamer God

A stellar game so far

Jc Dalton

Fun game lots of ads but it's not too much of an annoyance

Sandra Peters

So, I would have rated this higher, but the price for ad free is ridiculous, so that is minus on star, and it seems like no matter how many times I close out of the game, the game continues to freeze when I press on the talent tab, which means I am unable to upgrade any talents, so there goes a second star. The game is actually a lot of fun, and a great time killer.

Devon Packett

Just go get magic survival, you'll enjoy it way more. This is an expensive, yet cheap, ripoff.

Jesson James Marfil

I really love the game. I would have rated it higher were it not for a few things. I just wish there would be a little bit more explanation as to the skills and the artifacts that you get in game. Also, there are few grammatical errors in some of the in game text. If we could just revamp the upgrade system for the gear. I mean, I get that its hard to upgrade gear or combine gear. But the percents are wrong. Out of 10 attempts fusing at 70%. I have yet to succeed. More way to use coins too.

Jason Shepard

A copy/paste version of magic survival with 6 times the ads and anime character.

John Jacob Quintana

So many problems with this game. Ads are a minute long, ads breaks the game by not allowing to close the ad so the ad just stays in screen instead of going back to the game, game lags. Movement is pretty slow. Uninstalled the game.

Nathan Vogel

Games fun. Simple done well. Monetization is a bit extreme though


Pretty good. Controls could use a little work. An option to pause the game after you choose a skill would be nice. All round fun game

chancellor brown

Like that you can grind and win. The attacks are random with few hearts for life. FUN!!!

Arnold Yap Cabrales Jr.

Darn it. The intro is so fast paced I haven't finished reading the story. Why put a story intro if there is no few sec pause. Just after the the DOT (.) Showed up the next phrase booms out.

matt conner

It was 5 star but the new update forces me to buy gems, cool