Super Ball Run

Author: Xufei Wu

1,000,000+ install


Super Ball Run – This is a Great casual game for 2021!!

Detailed info

File size: 89M
Update time: July 14, 2021
Current version: 1.0.9
Require Android: 4.2 and up
Developer: Xufei Wu
Price: Free
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Customer review

vijaya mani


Ariel Scott

My fav game

nishtha sharma

Game is good but tooo much of ads..while playing screen stops and ads start..which is very irritating

Roselin J

Super game

لين عبيد علي

This game is beuatful

Desalegn Taffere

It is very good game .nice weldan

Fathimath Sazeela



So nice game

Yumala Gurung

Yes man you too I GO TO TOILET

ادم ميلودي


Myrah Yusuf


Begari Sandeep Kumar


Prayash Adhikari

Sorry bro im pro

Isa Bulat

The app is okay for it's category and I like it. Recommend!

fazal rabi


Ayesha Siddiqua

My favorites games ayse abea ek wacht main dekha tha magar kitne ke watch main dekh liya vo nai mili ye mili ye bhe thode aysech dekh rahi the to karliya vo game ka naam swipe ball hai magar vo play store pe maare to areaich nahi

Mona Nayel

Wow Monau

haatuf bulshaawi

Salmaan carloz Pulzhaawi

Neke Kamso

It is nice

Bharat Yechwad


Habeneyom Mesfin

good. game

Aryan Khadka


Melat Henok

I don't hate it but i don't like it 😕😒😐😕😒😐

Uynga Uka


Dina Omerašević Dina Omerašević

It's been ages since I've had this game and im of boredom iv fated. ..

Zeeshan Bhambro

Nice Geme

Naz Karzan

That is so nas liked so mack dowloding this game ok vary good you dowlod ok now

Hesham Mostafa


Majeti Eswara Rao

Eswara. Rao



Mariella Namata

This game is very cute and nice and nice and nice and I like it so much and it's very good and I like you so much it's very cute cute cute

Utkarsh Singh

i got legendary in this game sometimes. it happened by ads XD

ali abdullah

This is totally time waste game and lots of adds

Md Mala

No idea

Akash Dev

It is so cool game. I realy love this game.

Jamuna Sona


Suraj Bansal


Ankush Mishra

i like this game but not more than my princess game

Mr .J

This is the worst game.only two levels works and it got stuck.others levels are not working.

Veet Noo


Fred Maiteri

I done it all in 3hrs

Sandeep Khair

Very nice game .

parika Gurung

There is no collection button

Jewel Villamia

I like it but it's so boring!

Lucas Marena



It dosen work bad game botssssssss

Tiago Jacques

Full of fake 5 star reviews, do not trust this game or the developer

Kaniz Akhtar Boby

A wors causul game of 2021

99373177 99373177

This game sucks so dumb 😡 and almost broke my phone

Kiven Abou Chaya


Nokutenda Chirume

Its good but its too fast and l cant go slow

Lilian Arnaout

It's a (n) amazing app I Love and like this app ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ 😙😘😍😘😍😘😚😙😘😍😙😘😚😍😘

Jun Marlo Cordial


Jeah Rica

so very cool

Afan Afankaric


Barin Barin

رب'ظ نرزه8 نق ب ب زر ز نرجخمقرقملفمىنى

rammy donno

some of the ads are not appropriate for children.

Ryan Mallare

Im sorry but i think this is stolen

Chetan Umbalkar


Aayush Bhatia


Balaam Sampson

I hope we can make further efforts.

Medhansh Muthu

Decisive to a good review, after using very good

Devang Thribhuvana

Fried chicken is great!

Tirsa Suarez Herrero

It feels good. It's awesome.

Pragya Taparia

This is definitely a good product

A Google user

It's the product of a high tempo

prath tina

Function is very good. Hope to further improve!

A Google user

It's not bad. It's interesting

A Google user

Artifact!! study....

A Google user

A really good app ~


A very powerful small game

A Google user

I can give five points for this game.

A Google user

Overall, it's OK! I like it very much.

satria jufry

A lot more functions than others

A Google user

That's great. Great

A Google user

very good this

Rene Shockley

Students recommended after using, did not expect good results, strong recommendation

Massey Gould

Enriched my life, really good.

A Google user

It's good. It's nice

Luca Brianna

It's really fun, conscience recommended!

A Google user

It's strengthened. It's not bad

Rina Madhu

Just download, facing this high-quality welcome interface, I think it should be very trustworthy. I'll try it for a few days.

A Google user

Easy to use and fun, good.

Nastya Dima

Try the next one. It's great

Gayatri G

All around to meet the needs of different players

ch an

It's fun. I've been using it ever since.

Carter Ernst

I think it's interesting. What do you think