Super Clone

Author: Limitless Rocket

1,000,000+ install


Become a Clone, Save the city where stolen by robots! Experience brand-new Action-shooting RPG!
Forgotten memories are waiting for you, to be SUPER CLONE!

– Action with Styles
Stylish Retro design and spectaculous effects!
Can you image how the sound can bring you to the new world?
Experience actions not only with your eyes, but with all six-senses!

– Bored with same-repeating stages? not anymore
Everytime you enter the stage, you can experience DIFFERENT
Find the best strategy by combining weapons and skills
Be the stronger clone, and beat the robots!

– The game is ENDLESS
Can you beat the all robots and boss analyzing their pattern?
If so, you can also wait for the fast updates for next stages and new mode!

Detailed info

File size: 121M
Update time: May 22, 2021
Current version: 7.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Limitless Rocket
Price: Free
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Customer review

Larz Himuro

Nice game

Leon Black

Great game but... The controls are annoying, instead of making the joystick fixed, it should be like the other mobile games that can be more flexible, every time the user touches the screen on the left side, that is where the centre of the stick should be, making it fixed really screws up everything since we can't feel the thing its really easy to lose sense of where the middle is and go in the wrong direction ruining the gameplay

Joseph Serrano-Hernandez

So far so good fast paced futuristic RPG style rouge like,thats easy to learn and hard to master.. I will be editing this review after I get deeper into the story (first impression) (Update) Do yourself a favor and play this game¡! It is still a work in progress but it Looks and Plays Great, excluding the small fact that the underground rental shop does not work yet, But just take it as a challenge and dive right into the game for a hardcore cyberpunk roguelike experience you won't soon forget.

Alex Hall

Great game no adds besides optional advertising... now that being said I have had issues making them work when I do wish to watch them but they may be my own service provider / connection. Iam very proud of the developers making a game using yes a common formula with its own spin

James Wilson

Controls are a bit shabby. But overall great game.

Chris McCulloch

Great game so far but controls a bit sluggish and needs to hand out more gold and the ads for weapons won't work to let you wat h

C. Suarez

Alot of fun

Pedram Gh

cannot Open the game doesnt log in

Khoa Lê

Fun game to play. However, not so good at optimization


I like the game but the loading screen is too long.I waited about 5 minutes and then proceed with deleting the game

Rahmat saputra

Alway Force close

Sol Lancer

More of the same auto shooter, loot boxes are junk most of the time, and difficultiy ramp high on 2 map. 3 shots and your dead the mob shoot a lot more, then the resources for upgrades is pitiful, so in a few hours this game don't give you anything new, fun to try but then get boring fast, because you can't progress untill you repeat the pass lvl to get enough resources but by then gets too old to stay. Games are design to be fun and progress but to force loot boxes to power up is pretty dumb.

Magna Thedra

I used to play this a ton, and really liked it. After time, I earned everything available, and maxed it all- including my character. Now what I win means nothing. Nothing to upgrade, to use cash for, and chests ONLY give cash, as I have everything else. The game hasn't updated since 2021. Checking their site shows they vanished. The chance the game is dead is high. It's a real shame... all they had to do was add items, stages, etc to what they had. Or ask us for ideas. Now it's a glitch-fest.

Jarif Priom

I will say just one word "ফাটাফাটি!!!"

William Gray

Nice so far

David Cyrus Pedrozo

cool game

Ray Matthew Bellen

A great rogue-like game with futuristic neon design. PROS: cyberpunk aesthetic look which is refreshing, good GUI & graphics design, though it's still a stage based gameplay it still feels unique as you can choose your own route progression & get the desired power up. CONS: playable only in landscape, last update was over a year now which mean no development. Even the ads with rewards no longer working. Overall it's a nice game to try but the lack of player support made it somewhat dead.

Sandeep Bardewa

𝖦𝖺𝗆𝖾 𝗂𝗌 𝗉𝗋𝖾𝗍𝗍𝗒 𝖼𝗈𝗈𝗅 𝖺𝖼𝗍𝗎𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗒 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗒 𝖿𝗎𝗇 𝗍𝗈 𝗉𝗅𝖺𝗒. 𝖠𝗅𝗌𝗈 𝖨 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝖽𝖾𝗌𝗂𝗀𝗇𝗌 𝗆𝖺𝗇,𝗏𝖾𝗋𝗒 𝖼𝗈𝗈𝗅.

Charles Cruz


Uber Destruction

Good game but the twin stick play style is just not for me. I wish there was an option to change the control type between 2 handed play and 1 handed play.

Travis Vest

Wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do, but it's pretty fun. The auto shooting was off-putting at first, but slowly grew on me. Keep up the great work. Love the colors and style of the cyberpunk world. 🌌


Fun game to jump in an out of on the fly, great apin of the archery type genre.

Ryan & Stephanie Naughton

Absolutely so much fun. Way impressed. Didn't know that I'd like a game this much. Kudos to you all!

Julius Unegbu

This is so addictive and interesting to play, in love it.

Brandon Bednar

So much fun

richard nhan

crashes on startup

Micah scott

I played this game since 2020 and forgot how to play and this game is really fun

kavb tyrhi

Pretty fun

James Cline

Pretty nice run n gun

Petros Chawinga


K Chen

One of the worst. Just a few hours into game play and there's the huge pay wall. Spent 600+ gems on the chests and not even a half decent weapon...

Chaithanya Potlapadi


Mystic Krypto

Great graphics. Good gameplay

Aim Tyler

Great game!! Just needs a little update?


It's a new take on an old game design, which is cool, but it's extremely difficult and there's no healing at all.

Curtis O'Dell

It had issues

Jason Preuett

A pretty great rogue type shooter game. Easy controls that respond well and the game runs pretty smooth. My only issues, with you bein a "clone" it would be nice to be able to customize the characters appearance and they systek for upgrading gear is a little on the slow and big hassle side. Still great game

Gene Rose Cole

Wow this game was fun i love it

Andrew Renner

Geared for pay to win after you get far in the game.

Faith Loreen Dela Cruz

Huhu?? Msk

Hong Gong



I really enjoy this type of platform. It's like an artero engine with a nice sci fi twist. I wish the boards were bigger and you have more options with upgrading but still worth five stars to me

malcolm newell

Its fun

Ronald Buchanan

Cool game

si aldy

It's fun to play this game, ads is not obstrusive in progressing the game. Game difficulty is moderate and is not P2W game. One issue is that there is no setting to adjust the movement and attack pads, because of this playing on the phone is harder, hope dev can add this feature in the setting.

Anthony Angel

Very good games and is ad free not much more to say other than can that cat stay in one place

Bash Burgs


Jaber Afrooz

A nice game

Umair Xd

I'll give it 5 stars because the story line and the cloning after zero die is amazing

Matthew Jonathan

This is a cool game

Parsons P.T

This is the best game I have ever played, but for some reason it is no longer offline it's online or maybe there is something wrong with the game's files,but still I enjoy playing this game and please make it offline again just like before.

Pure Properly

Its a damn good game but why is their offline tag if this game require network to connect with other apps


The game is great! I think it's the best of its genre, but it has a few flaws. ・Lowering graphics also lowers FPS, thus making it useless. I'd like to be able to get rid of lag spikes while keeping a consistently high frame rate. ・It's not really clear how stats you pick during a stage affect you(for example the 25% atk boost). You should be able to hit pause and see all of the modifiers you picked up so far and see how they impact your stats.

Francesco Perego

It's fun for a couple of hours. Then you either pay or you pay or.. you pay. Well, you could even watch ads. Or you spend 2500 hours grinding. Would have made a gorgeous premium game actually.

Godchi1d Von Steuben

Suprisingly good take on the roguelike genre! Instead of being that portrait mode game, that there's thousands of nearly identical clones of, this game does the autofire system, with weapons/armor upgrade at the end of each stage, same as others, but does it in landscape mode, unique, innovative graphics, great home base layout, intuitive u.i. The whole game takes a popular genre, turns it on its ear, and totally nails it in the process! GREAT game. Very pleasantly surprised!

Gunawan Wibisono

So nice the game was smooth and approach a diffeent experience of this type of gaming, so well done! Hope there not much ads, because i didn't get any since i install it. Ehehe

Nirmal M S


fire gaming

Good game

Md Kaifi Alam

Very interesting theme, fantastic graphics and buttery controls. Absolutely loved it!❤️😄


Lags like hell can't move sometimes

Joshua Gonzalez

A good game with a horribly annoying bug. When playing, sometimes a speaking noise can be heard then the game plays a static radio music track. It play when I'm not on the app! I have to fully shut down the app. And turning off the music and sfx doesn't help.

Devin Wanberg

Game was 5 stars, and the challenge mode is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of bugs ruining the game: -invisible bullets in challenge mode will kill you. -the special pill doesn't give upgrades you pick. -new chapter has a bug where you die, and when you revive you insta die again. -bullets can be invisible from several enemies, which results in massive damage.

Eddie Woodson

One of the best free shooting games in the whole app store 5*

Saadudin Kasim

I like the game in the begining but when i play it offline it won't work..why the hell did you put a offline tag it's not even offline the worst!

Author Mullis

Great game


Excellent game

Paul Slater


Mwaanga Mwaanga

Each time I leave the game I erased all the levels I did and took me back to the first level, I mean it's a great game but what's the point if each time I leave I have to restart 😤😠😠

101 aSavage

Vibrant; Visually Appealing, and an Enthralling Experience... that's about it. Game is very repetitive, grindy, and content updates are lackluster. There's little variation In between each weapon(other than Damage output, Fire Rate and Rarity). A lot of the Final Upgrades are also Redudant. *Game Crashes when attempting to change Loadout* (2022 Review)


I personally love this game although there are numerous problems that need to be fixed or the game will suffer. One is the difficulty jump between chapters and difficulty between those. I am personally on the newest final chapter yet with all the extra upgrades for coin bough a legendary sniper and strong gear I am constantly helpless counting on good rng that comes once in a full moon. Although I still can easily be stuck stun locked in a corner by enemies or not being able to do much damage.

Rishabh sharma

Superb game ,really good . Just keep the updates coming 👍. All the best

scott west

Nice and smooth great graphics good game play

Cowboy Bebop

Wildly addictive. Great game

Ryan Christopher Findlay

I dig the new style

Dareel Wright

Awesome way to pass time


I'm really enjoying the game so far, the art style is great and there's no annoying adds. The game is challenging but not impossible. Looking forward to continue playing.

Jonathan Vasquez

Cool Game man awesome don't kill me man.

Oswald Tuffour

It is very fun

Zack Westige

Its a must play for all ages!!!!!!

Ayushman Sahu X A 26

This is not offline but this is online game i don't liie why you are lie


This is one of the best games. Low size great graphics great and immersive gameplay

Maximus Cervantes

This game is the bomb

Never MInd

A really fun game with rpg elements of ugrading, plus I can redo levels to continuously upgrade my clone.

gacha life aguilar story

I thought it is offline

Tohid uzzaman Topu

Op game

Koussay Hizaoui

This game was nice 👌 i ❤ it so much better then many 🎮 I play

Lida Ketabchi

این چجوریه



Kamvelihle Kwatsha

Best ever

Prince kean Pablo

Why when i play the game offline im always stuck at the loading screen

Zach Baird


Hafiz Jamil

Make me feel better after stressful. Make my mood become happy

Anthony Villaflores


zach johnson



Simply amazing n fun to play.

Nabil Haziq

Got bug. Cannot load ads sometimes. Pls add new chapter. I really enjoy this game

Shanae Fixico

I'm just eating so I can enjoy this game

Natsu Dragneel


Charles Martiana

The storyline, the guns and everything is great. It is very competitive even if it has auto shoot. It was very laggy at first and i was going to give it 4 stars and to long load, but now iz 5.

Nick Geo

Too quick it shuts you down and makes you wait to play more. It's started off kinda nice until the way you upgraded weapons turned impossible