Super Dragon Hero Game

Author: Zego Global Publishing

500K+ install


Super Dragon Hero Game – Welcome to Super Dragon Hero Game – The super hero game, the main mission of your hero is to infiltrate an underground empire and stop all the villains standing in your way.

Super Dragon Hero Game’s main features:

– Rope hero saves the gangster crime city from car snatchers, mafia gangsters, terrorists
– Mafia gangster crime city in detailed environments with different views
– Dragon Rope Hero adventure in a gangster vegas city to explore the grand crime city
– Dragon Hero jumps high to cover the larger distances of rope hero
– Mafia gangsters overwhelming web in gangster crime city
– The rope Hero game helps you unlock more dbs super hero suits to play

Super Dragon Hero Game how to play:

– Rope hero fights against the incredible mutants who are destroying the buildings and offices
– Show Super Dragon Rope Hero shooting skills and stop all the villains standing in your way
– Super Dragon Rope Hero heroes defeat enemies and stop their illegal activities in the grand city
– You will run like a rope hero in the Super Dragon Rope Hero
– In Super Dragon Hero Game superpower can save the people
– Use your dbs Super hero combat skills in this alliance battle

Super Dragon Rope Hero gameplay:

– Super Dragon Rope Hero fighting in the gangster crime city with fantastic music & sounds
– Stunning Super Dragon Hero hero gameplay with a variety of Hero levels
– Superhero with fantastic action thrilling gameplay of dbs super hero
– Dragon Rope Hero fights against the incredible mutants who are destroying the buildings and offices
– Show your shooting skills with dbs super hero Game

Flying Super Dragon Rope Hero Game heroes are fighting in your support, you are everyone’s hope and they are calling you, our unique dbs super hero.
Super Dragon Rope Hero Game with rope hero climb because of your flying strategies in this superhero alliance battle and no one can beat you in this grand crime city.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Zego Global Publishing
Price: Free
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Customer review

Prince Tlaku

I love are gema


Bad experience gameplay not like photo

Marcial Costin

It asome for kid

sharda Khillare


richa sharma


wukong gaming

Absolutely trash

ProNo 80

Very 😞😞😞😞😞

Hlonny Sethulo


marklouer channel

Bruh so boring

Babita Singha

This wassssssssst

Kungawo Mafentile

Perfect Thank you Amazing Excited and Unbelievably nice

sagar mondal

Or don't know sure me !!!!!!!!

Dipak Deore


Bb Hdbdd


Mike C


Orlando Owens

Very cool and fun to play

Maria Antonio

Very bad. An ad every time I tap a button

Sheenta C

The Grapich Not Like In The Ad And So Many Ad

Sushant Kumar



Not bad.

Umairarshadumair Umairarshadumair

Wow its nice my kid is like it crash stunt action I like it graphic is average but game is nice

Eli Giles


Nidhidwi Amit

So bad none of Goku character seeing in ads

tooba emmad

Wow, I'm impressed!!! It's so fun and so funny But their should be weathers, times and add humans

Benjamin Zireva

What a liethe advert and the game are 2 different things so disappointed stoo lying to people nonsense game

iyani gilliam

I'm going to give it a two it's too laggy

Ronald Balanta


S.Sudharsanam 07


Darshana Patil

Very nice game

Heisnam prabhat


duck youtube

This is by far the worst game i have ever played. The gameplay to ad ratio should be illegal. You will spend more time watching ads than playing the game. There is no customization, no character creation, you have a choice between 6 premade characters whos only difference is in their stats. Gameplay doesnt change over time, its the same thing over and over and over. There is no progression. I had more fun writing this review than playing the game, and i hate writing...

Ahmed Moaz

Love Dragon

mikewants Tobyrne



Bro fr Put spiderman In dragon balls z

Madhu Davi

Pus✍👋😍😎 💋👄

Tumi Tumelo

Ads ads ads sure it would be considered a nice game if gta didn't exist because it just seems like a mod the developers found or made and just made it into a game instead and you can't even play the game with all these ads and why did they use jumpforce as the ad it's just so lazy like if you had the time time to add ads to every button like just make this a mood

Nilufa Akter

Stupid game

Laxmon Singh


Sphe Nkambule

The game 🎮 it is still doing the same thing about it It's stoping


The worstttt game ever I have seen

Palash Mandal

The wrost game ever

Shivakar Bhagat

Too much adds

Sahil Butt

A GYks 1245b Lahore PRL

Jessica Herren

Horrible, the game is nothing like the add, YOU CAN'T EVEN FLY

New Life

Cool game for dbz and gta lovers. Thank you for this. Youve made my day 😁😁

Sakil Khan

This is very good game 😊😊

Thandolwethu Magagula

A few words I hate this game thank you

Sarika Shrivastava

It,s a bad game

Abdellah Helis



Agar ad nahi bhekna he to remove add kardo kye 1 star de rahe ho

Sunita Naskar

Bad game

Jordanian Tiouncle

Super Fun

Sorya Dhull


Mary Grace Villacone


Jelani Smit

Glitchy af

Miguel Gavin

Nice game

Mihir Joshi

Extreme Advertising.

Ashla Yarbrough

You start and then the whole entire business needs to come out with new things the bugs are unbelievable ridiculous you first land and next thing you know you get shot at you can't even survive five minutes

Paul St. Valle


zia rehman

Nice but you can fix glitchs

Matin Bhiyan

Duwtrafahsga Dja Aha SAVE. Sndgsma S f s R W

Sikha Dolui


Nilarya sarkar

Worst game don't buy this game. very much lagging. graphics is also not good. don't make your phone full for this game.

suraj 123456

Seriously? Using gta 5 clips to advertise this game.? Shame

Pranjal PR7

Yes this game very amazing

Saalm Sameer


Mahinderjeet Kaur



This is the worst. Ive been hearing about too many ads and at this point when I tried to install the game it doesnt work. All it does is crash my phone and now I cant download anything. I tried to uninstall this but it just crashed again!! Wow, thanks for making the rest of my life hell


This game sucks adds are not how they looked like

GJKids G-J

It is TRASH, whenever you click a button an ad pops up.

Daniel Lagounov

This game literally stole pictures from Grand Theft Auto 5 and used them as their game artwork. Unbelievable



lynn hittlet

I was right in a five but you need to up the graphics

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar Gjf

Bandon Saxton


Oga Gee


Adriana Monzalvo

cant evan load in

Nalaka Perera

J oh yeah yuuuuyy

Innocent Anikie Nyama

So good anyway i trust

Ejgwapo Sergio

Kinda cool but too much ad But cool love the shaders

Mou Mousumi


Veeomaa Ezeh

This game is pretty annoying to play with all this ads.And the game is like nothing like the ad,here's Two stars

Jagdeep Singh

This is worst game

Bharat Bishvkarma

It is vvvvvbad

leon PH

Dis super Dragon Hero is sow hard to conrol 😡

Munir Sk

Baby Game

Raia Sims

Need more dragon ball Z games like this but with super sayain n all tranformation

Yasmen Hadi

Takes is GTA

Rati Manyari

If this doesn't work I will send you a call from the company

Ravi Choudhary

Mere Ko Yad kar game bahut pasand Laga

Shiva Kataria

This game is so bad so so so bad really


Need more emprovment Gjhiyi

Kelly Qin

This game sucks, you need ads to do skills and the controls are just very bad no doubt the worst game ever.

Pragya Singh

In the add there is jump force but inside 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 . - Aditya Singh

Hussain Ahmed

Op game

Anuranjan Neog

Worst game ever

Cindy Burse


Jaegar Meisters

Awesome 👍

Manroop Dhillon

I will try again to make up the problem with the computer 🖥 but if it doesn't go well I will delete the game

Yvonne Ikorane

I love the game I can do that I don't think I want credit card for you now about rolling down in oi oi to the other house or the same to the ruyggyhdgydgjdhdhhghhgxjtjhhhgjuy to the ruyggyhdgydgjdhdhhghhgxjtjhhhgjuy I can 💻 JL Rubicon for a wonderful place you now if u phjjkyouupji to come by 💻 for being such to come back and is a lot to come over after work I have a surgery for being so much fun with the other house or the same time as last week and get it was a wonderful day and enjoy each