Super Hero Flying School

Author: BoomBit Games

1,000,000+ install


Super Hero Flying School – Fly as far as you can, and train your heroes in the “Super Hero Flying School”

Detailed info

File size: 98M
Update time: August 6, 2021
Current version: 0.4.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: BoomBit Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sheek Sims


Prince Prasoon

This game should be banned for humanity

Manuel Sandoval


jithin joseph

Stupid game. Just keep dying till you get enough coins to upgrade your character and it flies.

Jason Galopin

No good, ad ever second..waste of time!

Akash Yadav

I love you 🥀😓🧓

Priya Priya

Poor experience

Brenda Garza

Best game

Rogelio Hernandez

Great game but to many adds

Harley Patton

To many commercials

Wynn Salasa

Ads game

Alfred John Avila

Most Annoying game I ever play in my entire life


Wow I lose track of time when we play this

marlon timog


Errol Elam

Too. Many. Ads!!!!!!

Roger junebugz Salazar

Once you learn to fly it gets fun, be cool if there were more tricks involved when flying, I'll let you no more as i go on

Rhocel Divinagracia

Good items

Te Zero


Andres Chavira

Too many ads game sucks

Richard Koontz

First time and its growing on me like crabs, it really birned me, but i couldn't stop scratching!!!

Sasikanth Amara

This is a good game

Austyn Lane


James Gui

Too many ads and too repetitive not worth it

chris mcmillan


Don Viloria

Fastest uninstall of an app ever

Konstantinos Stavlas


Terrence Dukes

It's aiight

Mik Nolan

Just like a lot of games which are amusing but the amount of ads is ridiculous. I won't last long playing this due to the ads.

Yash Shah

Nice concept still needs graphics requirements

Bond Vaga

Amusing 4 now........... longer amused: ads are overwhelming I'm dumping this one 🧤🧻🚽

Trickmags Maghanoy

Nice game

Charles West Sr

So far so good...

Christoffemman Dela Cruz


Cassie Leikauskas

Still trying it out, no directions how to play

TF Bricks

Tried it once, immediately uninstalled, not worth even downloading for a trial.

D Turner

Installed the game, made my first jump that lasted maybe 6 seconds tops. Immediately after that I got hit with 30 seconds worth of ads. You may as well create an ad app. Strictly ads, no games. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Robin Shields

To many ads

Daniel Bibby

Farrrrrrrrrr too many ads. Makes it unplayable.


Too many adds and they went for too long

Zalal Uddin

There is no instructions on how to play. 90 percent of the time watching ads.

The Lazairous Show

Funny when bored

Haleemathu Sahthiya

Fast download

Yianni Anagnostis

Not as advertised

Lee Lee

Far to greedy, if you want to spend hours and hours watching adverts be my guest. GAME IS GOOD BUT THE CONS OUT WEIGH THE PROS

Billy Beaumont

Too many ads

Joshua Mcwaters


Michael Bruce

Ok game

Norman Anthony Naval

too much ads that you are forced to watch instead of just an option.

Jonnel Outen

This game is trash you're not playing anything you're just making your character spin while they fall without actually advancing.

Vineet Pandey

This game is very because I will move my superhero left and right it was not move and in one second the ad will come


Seriously adds ?

Friedrich Kranz

Its ok, the problem is that the your abilities reset after each stage. It then takes away the whole fun.

Kenneth Hall

First time playing this game




Garbage nothing like the ads you see in IG or even the video on this very marketplace. Should be sued for false advertising.


I gave you Four stars it would have been Five but I gotta always knock one off for excessive ads.


Third class catagory game there is an no any tutorial for beginners not any controler and also too many ads

PJ Demon

Time and money waste game. Doesn't look like ads.

Arun Kumar

Good game


Showing explicit ads

Jamzah Acraman ll

stupid game

Jennifer Runion

Don't worry Young Aaron black I will evenge you I'm afraid young erron black is hereby sentence him to stop your honor young Aaron black is innocent sweetie what are you doing here I'm here to rescue you from jail what's the main of this your honor I suggest this evidence is belong to you I suggest you have to free young Aaron black from jail are you sure yes your honor very well then what Young erron black yes your honor the charge against you been dropped you are free to go bailiff uncuff him

The Records

World badest game ever yukss🤮🤮🤮

Phillip Goines

To many Advertisements


Ad after ad after ad after ad after ad, nothing but ads uninstalling now for too many ads that's typical for all games now on mobile.

mr Bala

Do not download this app worst game ever .... Not even single star

Dhanush 118VCA10

Worst game i ever played... If have any option to give no star Defenetly i do that.... Don't waste u r tym skip this game....

pushpak puni

Very goood


Wast of time

Rajdeep Saha

Waste of time

Ruben Reyes

I fun games to play when your board

Aaron Steely

Kinda fun...

Rahul Hamura

It irritating u know ,this game is stupid I have uninstalled it but it still has the game Icon on the screen ,it's really irritating

Jeff Myers


ireneo quijano

Nice game


Fun.. and funny.. trf

Holsworthy Pets

Too many ads, stop being so greedy!

James Hogue

Fun but takes alot of cash, so you have to watch bu-coo, ads. Other than that it's a cool game

Shambhu Kumar


Kishore Chandra Sahu

I love game

marcus soflo

Really super

King J

This is bad just not good

Terry Johnson



Money money money for something that could be great and fun with other optot and maybe some lower amounts. 10$ fora skin?

Gregory Bucholtz

In time I will tell you

krol ahchu

tak best . download apps lain lagi best . ni kompom nyesal

Jeffrey White

To I many ads

Dennis Green

Nice game so far to many ads tho


Great game

Chris Gagne

The start of game can't fly very long even at maximum up grade still unable to fly

horseea wana


Fdo Aguilar

It should be named: ad machine. Not even able to understand the game.

Xavia van Antwerp


Vin San Juan

Great app 👍🤘

Marco Nuñez

Quite entertaining 👌

Byron Balfour

Game would be better your upgrades carry over from level to level.

Juan Jacobs

If you don't watch ads you can forget about going to the next level soon there's more ads than anything else

Arda Wr

İki saniye oynadım, reklam çıkınca sildim.

David Caves

Poor graphics ad ad ads

Frank Baldwin

Quick fun.