Super Wizard

Author: Mofish, Inc.

100K+ install
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About Game
Super Wizard is a Roguelike action game in which more than 20 magic skills can be chosen. The different combinations of magic skills will create different battle styles. Besides, the mass amount of artifacts with various spell effects will make the battle unlimited.

Game Features
– Roguelike game with magic skills, start the adventure as a wizard.
– More than 20+ magic skills and 10+ abilities, create your unique combination.
– Finish the game on normal difficulty and unlock harder level with even greater rewards.
– Monsters with devastating special abilities waiting to be destroyed.
– Collect heroes, weapons, armors, rings and many items.
– Hunting has never been more fun.

Customer review

noob noob

too much skills means making games too much lag. lol

Shawn King

Was pretty fun until i got to the ice golem that runs faster than you and drains you in a few hits...just cant beat it. Im gonna uninstall it now

Greg Frohring

Some potential, but takes 3 minutes to load every time you launch it. Buggy and hangs too. Bummer because i really enjoyed the concept

ryan walsh

Will not load

Shane Chapman

Really fun. I'm pretty hooked at this point. Will check back later

Cristobal Lopez

Graphical spin on a classic.

No No

Fun game, requires the utmost skill...not for wannerbabies

Gr Sa


Jeric Timbol

Best game, very addictive

Troy Vanderpool

LHave the option to opt-out of constant offers & reminders for "upgrades". Poor design choices include: Invincible logs that fill the playfield, enemies that change durability mid-level, failure to combine items costing player resources and money

Simon Ford

Its a good game i con not fault it

Zach Rodan

Gameplay is amazing, but twice now i have had ads which didn't play properly, such that i just got a black screen with no way to close the ad ever

Dillon Brinkley

Magic survival clone

Kevin Li

Too many spell varieties and ads are detrimental to the overall experience

Paul Williams

Fun game, not very responsive.

Sanjay Soni

Too expensive

Isaiah Torres

The game glitches a lot

c Munee

Ads are broken and will black screen the game. Don't jump into it until the developers fix this bug because it sucks wasting an entire run on someone else's mistake.

Brian Augenstein (Augy)

If you like vamp survivers this is for you

Night Tenjo

Crashing in loading


I loved my Voyage. Steering me to many delightful maps. The Trek of evolution is amazing and well done. I have 86 Hours in-game. One of my favorite pastime games. Plus I got blessed and won SSR gear. Which I love. Please try playing, start your adventure.

Marcos B. Padeiro

Very impressive game!!! Congrats

Steven Chapa


Smoky Rsan

Great game

Andrea Pezzoni

Would be 5 star if it weren't for the infinite ads, a pity

Iss เอง

It fun, but have a lot of bug.


A good branch off of Vampire Survivors. If you need a mobile version, this is the one.

April Preston

Too many ads takes fun away your watching a good 5 to 20mins of ads to get dailys rewards and spins on wheel and everything requires an ad yes they are optional but it's way to many

Loud Pak

They give you non stop useless skills you set up a build that works and they continuously give you skills you intentionally don't use bc theyre useless basically it's not random they want to to buy better equipment with really money


Like the game hate the level up system.

Paul Clements


Alan R

Great game, terrible ads! I love this game, but it's hard to play the game when you have ads that constantly will not load, which means you have to reset the game every time! Which means you are losing progress almost every time you play!

Mifune Nessu


Jomar Cordovez

In first the game is good but when i get in the 4 and 5 its so hard to play so many traps you never win the game i dont recommend this game to play... Instead of enjoying it, you will get angry👎👎👎👎👎


Pretty solid game until you hit the paywall. Then it becomes a shameless cash grab.

jourdan singleton

Super Wizard. Nuff Said!

douglas barclay

Five star so far at the time of reading this no random ads.

Jason Oliver

Fun stuff!

Thing Man

Blatant rip off of magic survival

Jesse H

Overall really happy with this game and I love that ads are not forced. You get more loot and things for watching ads which I end up watching more than usual. Good concept and they have a no ad option, but it's a tad steep.

gfeger sfewtewg

Please make confirmation window upon spending gems in store I've spent 3x350 for runes i dont need because i was scrolling to the bottom it's so annoying

jesse pennabaker

One of the best Vampire Survivors type game that I've played. The graphics are great, spells are varied and not just exact clones. Progression feels good and theres stage variety as well which is really nice. Difficulty is a bit all over the place though. 1 good piece of gear will get you through 3 stages, then suddenly you'll be stuck on a stage for weeks like me.... still, great game!

Clark Humphrey

The adds keep crashing and I don't get the boyness then I have to wait for the game to reload, it disappointing.

Justin Finnegan

Great game for it's type. Worth the one time buy if one finds themselves enjoying it. A note for the Devs: Some of the G-play ads for this game are still showing this game with stick man art like the thumbnail. May want to let marketing know 👏

Justin Brand

Hit box is garbage. I regularly die from enemies that arent attacking or touching me. Ads for everything

Christian Harrington

Excellent game.

Sugiarto Prayugo

Event too hard,more you level more hard not even reach 11m,skill too random


The game is cool and fun... But recently keep stuck at loading interface as cannot go into game

Chris McCulloch

Good game but it needs more upgrades to weapons and equipment could do with chests of purple diamonds in gameplay like with upgrades also let players speed a little faster the speed upgrades don't work and needs to be more characters that aren't the same in Power to begin with so when you upgrade to a different player you upgrade power also. Earn more purple diamonds from different playing modes

Brandalynn Walther

Awesome amazing well built game


i love these kinda games.great work on this one

D Davila

I've been playing for a while now, on 2 devices. The further you go, it becomes almost impossible to beat. You become overwhelmed in a matter of just a few waves, and is no longer fun. It would get a higher ranking, if I had a fighting chance.

Chris Brady

Great time killer lots of action

Baltazar Gonzalez

This is actually a knock off of survival. io

Matt Shussett

This game is great fun! Like Magic Survival with graphics on steroids. The constant dev work to make the game better is appreciated.. . . . Two big issues 1) In-game purchase prices are tuned to Hong Kong or New York and time sinks are massively overused causing material scarcity for upgrades 2b2hi. 2) Can't save/load progress through Google/FB. Emailing dev for restores is not OK. Be less bad at prioritizing updates or less bad at programming... Game save and restore is req'd in 2022

Jason Frye

fun game

Dale Badgley

This game is awful. Ads constantly. The gameplay is horrible. The upgrades are stupid. As well as the bosses and enemies are just unfair and too many. It's not fun. Just another horrible Clone

Eric Eccleston

Fun game

beh chin aik Edison

I buy permenant vip...from old device change to new device my character start from about my investment to this game?

Tyler Davis

Game seems awesome, way too many ads, particularly ads that you can't mute. And to buy ad free, it's $20+. No thank you. A reasonable amount of ads are ok, this is ridiculous.

Acie Gordon

Awesome game 👍👍👍👍👍

StrazaStreams (Straza)

I Love this game! It gets repetitive, but every match can be different. I absolutely LOVE how this game supports Xbox and PS3 controller support, which I think most games should do as well. But having a controller definitely makes this game much easier and much more fun!!


Soooo fun! My new favorite game. Only thing I would add is like some way to send something to friends that play or something like that, otherwise a great game!!

Hein Htet San

Quite nice

Thiha Yetun

Not balance damage and Enemy


Is it same kind genre but have a unique magic system but the fusion rate totally make it unplayable please remove that fusion rate. I just lost 2 of my main rare item because of this fusion rate

Scott Gozdzialski

Fun game. Crazy microtransaction

Kevin Grant

So much fun good time killer

jon a

The game us good. I would give a higher star but when get a choice to get 2 item if you watch a 30 sec video u cant get out and you stuck . You loose yours yours reward. Plz fix it

Matt Johnson

Overall enjoyable, but there are a lot of ads

James wagers

Fun and challenging

Gregory Scheffer

So far so good, ads are a bit horrendous, but I understand the need to make money, I've got to tell you though, and I do truly mean this... giving us the 5 second ads versus the 30 second ads means we as players are much more likely to continually play. I promise you after 150 thirty second ads, an hour and 15 mins of constant ad watching, and really it's more than that cause you've gotta wait for the x to show up... we get bored. Take my advice you won't regret it, it will make this game legit

brandon kenoyer

Game is fun but seems like gear upgrades cap out, can't go past 2 stars. The level up cap is frustrating. Would be nice to continue increasing power.

Ryan Dennis

Fun game for what it is, your not forced to watch adds which is nice but the game will tell you that you got an item and then just take it away and pretend you never got it, or some levels you will play and just got get your rewards and there is no rng the game decides that you will not get anything out of the random draws besides the worst things, it always goes from worst to best over time and it's really easy to track


Good game

Idontknow Dont

Alot of bugs but what pissed me of is the fact that it's not a offline game when it says it is

andy haberle



Great game, would love to see a wider range of fusion options. I've been having issues with getting a new phone and having my account transfer over but my VIP benefits did not and I'm having trouble locating support to resolve the issue.

George Tirikos


Felix Valenzuela

Awsome time killer. ⏲️

Cameron D

Just play Magic Survival instead - this game is a rip off and is infested with ads. Please rate this review as helpful so it gets visibility.

Travis Puckett

It's a pretty good game.

conor laflamme

Very fun

Danil Leukov

Not bad. A lot of ways to play without paying real money before you'll tired up with gamе👍🏼

aloha boy


Logan Small


Jason Xavier

Love the game and I can really build an epic mage but you need to do something about the game crashing after ads. I've lost so much trying to get through them then getting black screens after them

Billy Bates

After reaching lvl 30 it says you get 100 diamonds per 30 soul orbs you collect but I havent received any diamonds n I'm lvl 34....

Rocky Sharp

Very addictive smooth graphics easy gameplay


fun game good time killer just the typical run and gun game

Cú Chulainn

It's a blatant rip-off of the excellent Magic Survival, but full of ads. Buggy as well. You can choose to watch an ad, in game and you'll get a blank screen with the only thing to do is reset, losing all current game progression. Uninstalled.

Semeon Vostrikov


Jeremy Griffin


Micah IsAwesome

Please add a way to socket Gear. I'm not paying 500 gems over and over untill I get a socket from combining. I now have 6 top tier gear all with no sockets.

Vicente Gálvez Gavilán

Fun and addictive, perfect for killing time when having to wait for something or someone

voon onn


jericho hill

This game is incredible. Easy to learn, great graphics, easy controls, the UI is very intuitive,a neat little story line to keep you interested. I really can say enough good about it. HELL, even the adds are optional, so you aren't beat over the head with them. In closing, I'll say this, I don't spend money on these games, ever. But this one, imma spend some cash on it come payday. Cheers

tan kenny

I can accept ads but ads that keep bring me to Google play is extremely disgusting, played for 10 minit its fun but can't accept that disgusting ads, so bye

Will Townsend

Little expensive to get rid of the adds and this game reminds me of an older version that I used to play. This one has much better graphics and much more skill fusions. If you don't like grinding, this game isn't for you.

Ariel A.

Do you like vampire survivors? If yes, get this. It's amazing.