Super Boxing Championship!

Author: StickRunningSupreme

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Knock out your foes using a full body physics interaction system with simulated weight and collision.

Set out on a journey to become the next Super Boxing Champion in Career mode!
Train to earn experience and upgrade your boxer’s skills!
Play one of the quickplay modes: Exhibition, Tournament, Gauntlet mode.
Brawl against an infinite number of random opponents of all skill levels and backgrounds.
Earn cash to customize your boxer with an assortment of fun cosmetic items like outfits, hairstyles, beards, tattoos, headwear, shoes, emotes and more.
Create your very own gym that you can call home! Purchase furniture, decor, music, and colors.
Earn achievement awards and career memorabilia to display in your custom gym.

Build up a hall-of-fame worthy record while destroying any random opponent in your path during your exhibition matches, or earn as many trophies as possible through conquering the Amateur, Professional, and All-Star tournaments and gauntlets!

Send your opponent rag dolling to the canvas with a powerful punch, or chip away at their health with a quick jab. Need to block a punch? Use your arms to protect that beautiful face of yours.

Share your skills with the world! After a match, your best KO highlights are replayed and you can generate a shareable link to send to your friends, social media, or anywhere else on the internet! Anyone who opens the link will then be able to watch the match highlights in Super Boxing Championship!

Invite your friends to spar in your customized gym! Show off your awards, career memorabilia, and interior design skills with a shareable My Gym link!

You have 11 physics basic based moves in your arsenal to utilize in your simulated boxing match:

Left Hook – Cock back that left arm and smash your opponents face!
Right Hook – Load up that right hand and deliver a devastating blow!

Uppercut – Wind up a dangerous swift uppercut!
Left Jab – Throw a quick left jab!
Right Jab – Pop a fast right jab!
Low Jab – Throw a quick body shot to push your opponent away!
Lean Left – Slip away from any incoming attacks!
Lean Right – Bend in closer to extend your reach!
Block – Defend yourself against a barrage of punches!
Step Right – Move toward your opponent for the kill!
Step Left – Get out of range and retreat to safety!

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Update time: Jun 5, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: StickRunningSupreme
Price: Free
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Customer review

Roscoe Muller

Worst game I've ever played

Muhanad Omar

It is a great game that doesn't get boring fast, although the buttons won't work at times and it wouldn't let me upgrade my stats. Please fix these bugs soon so I can give it 5 stars.


Great game,but there is only problem iam facing, I am not able play this game while on call plsss fix this

huzefa lakdawala

When the opponent lands a punch I endure more damage and he is quicker than me. Uninstalling.

Sean Jenkins

Contrary to a lot of the negative reviews this game is actually really good, the fighting is decent, the way it's all done is brilliant now your probably wondering why I've rated it 3 stars well you tend to notice some fights get slower randomly, which is fine at first but as you get later into the game it becomes the new normal and the lag becomes unbearable and unplayable as it took me 9 minutes to win a fight which lasted 1 minute and 1 second according to the timer, this ruins the game.

Johnny Satterfield

In my opinion it's a very good game. I love it. but there is this one glitch. when you start a match it doesn't let you move.

Ezekiel Brown

Cool game man it just needs a few things

Eric Standlee

Bug touchcreen


for cartoony graphics game, this sure lag a lot, need plenty of optimization..

Jason Skumanich

Best mobile game to date. Executed your games design perfectly. It's fun and easy to throw hands. Other games on mobile don't even try to hide that they are all on it for the money, where this game was created as a fun time waster. It's a very selfless act to put so much time and effort into a game for others to truly enjoy. THANK YOU! You guys did it right.

Shouta Akimichi

Good,but became boring very quickly

jesse obregon

Pretty fun tbh. No ads♡♡ I don't spend much time with mobile gaming(pc gamer) but this took a majority of my week getting to the top. Very fun but sometimes suspenseful. Appreciate the game! Making another boxer and going through another career.


Very fun

Edgar emilio Mendoza

It's fun to play

Beute Co

Good game

Fauzan Mahir

Saya salah mencet malah langsung hlg karakter sy yg udh tinggi lvlnya gmn nih

isaac b

Best game eva

William TheinHtay

Good game. But sometimes it's lagging alot.



Jimmy Escober

Easy to play, no wifi needed. Just fun :)

josh Horn

Can see the potential, can't see why they'd release a game with so many bugs. Maybe I'll check back in like a year to see if it's enjoyable

Jaine Turbofan

Good game, no glitches and fun plot.

Michael Antonni Cromwell Quita

It's lagging a lot. I love the physics but sometimes it all just gets all loosy. The hands be like spaghetti not moving at all just plane soft and hanged and slinky. They should do an update.

Nicholas Moore

It's a really fun game, but sometimes the buttons will stop working so you have to exit the game and re-enter it. The character customization is really nice but things are too expensive

Gershom Lester

Best game ever

Marlow Phillips

Great game, I love the fighting and progression but the only gripe I have is that sometimes I load into a match or training and everything works except for step right or left so I'm stuck in the same position and have to restart the game.

Plason BG

Great game, but a few problems... Sometimes the bots never attack and it too easy and I nearly always win plz make it a bit harder


Simply silly fun~ You won't regret playing. No hostile monetization either. A true gem these days.


The game is great! The boxing takes some getting used to, but once you've gotten the hang of it, your golden! The single player career campaign is amazing as well, though their is a lack of challenge in the early parts and a SEVERE difficulty spike towards the second half. It's an overall fun experience that should be downloaded if possible.

Mr. Yeet_eats

Changing my characters clothes turned him into a vegetable

Bounceman Simp

Couldn't even box, i was constantly emoting

Lommryla9826 Begum


Subham Nandi

Really very good and fun game.

Justin Vicente

10/10 game it's just that when you try to go for the opponent their always blocking you and sometimes when you hit them It doesn't drain health. Please for the love of God make the bots not able to use blocking cause it's EXTREMELY annoying I can't tell you how many times I almost broke something in my house.

Kale tidhar

Fun game, at the start. Many bugs, when you get higher in the ladder,(carrer mode) the game starts to crumble in the fun part, many MANY bugs, sometimes your hits don't do any damage, buttons don't work, you character flings around, its just like when you get higher in career mode its like you punches do nothing too, and like a couple punches from the person your facing will knock you out. Just overall, this game needs to fix its bugs, till then, this game just isn't really good.

Russel Carlisle Trapal

What in the hell is this I played the game and when ever I play with random I can't even move

Daytrom Davis

it wont let me play

Mikey Jr

One of the best boxing games

keith fisher

Needs more blood or when you hit the boxer flush on you could show like a x-ray wicth part of the face you've broken e.g... jaw bone snapped ..nose broken fractured check bones ect but all in top game thankyou !!

Joshi Felixk

Great game! no annoying ads, those dialogues and scenarios are really awesome keep up the work, Try enhancing the physics and hitboxes, loved it btw


The Game Was Very Good I really enjoyed it since it was first released Still Have a Bit Of Lag Issues But Overall This Is The Best Boxing Game Right Now In My Opinion.

Unplugged Offical


Jell Jadulan

Woukd honestly enjoy it if you can make the players attack faster. I'm uninstalling now

Ian Olivier

Cant download

Ashu Singh

If you are looking for a good game, try this game you won't regret!!

Ivan Santales

Goated I would like further customization though

golden gamer

Great game but the only reason it is 4 stars is because whenever you train with a sparring partner if they block then it's annoying to break the guard wile only using one move or just waiting for them to put their gard down if you change that then 5 stars from me.

Adnan Muftic

Buggy game that keeps freezing every 2 minutes

Anastacio Osuna


Giovanny Gezalyan

Love this game. I've had maybe one issue with it but that was solved by relaunching the app and it's not come back since. This game is FUN. It can get pretty challenging but not to the point where you need to spend real money. That's the best part, everything is possible without spending a dime. The physics are simple but difficult to master. The art style is quirky and fun. You can hook up and use an Xbox wireless controller. If this was released on PC or console, best bet im spending money.

Danny Bee

A fun and enjoyable game

Nishchay Goel

So much grinding, but still I finished in around 6 hours.

Andrew Jacobson

Great game in concept the controls just do not work on a phone

Cameron Stiglic

This was an incredible game, thanks for the immersion

jax gaming

Talk to the creator on Instagram. Very nice person. Also a very hard worker. The only one working on this game. He always takes suggestions to make his game more fun for other people. I hope this game skyrockets and also he makes many more games to come 🤜🤛

Calvin Skougard

the game is fun so far but the first professional fight, everyone ragdolls and i can barely play

Jameelah Brown

It is easy

mango & rouch

No ads and its awsome game addictive

Disembodied Voice

At one point the game glitches and I couldn't attack/defend

Logan Johansen

Great game

Wolf Hailey

Pretty good game but the stamina thing and that the npcs keep blocking is really annoying

Dylan Kelso

Dude I'm ngl I've had hella fun with this game. The ads always suck with any phone game but really this one doesn't hurt you with too many. Repetitive loop for sure but it's great to play a few fights and come back for more later. Definitely fun, 5/5 recommend.

Dan Johnson

Unplayably poor controls

Bradley Scarbrough

Good fun game

Silot Rebellon

good game

Super Gamer King

Too hard 😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Blaze YT

Ok game but needs optimization. Game is great but thid suffers tons of performance issues when on starting cutscene and the end match previews

Carter Whitlow

All your punches will miss and get caught on arms when they arnt close to arms at the higher levels. Ai gets free hits on you basically even if there arms are straight up in the thr air and come down on your head. Needs major fixing.


Absolutely fantastic. Almost no load time, no ads whatsoever and it's satisfying to knock your opponent out

TekkerzKid Jr

very good gaààaaaaaame.

Wyatt B.

Fun and wholesome game all around. The story is nice, the gameplay gets much harder as you progress near the top 10, and there are plenty of features outside of the ring such as customizing your gym and fighter. All around very enjoyable game.

Inigo Cirio Panganiban

Hate this game

Liam Gallagher

This is one of the better boxing games out there. I only have three concerns for the game that if they where adjusted would make it the best boxing game. The first problem is low jabs not landing, I feel they only hit the opponent and do anything less than 50% of the time. Next is the hook punches, they are exactly like an uppercut and don't look anything like a hook punch at all. The last problem is when you open the game and none of the buttons work. I have no idea why this happens.

Taygan Callen Uys

Very good movement and all round a a good game

Alfarell N.A.

This game is great and addictive, but sometimes buggy. Plus, after i reach rank 15 the enemy is kinda op, they just hit me with right jab but the damage is huge, but when i hit them with solid uppercut & right hook the damage is just barely a scratch 😞

Nathan Coleman

This game is absolutely fantastic! The ragdoll physics are hilarious, and the simple but interesting social media/popularity mechanic is a nice little boost in immersion. My only complaint is the fact that it freezes for a moment, and starts to run incredibly slowly and i have to leave and restart the app. But if they can fix that it would definitely be a 5 star game.

Kevin Prado

Really fun

Helen Adams

Not like other mobile games. No ads . No scams. Just a good mobile game that has no cash grab. Would happily buy stuff because developers that care this much deserve it.

Tyler Bail

The gamepad support is non-functional. Xbox Controller works for other games except this one, multiple buttons register as pause/menu and the B button simply closes the game. Can't remap because inputs aren't read properly. Game is fun otherwise

Ernest Savcenko

I will give it three stars because the game keeps on crashing and I keep losing my clothes that I have saved very good game but needs fixes and the one thing that bothered me is that if I knock out my opponent in the first Round it means I win so even if they get back up it counts as a loss for each side also most of the time I can't move my character back or forward



Mirza Danish

Not bad,it just lagging

Shreenita Pradhan

Asome game

Lane Wiggins III

Now I absolutely love this game but there is 1 problem when I connected my ps4 controller to my phone and tried it on this game It did not work but then I tried it on Xbox controller and It worked idk why this game only supports Xbox but pls fix your game if you would this would easily be a 5 star

Cory R

Honestly this game is the best boxing game I've ever played but it's kinda slow also you have to train every time you try to fight so I recommend playing this

Forbes Avila

Best game to binge no ads. Besr of luck for the studio

Slingshot 7

Touch screen control is trash


It's cool

FEA88 Joined

A great game, no ads which makes it amazing but it gets repetitive fast

Josiah P

Vey well made! Incredibly underrated, definitely my type of game. You will master it with 15 min playtime and it's super fun. Very underrated, and entertaining. Clean ui, fun in general, and good for killing time. Amazing!


Very laggy unfortunately

Jaysean Sanchez

Amazing game graphics are dope controls are respondsive very unique great Job Guys💪💯

Cosmic Galactus

I'm addicted to this game pure boxing fun mix of arcade of skill fighter game

El Schaett

Extremely good game and is exactly what you expect it to be.

KJ McElroy

Controller needs a calibration option, every I put is considered the same button on my controller no matter what I do, please fix this

Elvin Asenov

a journey to become the next Super Boxing Champion in Career mode! Train to earn experience and upgrade your boxer's skills! Play one of the quickplay modes: Exhibition, Tournament, Gauntlet mode. Brawl against an infinite number of random opponents of all skill levels and backgrounds. Earn cash to customize your boxer with an assortment of fun cosmetic items like outfits, hairstyles, beards, tattoos, headwear, shoes, emotes and more. Create your very own gym that you can call home! Purchase fur


Quite nice i must say , things could be better but still a 5 star experience

Mark Stephen Claveria


Vasilije Petrovic

Perfect sometime lags bu its perfect

Kouchi Ito

Not gonna lie that it's a pretty good game and a pretty good story line. The problem is the game is laggy many of the players have the same problem as I have. If you make it not laggy then I'll rate it 5 stars.