Super Retro World : Pixel Art Maker

Author: Merry Realm

50,000+ install


Super Retro World : Pixel Art Maker – 8-bit Hammer-Throwing Madness!
Save the cursed retro world trapped in blocks!

Detailed info

File size: 79M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.1.15
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Merry Realm
Price: Free
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Customer review

Christopher James


Ashish Trivedi

super offline game

The Anything Zone

I really enjoyed this game, it was a nice, fun tycoon game that was a fresh release to the, usually, bland and boring tycoon games. That being said the game eventually became boring because of how there was no difficulty spikes (with difficulty being however long it would take to finish a pixel art) add that to a lack of variety in pixel arts and world's, I have reached a point where I would finish everything with one shot. I think this game can be a really good one, but it needs more to it.

Andy Febrico Bintoro

The gameplay was interesting, an idle rpg clicker, but I need to Uninstall because of intrusive ads. The ads was annoying and in the middle of gameplay.


It is so good game

Aga Setyo

its nice. keep up the work(。•̀ᴗ-)✧


forced ads

Ben Prusak

You get way too many rewards to the point that you're pulling max load gachas all the time. Game is an obvious grift to get you to watch as many ads as possible.

M. Rizki Iqbal Nasution

Great concept and mechanism Overall it was a good game Keep up the good work

Harry S

Its cute and simple

Noob King


Cameron Bell

Solid but quite a few bugs atm, daily gems doesn't reset stuck at 10/10, dungeons currently end up impossible should reset at least weekly if not daily so it's even feasible to hit the challenges.

Matthew Hughes

Paid for ad removal, game wouldn't load anymore next day, uninstalled/reinstalled, save data was lost LMAO

Katy Ford

Super fun idle game!

Blaze Black

I agree with the last person. This game is decent, looks fun, and all that but I'm sorry, 11.99 to remove ads for only 30 days? So you really expect people to pay almost $134 a year if they don't want to deal with ads? You're out of your mind, and no game is worth that, ever. Uninstalled this game because it's just owned by another developer who's trying to scam people out of their money. Nice try dude, but no thanks. No one is going to pay over $100 a year for any game, period.

Astrid Alejandro

This is so fun! I enjoy it download now!

Devin Lee


Quinn Filtzer

Forced ads, also my review got removed?

Andrew Sebastian

Super easy no ads

Isaac Ellingson

forced ads

Sniley Snile

Reached max level gacha for weapon and it went back to level 1. Any way to recover progress??

The G. G- Guy

Its a really good game but i feel like progress is too fast, its sooooo laggy when you're attacking cus of all the effects so, nerf some stuff and add a settings to make graphics lower

Evan McCartan

I just want to say, I would have loved this game so much more if the ad removal was permenant and ads didn't randomly pop up. $13 for 30 days? Dude, I don't know ANYONE who would pay that for a mobile game, let alone spend $100+ a year on only one feature! This game is cute, charming, and I love it already but I just can't play it in it's current state. Ads are a major turn off for me, and I would have been willing to pay for ad removal if it was permenant even at the $13 price. Sorry. :(


ntab jiwa

Trevor Cogswell

its a good game. so far a few bugs but as just starting out not bad. dungeon levels don't reset, mine is stuck on level 872, either daily reset or weekly. purple gems also not showing as obtained, synthesis of equipment as one example. and I've run out of things to use medals for, but keep accumulating them on resets.

walter happyboi

just pretty fun lol


Awesome game I am so addicted,, I wish there was a way to auto use medals to power up instead of pressing and holding,, I have so many ant it doesn't increase fast enough.. thanks dev... Thanks problem solved... Can we please get cloud save next? I don't wanna lose my progress and in-app purchases is I delete and reinstall Thanks devs keep up the good work

Ronnie Reyes

its good, the gameplay and graphics i love it, but for me it is not worth to play because it dont have a cloud save i cant play my progress in my new phone so please add a cloudsave to this.

Michael Cole

Purchased the beginner package. Does not work as advertised. I want my money back. >:(

Joshua James

Too easy and lacking in a lot of key things

Don't Find Me

I will actually delete the game if the constant nagging hand pointing at what I'm supposed to do isn't removed. It's fine at the beginning but it tells you what you're supposed to do on screen, I don't need a constant obnoxious reminder of it. Otherwise the game is fine but this is infuriating.


The game is good but the upgrading is slow I would have loved an option to upgrade Max where depending on how much I have I can spend it on 50 levels of upgrades or more I also would have liked the prestige upgrades to make all the monsters harder depending on your characters total dps where if the total dps is 10k the monster should be 5x stronger


Poorly thought out money grab. Combined with no cloud save means even if you wanted to spend your money on such a badly designed game, you'd lose it if you uninstalled. Many typos or grammatical errors. Also, as others mention, no way to mute the sound. Ads often have no way to exit them other than closing the app, but then you don't receive credit for watching.

A Google user

Great Game!

A Google user

Hours of habitual fun ...

Emunuell Chundeler

Great game!

A Google user

Love this game

Cliff Holaub


A Google user

Love it time just slips away

A Google user

Good mix of things going on to keep you engaged.

A Google user

It a fun game.

harry kane sacdalan


A Google user

lots of fun

A Google user

I absolutely loveee this game

clara wallenbarg


Michale Bickerstaff

Something to pass the time freely

A Google user

Fast and fun

Revan Alveil

This game is basicaly an idle clicker. IMO it will be better if the main character doesn't equip a weapon like the helper. Watching his attack changes every 5 level upgrade is a good experience. Instead of killing monster, we are drawing picture, this is a nice concept.

katrin lindemen

Relaxing and keeps my mind challenged.

A Google user

Great fun, entertaining

A Google user

Enjoy the gameplay.

A Google user

Love the game

Break The Rules

Its ok, fun games to play while chilling, but tap tap games really not my type, thats why i give 4 starts insted of 5

Mays Shenita

I really enjoy this game it’s great fun

Ze Hatter

Its a different take on a idle/clicker game, the pixel art sprites are cute to complete but as you progress, some of the pictures are completed pretty fast sometimes. So far it all makes sense. Some of the mechanics and a little intrusive but there may be a way to turn that off, such as pointer fingers to show where something is. It runs pretty smoothly but i have some frame drops occasionally as the games speeds up, but i am on a s7 edge so its not new either. Its definitely worth a try, 4.5/5

Octuvian Gulde

Great game

A Google user

It’s like speed but messier... in a good way

Shawn Land

Fun game but please add a way to increase levels more than one at a time. Spend all my time just holding down a button

Mongs Abnoy

no way to close ads after playing

haRitz iFa haNun

lets trade, you give "10/100/1000/max upgrade", "collect all quest" and "instant synthesis" button and i will give you 5 ★ for this exchange

Justin Wood

Kept getting ads with no way to back out of them. Hopefully will be fixed if I ever download it again. Was enjoying myself until then.

Rynon Ng

Some ads do not have the close button. Can improve on the UI of prestige section, instead of levelling up one by one,why not by multiple of 10,100,1000,max.

Richard Miller

Not bad for a clicker game but the ads in-game for rewards usually have no X to exit them.

Kaiden Delmenico

Requires batch upgrade button like in 100s or max amount of upgrades depending on how much you have instead of press and hold. Also cloud sync to resume between devices.

Caleb Cyrill

Fun game, but the ads are broken. Once you watch an ad you can't leave it without exiting the game completely

Bankai Phoenix Reactions

Enjoyed the game the first couple of days. I decide to watch an advertisement for a bonus. Advertisement plays, and ends, and there is nothing for me to tap on in order to go back to the game. Uninstalling and never playing again.

Ashwani chand

Fully enjoyed the game. Very causal

Krista Teague

How do i upgrade special with the iron stone bar things?

Christopher Revell

Tbis started out a great game, but the ads, most of them i cant get back to the game i have to close it all out no matter how long i wait or what i press. Had enough.

wayne coull

A great game, crashed once, only downside for me is no auto battle when offline so literally have to just watch to get to the higher rounds.

Maier Erik

Love this game!

A Google user

Very addictive

Wyatt Sacco

This game is great it’s a new twist to the original game and it’s a blast!!!!

Nigel Mecham

Great game

Bradley Sickles

Very fun game!

Neal Guillory

This is a great game for passing the time. If you have two minutes or two hours it is worth playing

Margarito Deese

This game is fun, makes you think but isn’t too difficult.

Andrea Mclemore

Good mix of things going on to keep you engaged.

Lynn Bart


Anzalone Lissa

Fun to play and earn

Gus Stacey

Great fun..keeps your mind sharp! Love it! Never boring!

Ronald Shahan

Love it!

Minh Pelfre

Really enjoy this game.

A Google user

Love this game

Brad Roper

Learning how to play

Brock Hammers

Fast and fun

A Google user

I love this game!! It is fun and the different game styles keep it interesting. I just wish there were different card designs to get. That isn’t a big issue though.

Fernando Ranck

Entertaining for hours

Leonel Mao

Great fun, entertaining


This game just came out and is fantastic only problems are sometimes there are huge frame drops and one thing is locked behind an add wall but this game is very fun recommend to anyone (devs please fix the frame drops not a big problem still playable just takes longer)

Mohammad Nestor

Love it time just slips away

Drew Kass

Addictive. Great graphics. Relaxing way to pass the time...

Ellsworth Billington

Enjoyable fun!

Teodoro Comerford

This game was recommended by Dr. Phil on TV. Both he and Robin play this game and it is a load of fun. Come and join the fun!

A Google user


Dante Click

Enjoy the mini games, various theme changes, etc.

A Google user

No other words are needed. I’ve actually played this game longer than candy crush

Shawn Agan

Very addictive.

A Google user

Hours of habitual fun ...

Diego Money

It’s like speed but messier... in a good way